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Fashion Blog Shout-Outs!

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(UPDATED: May 27, 2012)

Here is something I've always wanted to do. This blog entry is just a shout out to all Blogspot blogs devoted to or about fashion. I will add and comment on several fashion-themed blogs and offer my own comments to each. You are invited to click on each of the headings to see the blogs in question. This is my own personal way of saying thanks to all of the many people who find my blog in the realm of fashion. I will virtually take you around the world to show you many different fashion blogs from fashion bloggers all over the world. There are MANY fashion blogs I salute here. This is to showcase the international appeal of blogging.

To avoid any kind of copyright issues (or potential copyright issues), I will not post any pictures featured from certain fashion blogs. If I am a fan of your blog and didn't include your blog, DON'T WORRY! I will try to include your fashion blog in future edits to show my extended support. I may even add in more blogs just to show extended support.

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MAY 27 2012 - added multiple blogs

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--- John's Fashion Blog Shout-Outs! ---

Because this blog was mostly dedicated to Blogger/Blogspot blogs, I will mostly feature blogs under this interface. The blogs are all listed in no particular order.

(ADDED: November 30, 2011) Personal messages from me to any of the represented bloggers will be noted in highlighted text.

Fashion in General

General fashion blogs. Again, listed in no particular order (I may even list some blogs more than once, since I almost haphazardly just include blogs without proofreading much)...

Glamour Blog..

Cindy Van Dyck to some people is better known as Glamour Bbey. The beautiful Belgian blogger showcases some of her lovely outfits. I made mention of Glamour Bbey in my blog post called "Short Hair." She smiles sweetly and has a boyish, yet chic short hairstyle. Some of the items she offers to others can be found in her alternative blog, Glamour Bbey Shop.. She found my blog and liked it. Thereafter, I have been more than appreciative of the Belgian teenager becoming a fan of my blog. I greatly appreciate and enjoy her blog posts.

Cindy, I have long appreciated your work. Keep up the great work with the fabulous Glamour Blog.


The beautiful Tiffany created the blog tuolomee to showcase many of her modeling shots and a multitude of her looks. The American-Belizean native of California also shows pictures of certain fashion shows and runway shows highlighting certain collections. Her pictures are nothing short of breathtaking. Her hair is styled beautifully along with a very angelic face. She is very diverse in her fashion style. If you haven't already, feel free to check out tuolomee's blog.


From a country as beautiful as she is, Tuuli is the creator of "fallie's scrapbook." This blog is from a beautiful and very young teenager who has been featured in Teen Vogue magazine. The beautiful girl hails from the beautiful Northern Europe nation of Estonia. To read more about her from Teen Vogue, check out this Teen Vogue article on her.

For someone as young as you are, your creativity is incredible. I enjoy your artwork.


Swiss blogger, Andrea, has her own arrangement of nice outfits along with various fashion digest pieces. Feel free to check out some of her pictures by visiting her blog.

spoken love song.

A beautiful young teen girl is the creator of "spoken love song." The super-cute fashionable teen from Norway is hot with fashion even in the cold of Norway.

Chekka Cuomova.

Chekka Cuomova is a beautiful fashionista from Indonesia. She has a lovely sense of style with her many outfits. Chekka showcases some of her own outfits as well as some various fashion show shoots.

Glisters and Blisters..

Voted "Blogger of the Year" by Elle and yet another beautiful young Indonesian lady, Michelle Koesnadi is eye candy with a tasty sense of fashion. Her beauty captivates in a multitude of ways ranging from her sweet face and smile to her lovely hair. She even mixes things up by providing artistic and beautiful modeling shots showcasing some impressive visual effects. You will fall in love with and become captivated by her immense beauty.

Michelle, I always enjoy seeing your pictures. Your sense of style is incredible.

Miss Kwong.

Class is in session, and Miss Agnes Kwong is the stylish Hong Kong high school teacher offering lessons in style. She believes that teachers can look every bit as classy and as chic in the classroom as they can outside of the classroom. Miss Kwong also does some fashion illustrations apart from her usual outfit posts. You are getting a little of everything from this Hong Konger. Meet one of the most stylish teachers in the world by visiting Miss Kwong today!

