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Paula Deen

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(UPDATED: April 3, 2012)

Paula Deen is the Southern cooking superstar who has many great dishes to share with all of her fans. She is someone whom I've become fond of starting last year or two years ago. I am in no way a cook, nor am I seriously a food person. Two aspects of Paula Deen have left a great impression on me- her story and her charisma. She is someone whom I think is wonderful as a person, as a cook, and as an entertainer.

Because I'm not a cook, I won't mention cooking in too much detail.


APR 3 2012 - updated look of post; several edits

--- How I Learned of Paula Deen ---

Paula Deen
^ from: www.boston.com - Paula Deen with her beautiful smile and lovely hair.

A few times on magazine racks, I would see Paula Deen's picture on the cover. It was at this point that I have admired the 63-year old (as of 3/2/10, born 1/19/1947) Georgia (as in the American state of Georgia for my international readers/viewers) native's beauty. I then started to watch Paula Deen cook up meals on Food Network with "Paula's Home Cooking" and "Paula's Best Dishes." It was there when I got to see Paula not only cook, but also provide lighthearted humor. Something is wrong with you if you don't at least crack a smile with some of Paula's humor. Later, I would get to see a number of videos on YouTube featuring Paula Deen. Those even include Paula Deen's official YouTube channel. All I can say is... she's amazing!

Kindly greeting her fans and viewers with "hey y'all!", Paula Deen is someone of great character. I'd say Paula Deen is one of the most beautiful women of any age. I'd put her up there among beautiful women 50 or older... about in the same class as the another Southern girl- the glamourous Vanna White. Her silvery hair hair is lovely, as are her face and smile. She is a beautiful Southern queen who rules with cooking and preparing many recipes. Her humor is lighthearted and very entertaining.

--- My Biggest Draws to Paula Deen ---

(some information provided via Wikipedia)

The thing I most respect about Paula Deen is that she made the most out of what she had. She had a love of cooking and wanted to look for a way to make the most of what she had. So Paula Deen came along with her own business called The Bag Lady. Who would have known that she'd become such a superstar and a famous figure years later? Now since 1996, her own restaurant was founded, called "The Lady and Sons" in Savannah, Georgia. Those sons are Jamie and Bobby Deen, also known as the Deen Brothers (or Deen Bros.).

I think that's the lesson Paula Deen would teach others- do what you love and love what you do. Through hard work, determination, and love... ANYTHING is possible that you put your heart towards. Even with Paula's past, she had her fair share of struggles. But despite this, Paula Deen became a superstar and such a respected figure. That's what I love most about Paula Deen.

(source: oprah.com)
I remembered watching Oprah one time when Paula Deen was featured on the show. She flew in from Savannah, GA to meet and greet a very special fan of hers. A young boy named Aaron lost his twin brother, Eric, to brain cancer. Aaron wanted to start a cookie business and to help it to grow. His favorite recipe? Gooey chocolate cookies. Who made the recipe? Paula Deen. I was watching this show and learned a little more of Paula's past. Paula mentioned that when she had problems, she turned to cooking and the kitchen. It was sanctuary for her.

--- The Cooking Criticisms ---

There are those who say that Paula Deen's recipes aren't healthy. To which, she responds "I'm your cook, not your doctor!" Perhaps the biggest staple of her recipes is butter. This link below features an interview sharing more about Paula's advice to those who feel she provides unhealthy meals:

Q and A with Paula Deen and Michael Groover, from AOL Food

Most of all, I just love Paula Deen's energy and positivity. She made it what little she had to become the celebrity chef she's become. Paula is such an inspiration and such an incredible figure. I can somewhat relate to making the most of what you have with my YouTube channel and my blog (which you're reading right now). I have become a fan of Paula's when I've learned more about what all she has been through and how she's been able to persevere through her many pains. Paula Deen is very fun and entertaining while also having such a caring and respectful persona. She is an absolute queen with a wonderful heart. She's earned my respect with little hesitation. Truly one of the finest personalities in American media.

(added: January 1, 2011) Paula Deen was the Grand Marshal at the 2011 Rose Bowl game. Paula Deen has never looked any more beautiful than in all the different festivities. She flipped the coin between the game between TCU and Wisconsin. A cute moment during the coin flip was when Paula Deen jokingly asked if she could flip the coin with her skillet. It was funny!

--- What I Would Tell Paula Deen (if she read this) ---

Paula Deen, you are a great inspiration to me. You show what is possible as long as you believe in yourself and work hard towards whatever you want to accomplish in life. That is the main reason why I am a great fan of yours. Of course, you are not only entertaining, but beautiful. You are a beautiful queen. You rule in so many ways- cooking, entertainment, beauty, and above all... inspiration.

Keep up the great work in all that you do.

Would I Want to Meet Paula Deen (if given the chance)?

(ADDED: April 3, 2012) Are you kidding me? Of course! Absolutely!

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