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3D Dot Game Heroes

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(UPDATED: September 6, 2011)

In this era of action Role Playing Games, anything less than what is considered the norm is substandard. So a game like "3D Dot Game Heroes" would have no place in today's realm of RPGs. It doesn't have impressive voice acting, beautifully immersive worlds, or anything even remotely close to what today's RPG is supposed to be. Then again, Atlus and From Software basically said... "who gives a f***?" I bought this game at a store and decided to review this game for your pleasure. I came across "3D Dot Game Heroes" curiously as I was looking up Minecraft videos. I saw a YouTube video and quickly became curious about this game. Then... I bought it. What did I think? That's what you're about to find out here on John's Blog Space!


This is my first-ever review of a PlayStation 3 game besides Gran Turismo 5, which you can read in my other blog, "John's Gran Turismo Space!"


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--- 3D Dot Game Heroes ---
3D Dot Game Heroes
^ from: - 3D Dot Game Heroes.

3D Dot Game Heroes is a game which pays homage to old-school NES RPGs. You would hate this game if you are not anyone experienced with classic RPGs. However, this game lends a great deal of its appeal and character to the very first Legend of Zelda. The entire game is a throwback to what the first Zelda game provided to gaming and to RPGs. In addition, it also has a few elements of the very first Dragon Warrior. Unlike Dragon Warrior, this is a game with all Zelda-type action.

Some people online say that "3D Dot Game Heroes" is a Zelda rip-off. I disagree entirely. How can a game that pays tribute to old-school RPGs be a rip-off? I'm a Final Fantasy fan, but even I know classic RPG action when I see and play one. So don't give me that crap about this game trying to be any kind of rip-off.

--- 3D Dot Game Heroes at a Glance ---
The Kingdom of Dotnia faced a Dark King who reigned with terror over the land until a hero slain him. This hero utilized the power with help from six sages who confined to a Dark Orb. He returns the sword to where he got it from as his work was done. A lot of time passes since this ancient hero defeated this cruel villain. Now, a new foe has brought a reign of terror to Dotnia named Fuelle. This Dark Bishop wants to become the Dark King. If he does, then Dotnia will be doomed forever. That is... unless YOU can stop him! Accomplishing this feat requires you to obtain six orbs and rescue the six sages to help you to defeat Fuelle.

--- 3D Dot Game Heroes: What You Need to Know ---
I think this game is primarily inspired by these two games:

• The Legend of Zelda (1986, NES/Famicom)
• The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (1990, SNES/Super Famicom)

A lot of the game's mechanics and actions are mostly influenced by Zelda games of the past, but it also includes some elements of Dragon Warrior in the sense of visiting towns (because there are no villages or towns to visit in the first Zelda game). The ability to move in all four basic directions including diagonally is something you can certainly do in "The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past." Unlike "The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past," however, there are no diagonal walls in "3D Dot Game Heroes." Everything is grid-like just like in the very first Zelda game.


When you start a new game or continue a saved game, you may elect to choose a character. I recommend you use a template to serve as your hero/heroine. Give your hero/heroine a name, and enter information on gender and class. Your character's class defines their HP and magical ability. There are three classes of character in this game when you select your hero/heroine. According to what I've read online, there is a difference among the three classes:

• Hero - more HP than magical ability.
• Royal - equal in HP and magical ability.
• Scholar - more magical ability than HP.

The character I use is a male with in the Hero class. In case you're wondering, all characters you can create are in 16 × 16 dimensions. You may actually want to practice designing your own character using a Paint program to help build your character in 3D Dot Game Heroes.


Just like in Zelda games, you are at your greatest level of offense when at full health. Full health in a Zelda game allows you to fire beams from your sword to deliver offense to enemies from a distance. Your level of offense is absolutely criminal in 3D Dot Game Heroes at full health! Your sword can deliver some intense offense from a distance. Each sword (except the first one) has Potential. This Potential marks just how powerful your sword can really be when fully powered up. So as you can imagine, your sword can live up to its full potential when fully powered up. A number of aspects can be upgraded by going to the blacksmith in Raejack Village (the first village in the game).

• Length - makes your sword longer.
• Width - makes your sword wider.
• Strength - makes your sword more powerful.
• Spin - adds the ability to spin slash your sword.
• Beam - fires an additional beam from your sword.
• Pierce - your sword can go through walls and obstacles.
• Special - swords with special abilities can be enhanced when equipped.

As a side note, not every sword can be upgraded fully. Remember that your hero/heroine must be at full health to experience the full power of each sword. When not at full health, the upgraded potential of your sword will be dumped until you return to full health.

Camera Play.

3D Dot Game Heroes gives you four camera views when in the Overworld. The primary camera view gives you a nice view of the land. There are three other camera views you can use to view Dotnia. When you go into dungeons, caves, and houses, etc.; these views do not work. The camera views only impact the overworld view.

If I think of anything else, I will make more edits if need be to this initial blog post. These are just a few basic things to know about the game. Most everything else you need to know has to be done on your own.

--- 3D Dot Game Heroes: Overall Review ---
Atlus has done themselves justice in providing a throwback to Zelda-type action RPG gaming. Even with its fancified graphics and touches, this is modern retro at its absolute best. The kind of gamer who will truly appreciate "3D Dot Game Heroes" are those who are just classic, old-school gamers. Even if you don't hark back on the glory days of gaming constantly, you still have plenty to enjoy with this title. Those who know almost every nuance of classic Zelda games will find many hints of old-school Zelda in this game. It is also very funny and creative.

The only negatives (if any) to this game are maybe the name of the game and the fact that some of the fights and puzzles can be tedious.

Video Preview.

So you read the review and want to see this game in action? Allow me to show you this video. This is how the game plays and what it looks like. Enjoy!

Did you like it?

To say it respectfully, this is the best Zelda-type game... that isn't Zelda. It will provide hours of nostalgia for those who are veterans of classic Zelda games.

Oh, and if you do get this game, I ABSOLUTELY recommend you bookmark a website, because you might need this to help you get through "3D Dot Game Heroes." Find walkthrough and Trophy information on this game by visiting "3D Dot Game Heroes" FAQ by EgHeadFool on Thank you for reading!

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