Miss Kwong, you are a beautiful woman with beautiful style. Your blog is incredible, and I enjoy visiting your blog to continually see your latest lovely looks.

Hottest Heels - Heels Are Hot! Anything Else Is Not!.

Because flats and low-heel shoes aren't sexy, this blog highlights on some of the sexiest high heel shoes, boots, and sandals in the world. The young creator of this blog even showcases some heels the blog's creator wears. The creator even showcases those high-heel beauties being worn. Believe it or not, the creator of this blog is a young man. He is certainly one who feels that high heels can be just as attractive on males as they can be for females.

Amy A La Mode.

(UPDATED/ADDED: February 21, 2012)
Amy is both a fashion lover and a solid actress. As a friend of hers on Facebook, I want the California native to reach the highest-possible summit she can aspire to. Perhaps an Emmy-award winning actress.

Chloe Dao.

Chloe Dao, as in the same Chloe Dao that won "Project Runway" season 2, has her own blog right here on Blogger/Blogspot. Her fashion store is right here in Houston (obviously makes me proud to have a high-end dealer in my hometown). Check out her material and her musings if you love fashion.


If you follow YouTube, you might have heard of a beautiful lady named Aubrey who is the creator of fafinettex3. Well, the Virginia girl brings her beauty advice and fashion tips to Blogger/Blogspot. Check out her blog (as well as Fafinettex3 on YouTube) for more.


A professional-type blog featuring various fashions. I don't read this blog often, but I do have it among my followed blogs.

My Capacious Bottega.

Mulika (also known as "Milly") is a fashion blogger offering her own sense of style. The Nigerian-born London, England girl is a beautiful lady with a keen eye for style. Visit her blog to check out some of her many fashions. And if you have Facebook, join her Facebook fan page if you love her work.

tiny sailor.

Tiny Sailor is the blog of a young lady named Nicole (but nicknamed Niki) from Arkansas. Niki, then, features some of her unique fashion styles and many different looks. She is very much into beach-inspired and nautical fashions. In addition to many beach-inspired fashions, she does some alterations to some of her clothes to come along with unique looks. For example, one of her most recent looks feature her taking a floor-length prom dress from the '70s and cutting it to make a fun short dress. Then, she paired them with black tights and a very popular pair of lace-up ankle boots. Check out the petite lady's blog to see her many styles. Enter this beachy diva's paradise of fashion by visiting "tiny sailor" today!

"Tiny Sailor" is one of the coolest blogs online. I always find joy in reading your content and seeing your pictures. Take care and have a great day, Niki!

Only the marvelous.

Rich with content and unique looks, Joanna Ladrido of "Only the marvelous" is a beautiful young fashion blogger from the Philippines. This Pinay princess has no shortage of style. She has a beautiful face and lovely hair, but a lot of what makes her beauty shine is in her various pictures posted. She has been featured in a number of different publications and websites. It is a very photo-intensive blog, so take this into account if you have a slow connection. You will have no problem falling in love with the many fashions and styles exhibited by Joanna in this blog.

My Own Private Xanadu.

Enter the realm of one Xiomara von Glindmeyer as she takes you on a fabulous tour of her sense of style. Her blog, however, is about much more than just fashion, though most of her material involves fashion. Xiomara introduces her own unique sense of style in her pictures. You're not going to find anything super-chic or worthy of fashion shows, but you will see a young lady with a distinctive style all her own. A visit to "My Own Private Xanadu" is definitely worth your time.

My Silk Fairytale.

A newcomer to the blogging scene, Alina F. started "my Silk Fairytale" starting in April of 2011. The beautiful young Romanian fashion blogger has a variety of fashion styles expressed in her blog including a look at fashion stars. Get a feel for Alina's amazing sense of style by visiting "My Silk Fairytale."

Alina, your blog is a great one. Your sense of style is great whether it's a casual look or some sort of cute look. You are surely a lovely lady with lovely style.

.a little princess..

You're never too young to be a fashion star. Just ask Veren Lee of ".a little princess." This very young Indonesian fashion blogger has her own playful and unique style. Have a look at this little princess' blog, and you'll see why this princess rules like a queen with style.

keiko lynn.

