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Naming Someone "Candy"

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(UPDATED: March 28, 2012)

Candace or Candice is acceptable. Candy is a "sweet" name for a girl (some guys are even named Candy, sadly). Some named Candace or Candice are usually nicknamed as "Candy." Some people, don't necessarily think so. Some people irk over naming people after food. Some people think "Candy" is tasteless (no pun intended) of a name because "Candy" is often seen as (an adult entertainer) name. The primary reason I came up with this blog entry was to ask a question: is it acceptable to name someone Candy?


MAR 28 2012 - updated post with new look and some more famous "Candy" girls.

--- Candy, as a Name ---

I once had an English Composition 2 teacher in college named Candace. One time during a class, she even hated being called Candy, because it was too cute. She was a great teacher. I felt sorry that I could have done more to pass her class, however. I felt like I failed her and myself when I took her class. I like to look at the name Candy as someone who is sweet. That even includes various variations of Candace/Candice, even including replacing the "C" with a "K."

For many people who think "Candy" is unacceptable as a name, "Candee" or "Kandee" is an acceptable alternative. Same goes for "Candie" or "Kandie." You may have heard of YouTube heavyweight, kandeejohnson, for example.

I sometimes wonder what if girls named Candy... were actually made of candy? I don't know- can be pretty hot for a girl to be as sweet as her name.

--- Candy, as a Nickname or Stage Name ---

There are those who like "Candace" (or its variations), but refers to herself as Candy. That's fine. Some use Candy as an alias. That's also fine. The majority of people become overly fascinated with adult entertainers that we IMMEDIATELY associate any such name with that of any adult entertainer. My brain isn't fixated on pornography (like most other people), so I don't think this right away.

I've known one or two named Candace or Candice, but never a Candy. And I don't think I've known a girl nicknamed Candy before, or at least having "Candy" as an acceptable nickname.

--- Famous "Candy" Girls ---

To give you a little perspective on naming someone Candy (or any of its variations), let me share with you some famous females named Candy. Any names here are of people named Candy or of any of these variations: Candy, Candi, Candee, Candie, Candace, Candice, Candyce, Kandy, Kandi, Kandie, Kandee, Kandace, Kandice, Kandyce, and any other variation I'm not aware of. Here are the names of some famous females with these names:

Candy Dulfer (Dutch saxophonist)
• Candy Darling (transsexual Warhol superstar, was born James Lawrence Slattery)
• Candy Johnson (actress, singer, and dancer (even did go-go dancing); best known for Bikini Beach)
Candie Payne (British singer)
Candace Cameron (actress)
• Candace Parker (women's basketball player)
• Candice Bergen (actress)
Candice Miller (U.S. Congresswoman for Michigan's 10th District)
Candice Michelle (former WWE Diva and spokesperson for
Candice Swanepoel (Victoria's Secret model from South Africa)
Candyce Toh (???, born Du Huiping)
• Kandi (R&B singer; Kandi Burruss)
Candis Cayne (transgendered actress)
Kandee Johnson (YouTube heavyweight focusing on beauty and fashion, makeup artist)
Kandice Melonakos (Myspace link) (singer)
Kandyce Proia (Model Mayhem link) (fashion model)

--- Candy as a Name: Acceptable or Unacceptable? ---

I just think "Candace" or "Candice" when naming someone as Candy. I like to think of such a name to be associated with sweetness rather than someone appealing to all the senses. I don't immediately think of a girl named Candy to be some kind of exotic dancer or something. When I talked about my fictional character, Candy Love, it was with the intent that I express the name "Candy" as a name of sweetness and sweet character rather than as a sexy alias.

What do YOU think about naming someone "Candy?" Maybe you're named or nicknamed Candy yourself? Comment away and let me know what you think about this deal. Thank you for reading!

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