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When I started sharing my voxel art and my interests towards programming, I surrounded myself with others in the same field. My brother once taught me about surrounding myself with similar people and getting into similar environments to enhance my desires to exist and prosper within certain realms. You tend to be in certain communities often times to where you are part of a culture or a certain niche, and the people you meet will mostly be ones you try to connect with almost anywhere and everywhere. It is the feeling I've experienced often times when I go to certain communities. Especially on Twitter, I try to follow certain hashtags and certain users who make voxel art and pixel art. I even sometimes check on posts related to the OUYA and to game development- both on the #indiedev and #gamedev hashtags. Taking part in these communities allow you to stay within a certain community or culture. Which, in turn, keeps you motivated and focused at certain tasks.

Another example of communities is when you are on social media and a certain circle of mutual friends tends to follow you. For example, some common people I follow on LOOKBOOK are some of the same folks I try to connect with via Facebook and other outlets. You sometimes just meet people and try to connect with them everywhere. That's friendship and respect. Isn't it cool to know there are people you like and that you try to stay connected as many ways as possible?

As a blogger, I know I am part of a vast community. I sometimes see some of the same bloggers I follow post comments on others' blogs and sites. It almost seems like you're forever connected to certain people. I am certainly pleased being associated with certain personalities. Being involved with these communities is a great way of staying connected. It is great to have a certain circle of friends and supporters who seem to follow you and who you follow through almost anything.

That concludes this casual post regarding communities. Let me know what you think:

What do you think about communities? Do you tend to have a certain circle of friends who always seem to follow you or whom you tend to see in posts and other websites?

While I do make detailed posts, I try to sometimes make casual posts like this one. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading! Take care and be well.

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