One of the most beautiful women in blogging is Keiko Lynn. The style of this Florida-born Brooklyn girl is beautiful in her many blog posts. Let her showcase her chic sense of style in her many blog posts. Keiko Lynn will captivate you in a multitude of ways. Just pay her a visit at, and you too will be drawn into her immense allure! And in case you wonder, she is 25% Japanese.


When you take a trip down Missing Avenue, you will find a lovely Singaporean beauty named Melody (also known as "Meow"). This young fashion blogger may have a musical name, but her fashion is truly in perfect harmony. Visit her blog and get to be awed by her sense of style.

*~ HitomiNeko ~* * * Lovely Things in my life * * * .

If kawaii is what you crave, HitomiNeko might just be for you. This beautiful young blogger is very much into beauty and accessories. Besides fashion, HitomiNeko is about various other fashion and non-fashion posts. Check out this kawaii cutie's blog to see what all HitomiNeko has to offer for you!

HitomiNeko, you are a beautiful young lady. I enjoy both your posts and your videos. I wish you the best all aspects life has to offer. Thank you for supporting my work!

Finishing Touches.

(ADDED: Sep. 2, 2011) Finishing Touches is a fashion boutique featuring various lovely fashions for women. This blog highlights on some of the many styles offered by FT. The blog's creator hails from both Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and also London, England, UK.


(ADDED: Oct. 7, 2011) Mackenzie is a young Florida-based fashion blogger. As Florida is the Sunshine State, Mackenzie is a lovely ray of fashionable sunshine with her many different looks. What is different about her is that she does her fair share of making some of her own clothing. Mackenzie boasts the looks of a goddess. She is a long-haired beauty with diamond blue eyes and a very sweet smile. Mackenzie's goddess-like looks only make her various outfit posts spectacular. Feel free to say hello to Mackenzie by visiting "Deconstruction" today! If you have Facebook and want to keep up with her blog, visit "Deconstruction Fashion Blog's" Facebook Fan Page.

You are immensely beautiful. I have nothing but respect for a young lady like yourself. Even more so considering how far into the realm of fashion you are working towards. Mackenzie, you are a beautiful lady with an equally beautiful blog. Keep up the great work!


The edgy wild child behind this blog is a lady named Danielle. If you can't tell by the name of her blog, it is a fashion blog that is far away from the mainstream. It is not just fashion, as you can tell. It also features music from non-mainstream artists and groups. This Philadelphia, PA, USA blogger has just about everything to suit your tastes. Check out Danielle's blog and become inspired.

I've always admired and appreciated your respect, Danielle. Please have a great day and thanks for your continued support of my work.


(ADDED: October 25, 2011) Myriam is an Italian fashion blogger. Her blog and its posts are both in Italian and English, but her style translates beautifully in any language. Have a look around Modemoiselle today and see the short-haired lady's sense of style.

Make your own fashion show.

Hailing from Ukraine but residing in Hungary, this blog showcases the style of a lovely young Ukranian fashion blogger. Named Asya (also known as StaceyKo), she showcases outfit posts as well as various insightful fashion posts from fashion shows and such.

Asya/StaceyKo, I have been very pleased to meet you here in the blogosphere. You are an amazingly beautiful young lady. Your blog is as awesome as you are.


This Russian beauty named Natalie is the creator of "Koltunovskaya." She shares her sense of style with many different outfit posts. Natalie has many different looks to catch your eye and capture your heart. Visit the Russian's blog to check out her style.

the autumn castle.

"the autumn castle" is a blog run by Princess Aelie. This Australian blogger showcases her style in a number of lovely blog posts. Let Aelie share with you her style in her many posts.

Give Me Bows.

A pleasant viewing experience is offered when you visit "Give Me Bows." Elyse is the vintage-type lady behind this blog. What you will find is a handful of beautiful vintage-style outfits, mostly vintage skirts and dresses. As mentioned, her style is elegant and vintage. Her beauty is very easy on the eyes. See for yourself by visiting her blog.


(ADDED: February 21, 2012)
Mayte is a beautiful young Mexican based here in my home state of Texas. Her fashion style is deeply inspired by the Kardashian sisters, and her looks were even blogged about by one of the Kardashians themselves! Maytedoll is a style blog featuring many different looks and pieces sure to leave you breathless... or at least, wanting MUCH more of her lovely pictures and looks.

