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I am Pusheen the Cat

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Pusheen the Cat's print debut comes in the form of "I am Pusheen the Cat." I bought this on Google Play as my first e-Book of any kind. Pusheen is an adorable and funny webcomic kitty who makes her print debut with this comic featuring a handful of fun and charming pictures. It is much different since you don't have the animated bits famously featured on Pusheen's official website ( Yet still, Pusheen the Cat and her humor still remain intact. And in this blog post, I'm here to offer my thoughts on the "I am Pusheen the Cat" book.

--- "I am Pusheen the Cat" ---

Pusheen the Cat
^ from: (best I could find) - "I am Pusheen the Cat" is a webcomic sure to warm your heart if you love silly cute cats.

"I am Pusheen the Cat" is mostly a comic book featuring a handful of pictures featuring Pusheen the Cat. The book was written by Claire Benton. People who may have seen various pictures of Pusheen online may know that many of the pictures are animated images featuring Pusheen in a number of different situations. Most of these are very silly images featuring Pusheen in a number of innocently mischevious situations- such as making a big mess of things or eating a lot. When you go through the pages of "I am Pusheen the Cat," you are thrust into the world of Pusheen the Cat. There are some funny and interesting situations based on a number of different themes and settings. For example, there is one section regarding how to make pizza. What you will see are the individual steps (at least in Pusheen's case) on how to make pizza. You will see Pusheen featured in a number of ways and acting in certain manners to help set the mood.

This is not some detailed novel or a book with a proper storyline. It is simply a comic featuring collection of pictures with some interesting stories told in each section. The whole book is patterned to be a batch of lighthearted and fun images.

--- "I am Pusheen the Cat": Final Thoughts ---

"I am Pusheen the Cat" is an adorably funny book featuring one of the brightest Internet sensations. The humor in this book is not laugh-out-loud funny, but the book and its pictures are good enough to offer a quick chuckle or quickly drawing a smile. I may even go to the level that this book and its content can help anyone feel happy if having a bad day. The book doesn't dabble in Internet memes or is laced with shorthand text that's tough to understand. The book is fun to carry along and read either in print form or in digital form (like in my case buying it on Google Play). If you don't consider yourself an avid reader (I am not one myself), you can go through the entire book in about half an hour or less.

Pusheen herself is funny and charming in the various situations featured. She is cute and adorable while also being incredibly silly. She is almost as enjoyable as trying to keep up with a baby. Witty humor and cute art makes this book a funny... and even a positive experience. To all of my male readers, there is no shame being fond of a pixelated cat in a bunch of cute and silly pictures. Look elsewhere if you want some sort of classic literature experience. Look elsewhere (and lighten up) if you think a cat like Pusheen demonstrate what's wrong with America or if this book demonstrates activity cats shouldn't be engaged in. "I am Pusheen the Cat" is a cute, lighthearted, and funny book. I surely would recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick smile, a quick laugh, or a dosage of cuteness from a simple book.

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Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions on Pusheen the Cat or this book, I'm glad you came here to read my review of this book. Please have a great day/night and thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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