Glam and Fab Chameleon.

(ADDED: February 21, 2012)
Jelena runs "Glam and Fab Chameleon." This blogger was born in Serbia but is based in Greece. There is no doubt her style is charming. She boasts a number of looks and styles ranging from casual to classy and even with swimwear.

Jelena, I appreciate all of your input and all of your support. Thank you very much.

miouprincess loves pink!.

(ADDED: February 21, 2012)
While she may love pink, she also loves fashion; and that's what you're going to get when you visit Marina's blog. This Greek blogger has a myriad of posts featuring various beauty touches and outfits. Check out "miouprincess loves pink!" to enjoy her many lovely styles.


(ADDED: February 21, 2012)
Sazi is from Nigeria and is a fashion blogger. This African blogger will welcome you into her fashion world once you visit "SAZI'S TOP SECRET." Outfit posts of hers are posted on SAZI'S TOP SECRET.

Thank you for your support and kindness, Sazi. Hope all is well with you.

Always Maylee.

(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
A resident of the American Northeast, Yi-chia is a fashion blogger who started her blog earlier in 2012. Her style is mostly predicated on cute and comfortable clothes. "Maylee" is Cantonese for "beautiful." So therefore, Yi-chia's blog is a showcase of her beautiful style. Be sure to have a visit.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous..

(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
Dominika is a young blogger who hails from Poland. This Polish princess of fashion showcases both a combination of inspiration and some of her various outfit posts.

Glam Kitten's Litter Box.

(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
Bonnie is a girl from the American Midwest who shares her fashion insight in her different posts. This glam kitten provides her insight in her own unique way. She is a young lady with celebrity-like lovely looks.

My Sugarless Style.

(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
The beautiful Shruti Carol hails from India and showcases her lovely style. She is a beautiful woman with some exceptional style. Shruti's outfits range from traditional Hindu dress to more timeless classics.

My Unfinished Life.

(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
Also from India, Sushmita of "My Unfinished Life" combines both her fashion posts and some spectacular photography. So there is something for everyone- not just with fashion. Surely worth your time to pay a visit to Sushmita's blog.

Now on to some of the more specific categories of fashion blogs...

Plus Size Fashion:

Blogs featuring or devoted to plus size/curvy fashion...

Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

A beautiful young plus size girl from Ireland named Dee followed me on Twitter. As I learned of her blog, I began to instantly fall in love with her blog. "Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles" is a blog about fashion for curvy women. The creator of the blog herself is absolutely beautiful herself. She has done a few videos on YouTube, and my goodness... she has a BEAUTIFUL voice! You can see her YouTube channel at pearlslaceandruffles and join her Facebook Fan Page.

Dee, your blog is always a great one to read and so are your outfit posts. I hope nothing but the best for you always. You are an amazing young Irish beauty with great beauty and charm.


Emmy is a beautiful curvy Mexican lady proudly representing Houston, Texas. Her blog posts are bilingual- she posts in both English and Spanish. Her beauty, however, is understandable in any language.

Principessa Gabriella.

Principessa (Italian for "Princess") Gabriella is a very beautiful curvy fashionista. Gabriella has a beautiful face and equally lovely hair. Her sense of style can range from purely casual to cute and girly. Her touches of makeup only makes her already beautiful looks even more beautiful. In addition, she has a host of lovely accessories to compliment her looks even more. Her beauty will captivate you. Besides fashion, she even discusses recipes of hers. So there's a little of everything from Gabriella. Don't believe me? Check out some of her lovely outfits and makeup pictures.

Gabriella, I have always admired your blog and your pictures. Meeting you online has been a tremendous pleasure and joy. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life. More than ever, thank you for your continued support of my work!

GabiFresh (formerly "Young, Fat and Fabulous").

Gabi Gregg (or "gabifresh") is the beautiful curvy blogger of "GabiFresh" (formerly "Young, Fat, and Fabulous"). Her blog was featured in the most recent Seventeen Magazine as one of their favorite curvy fashion blogs. Gabi's blog also has been featured among many other different publications. It's easy to see why when you visit the Chicago (or Detroit?) native's blog. Gabi also has some videos, and if you think she looks cute, you should hear her speak because she has a beautiful voice. Visit Gabi's YouTube Channel and Gabi's Facebook Fan Page in addition to her lovely blog!

Curvy Girl Chic.

Sweet as candy with delicious fashion sense, Boston native(?) Allison is a cute, curvy Asian (Cantonese and Taiwanese) girl. As she smiles, it's like flowers bloom and butterflies flutter. She is absolutely cute, and her outfits are purely fantastic. Even Seventeen Magazine shown "Curvy Girl Chic" as one of their favorite curvy fashion blogs. You can see why by checking out the young beauty's blog.


You are welcome to have tea in Angy's Tea Room- a blog about a Russian plus-size blogger who resides in Italy. Her style is purely casual as you can see in a lot of her looks.

Cupcake's Clothes.

One of the cutest blogs you'll ever come across is plus size cutie Georgina Doull's blog called "Cupcake's Clothes." Her style is very girly and cute, and she is often very imaginative as well. She has cute hair. Trust me- this blog from this British cutie is very lighthearted and cute. She is a beautiful young plus size lady. Georgina also has her own accessories store called Dolly Mixx. Feel free to visit both her blog and her online store, Dolly Mixx.

Georgina, your blog is very cute and fun. I love the positive and lighthearted energy you bring to your blog and its posts. I enjoy visiting Cupcake's Clothes.

Sugar and Spice.

Georgina has a younger sister named Charlotte, and her blog is called "Sugar and Spice." This young British blogger is just as cute as her sister. Various insight on fashion and life are offered in this lovely blog.

You are as beautiful as your older sister, and I enjoy your posts. Great blog, Charlotte!

The Woolen Mitten.

The Woolen Mitten is the blog of a plus size British lady named Sara. Her posts range from outfit posts to beauty posts and all things in-between. I salute Sara since she respects my blogging work. Go visit "The Woolen Mitten" and check out her style.

Curves Ahead.

Curves Ahead is both a blog and a makeup line. This blog and Curves Ahead Makeup is run by a sweet plus size lady named Candy. Candy couldn't be a sweeter name for this lovely lady who mostly specializes in beauty-related topics. However, she does share with you some outfit posts of hers at times, usually referred to as her "girlie looks." She even extends her style discussions on YouTube. Candy is a candy-sweet curvy fashionista with great looks and exceptional charm. Make your visit to Curves Ahead and check out her exceptional style!

Candy couldn't be a more appropriate name for you because you and your style are incredibly sweet. I hope you continue providing your incredible insight and style in your posts.

Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman

However, Style 4 Curves highlights various fashion insights from a lady named Venessia. This curvy beauty from Mississippi highlights on some of her own outfits and the various inspirations they are derived from. It is a fairly new blog, since its first post was created in October 2011. I am sure she'll appreciate it if you Follow her fairly young blog.

Venessia, I appreciate your kindness and support of my work. Thank you for visiting John's Blog Space. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life.

Hello Lucie!.

Plus-size beauty Lucia runs this fashion blog of hers called "Hello Lucie!" She is undeniably very cute with such a sweet smile and a cute hairstyle. Equally lovely that this lovely young lady from El Salvador(?) kindly represents my hometown of Houston, Texas. She doesn't post blog entries regularly, but what she does come along with on her blog is golden.

Fofoleca (Portuguese).

Vanessa (or "Vanny") Ferreira is a plus size fashion blogger. Though the blog is mostly in Portuguese, the curvy Brazilian beauty is very cute in looks. She has a sweet face and a sweeter smile. Equally sweet is her sense of style. One of the main purposes of her blog is to discuss not only plus size fashion, but also in losing weight and being healthy. Even if you don't speak or understand Portuguese, just know that her beauty is understandable in any language. Scope the full gauge of her style by visiting Fofoleca. Vanessa tells me that "Fofoleca" is not a real Portuguese word. It's a combination of "fofo" (meaning "cute," which she is VERY cute) and "moleca" (meaning something similar to "a witty girl"). So she is cute and witty. Cool, huh?

Vanessa (or Vanny), your blog is always a real treat. While I am poor at Portuguese, your beauty translates well in any language.

Sachê e Bombom.

(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
Camille is from Brazil and runs the bilingual blog- Sachê e Bombom- in English and Portuguese. Camille's cuteness is defined with her many casual looks. The plus-size Brazilian beauty also showcases some nice photography.

Viva Voluptuous!.

ADDED: February 21, 2012)
The plus size blogger named Marisa is unafraid to showcase her curves and her style. It shows in a number of her posts. Most of her posts consist of inspirational posts and some basic commentary on being curvy. However, Marisa also shares outfit posts as well as some photo shoots she's taken part in.

Petite Fashion:

Petite fashion, petites, or at least blogs focused on petites (5'5" (165 cm) or shorter)...


Sydney of "Sydney's Fashion Blog" (formerly known as "PetiteLittleGirl") is a cute Asian lady from (or lives in) Ohio. The Vietnamese cutie showcases her sense of style through mostly casual and some chic outfits. Sydney boasts a cute smile and face along with lovely hair. As the name of her blog suggests, she is a petite. The one thing I really respect about Sydney is that she keeps is real and honest. She is completely down-to-earth. Visit this sweet petite's blog to get a feel for her sense of style.

You are surely one of the sweetest bloggers online. Sydney, your style is lovely whether classy or casual. Reading your posts is a great pleasure. I wish you continued success in all aspects of life.

Extra Petite.

While you might find some lovely fashions for everyday wear from PetiteLittleGirl, what about more classy fashions? Jean of "Extra Petite" is dedicated to finding classy and professional fashions for petite women. Let this lovely Asian petite help you to find some lovely professional fashions if you yourself are a petite.

I am Khatu.

Khatu is a beautiful petite blogger from Boston, MA, USA. This Vietnamese lady showcases her style with many different chic and classy fashions. She stands all of 4'11". Despite her small frame, she's BIG on style. As her blog suggests, "big style comes in small packages," and her style is as huge as any average-height, average-size woman.

Really Petite.

This beautiful petite named Annie of Really Petite is the blog of a beautiful young Vietnamee petite who wants to help petite women make better decisions when shopping for petite clothing. The petite princess is very beautiful and stands 5'0". She's big on style and wants you to look your best if you're a sweet petite yourself. Annie also has a YouTube channel, and if you think she looks lovely, she has a lovely voice as well. She is really a beautiful lady. Check out her blog!

Annie, I've had the utmost respect for your blog and its content for the longest. You are a beautiful lady with beautiful style. Keep up the great work with your fine blog!

cute and little.

Kileen (pronounced KAI-leen) is a very sweet petite. This Taiwanese petite Asian from my home state of Texas showcases her style in a variety of outfits. Her most popular feature to her blog is her "Color Brigade" series. The Color Brigade series of blog posts honors fashionable girls who play with color in a beautiful way. Petite cuteness. That's what you'll find from the petite who's cute and little. She can also be quite silly and funny in her posts. So when you visit her blog, you can expect to have a fun experience. Kileen posts often, so make sure to subscribe to her if you love her blog. Check out "cute and little" today to check out her style!

You are one of the coolest personalities in the blogosphere, Kileen! You have a variety of lovely looks showcased in your many blog posts. Keep up the great work in all that you do.

Little Petite.

(Added: August 17, 2011)
This beautiful young petite named Adriana is a divinely beautiful lady. Most of her blog posts showcase some of her outfits and even offer some fashion advice. There is no shortage of material she has to offer for those who visit the California-born, Arizona-based Latina's blog. Have a look at this petite's immense charm and style by visiting "Little Petite" today!

Adriana, I always appreciate your comments. Your blog is a lovely one. You smile sweetly, look great, and have some amazing blog posts. Nothing short of spectacular. You are a little petite with big time beauty. I wish you continued success in all aspects of life.

The Fancy Teacup | a style diary.

"Having a sip of the darling demure and the curiously coy" is the tagline to Jamie's blog, and it is perfectly fine to have one sip too many of her style. Her style varies from very casual to very chic. While her blog is not overly about petite fashion, Jamie is a petite. Let this little lady share with you how big on style she is by visiting The Fancy Teacup!

Lucy and the Runaways.

Natalie is a New Zealand-born lady based in Australia. She is fairly big on vintage chic, and it shows in a lot of her posts. A diverse array of styles are offered by this young blogger. Visit "Lucy and the Runaways" to get a feel for her style. Her various styles can range from cute and girly to fierce and tough. Her style covers a broad spectrum of styles. To see them all, just visit Lucy and the Runaways.

Lucky Packet.

Lucky Packet is the blog of a young South African fashionista. This petite has charming style. The posts in her blog are mostly outfit posts of hers in a variety of outfits. She has one of the sweetest faces and sweetest smiles of almost any blogger. That is complimented with a cute hairstyle. While she may be a short girl, she's big on style. Lucky Packet itself, however, is not a blog devoted towards petite fashion.


(ADDED: May 27, 2012)
Maria de la Cruz is a short girl from Panama. Now a Los Angeles resident, Maria showcases the many unique fashions that make her hot (and haute). This diva's delicious style can be seen with the many posts showcasing garments from HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS.

Males in Fashion

Why should girls have all the fashion fun?

Fashion by He.

The unique thing about this blog is that this is commentary on fashion from a male perspective. It's all done by He. Who is He? Well, it's as much of a mystery. He loves fashion. He discusses fashion the way only He can. Visit this blog and get a guy's taste on feminine fashion.


Hong Kong's Paak is a male who has a unique sense of style all his own.

The Art of Avant Garde.

At first, you wouldn't think that the creator of this blog is actually a male. Eli is an andorgynous fellow who will astound you with his amazing sense of style. He has no problem sporting a pair of pumps or a lovely dress. His androgynous beauty may not be to the likes of Andrej Pejic, but his looks will amaze you. Definitely worth a visit if you want some fashion outside the box.

Last, but not least...

The Sartorialist.

The Sartorialist represents the summit of what any blogger wants to aspire to. A blog that is about or past five years old, this blog has garnered over 38K+ followers and is updated often. It has been critically-acclaimed by fashion lovers. And... it's a Blogger/Blogspot blog. Any blogger who looks to be great (at least here on Blogger/Blogspot) needs only visit this blog.


Blogs of Honorable Mention...

high heels for men (Honorable Mention!).

Funny that the only male-oriented fashion blog I am shouting out to involves males wearing feminine clothing (still a popular topic these days), even including androgynous males wearing feminine heels and feminine clothes. What you will see will really make you think. This is more of a digest of pictures rather than anything really fashion-related. That is why I have given Honorable Mention to this blog.

TJ Petite (Honorable Mention!).

I am giving Honorable Mention to TJ Petite because it was this blog that loevd my "Sweet Petite!" blog. "Sweet Petite!" was my blog post about petite fashion, and TJ Petite has been nothing but loyal to my work.

Hello Lucie!.

Plus-size beauty Lucia runs this fashion blog of hers called "Hello Lucie!" She is undeniably very cute with such a sweet smile and a cute hairstyle. Equally lovely that this lovely young lady from El Salvador kindly represents my hometown of Houston, Texas. She doesn't post blog entries regularly, but what she does come along with on her blog is golden.

--- If You Are Any of the People I Shouted Out To... ---

...I just want to say thanks and give thanks to you for providing so much quality content! I honestly never did a single fashion topic until about October 30th, 2009. Since, I've done over 100+ blog posts of or related to fashion. People like all of you that I shouted out to (with perhaps many more to come) represent some of the many fashion-related blogs that I follow online. So it is my great honor to read and enjoy your material.

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Wow, thanks for the Shoutout and Honorable mention, well I am honored and surprised.
Love your posts on fashion and looking forward to seeing more fabulous posts from you.

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Aww you're so sweet! Thank you John! I didnt expect to see my blog up here since I havent been blogging for too long. It means a lot to me! I love a lot of the other blogs that you mentioned too! Awesome post :)

John B. Marine said...

I remember this post, I was so excited reading it because it was the one of the first times (the first?) another blogger ever mentioned me on their blog. And you said such nice things too, then and now! It's been wonderful knowing you too,John, you're on of the sweetest guys I've ever met.   :)

 ♥Principessa Gabriella 

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