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Country/Western Chic

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(UPDATED: February 6, 2012)

Country style is what this blog post is all about. You don't have to be from the country or from Small Town America to enjoy country style. You don't have to like Texas' own George Strait or Martina McBride or Lady Antebellum (who I love) to show country style. You don't have to be a Southern gentleman or a Southern belle to enjoy country style. This post is primarily a look at country/Western fashion.

A Special Hello... all the proud Southerners and country folk out there! I may be a city boy for the most part, but I hope you get to enjoy this blog post. Now get to reading! ^_^


FEB 6 2012 - corrected a spelling error, added extra Cross-Promotion links.

--- Country Chic at a Glance ---

Country style is mostly a style where you could get away with wearing denim to look stylish. Western wear and Western-type fashions can exude stylish charm for both males and females.

In the mid-2000s, there was a fashion trend towards Western country styles. Part of it was brought about by things like the "Dukes of Hazard" movie featuring the likes of Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach is the original Daisy Duke). I would casually see a lot of Western-themed casual clothes back in the mid-2000s relating to either the West or to cowboys and cowgirls.

Country Cute!

You don't have to be a Southern girl or a true country girl to enjoy country chic. One of my most popular posts on "John's Blog Space" is my post on dresses with cowboy boots. Cowboy boots with a sundress is a somewhat unexpected look. For one, the softness of a sundress is met with the toughness of a pair of cowboy boots. It's soft meeting hard. Often times, you will see girly dresses paired with a tough, yet chic pair of boots. This look of dresses with cowboy boots can best be traced to Taylor Swift.

For the girl looking to channel her inner Miley Cyrus, there is the country look of denim short shorts paired with cowboy boots. That's the look she sported in her "Party in the USA" music video. Those more in tune with the past can best remember a character named Daisy Duke from the original Dukes of Hazard (not the 2000s movie featuring Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke; I'm talking about Catherine Bach).

There are many ways a girl can enjoy country chic.

--- Country Chic: Fashion Pieces ---

Let's look at a few pieces which define country/Western style. I am trying to stay as true to traditional Western wear as possible rather than costumes. So here goes...

All images based on Google Images searches, and many of the ones I found are the best I could find to describe each item. Please contact me if there are some items I am forbidden to use in my post.

Cowboy Boots.

cowboy boots
^ from: - Good old cowboy boots. This pair has spurs to them, though most fashion cowboy boots don't have spurs. Quintessential Western chic.

More than anything, nothing cries country chic quite like a good pair of cowboy boots. These boots can range from fashionable cowboy boots to traditional cowboy boots. What remains as one of my most popular posts on John's Blog Space, "Dresses With Cowboy Boots," my female audience have constantly visited that blog post trying to grab the style the likes of Taylor Swift have provided.

Western wear retailers provide the most authentic cowboy boots. So if authenticity is what you desire, seek cowboy boots from proper Western wear retailers. Maybe the most popular Western retailer here in Houston is Cavender's Boot City. Maybe the most popular boot company here in Texas is Texas' own Lucchese. Cowboy boots offer up perhaps the most basic way to show country style.

Western Shirts and Blouses.

Western button-down shirt
^ from: - A nice Western shirt can easily compliment a good pair of jeans.

country Western shirt woman
^ from: - This woman knotted the front of her Western shirt, showing some midriff. This can be a sexy touch to a basic Western shirt.

A good button-down shirt is a nice compliment to a country look. These Western shirts can come in a variety of styles, both in solids and patterns. Plaid is usually a common style of Western shirt. There are also other Western shirt styles that are vintage or even have fringe details to them. There are even Western shirts made from denim, gingham, and other materials. Western shirts can also range from long sleeves to short sleeves. A feminine touch to a Western shirt can be made by either wearing it normally, or by tying up the front of the shirt to show some midriff a la Daisy Duke. You may even unbutton as many buttons upward to show off your navel as the rest of the shirt flies into the wind.

No matter what your style, there is a country/Western shirt for both males and females to enjoy.

Good Ol' Denim.

Western wear jeans men
^ from: - Western-style jeans for men from Wrangler.

Western wear jeans women
^ from: - Western-style jeans for women from Cruel Girl.

And I quote:

"...A pair of jeans that fit just right..."

-lyric to "Chicken Fried" by the Zac Brown Band
It is safe to say that country chic allows you to wear denim and NOT be in any violation of style. If you want to be authentic, it's best to go with quality Western-appropriate denim. Most of the jeans offered by Western fashion retailers are usually meant to be worn out on the ranch or perhaps to various Western-themed functions and parties. On the feminine side, you're not going to see any of the usual denim trends usually associated with casual style- such as ripped denim, acid-washed denim, or anything like that. Just keep it classy.

denim shorts with cowboy boots
^ from: - Country chic with denim short shorts and cowboy boots.

If you females care to tap into your inner Daisy Duke or Miley Cyrus, you can go with denim short shorts to go with cowboy boots. Other celebrities, such as Zoe Kravitz and Vanessa Hudgens (among many others) have embraced wearing denim short shorts with cowboy boots. You could say that cowboy boots with shorts is a nice alternative from Converses or flip-flop/thong sandals with shorts.

Did you know there are even denim wedding dresses? Some country weddings have these lovely denim wedding dresses for Western-style weddings. Here is an example of a denim wedding dress below:

denim wedding dress
^ from: - Get married in denim! What denim diva wouldn't want to get hitched in denim?

As you can tell from these pictures, there are no things like acid washed denim, destroyed denim, or anything like that with country-style denim.

Cowboy Hats.

cowboy hat
^ from: - This cowgirl proudly wears her cowboy hat along with a Western shirt and her jeans.

Don't have to be a cowboy to rock a cowboy hat. I certainly can attest to this, being too much of a city boy. These are good hats to wear when out in the heat. Of course here in Texas (and mostly here in the Mid-South), days in the sun can be pretty brutal. Working out on a ranch or someplace can be pretty tough to not have a hat to wear. From a style standpoint, a cowboy hat is just as quintessential of Western chic as cowboy boots.

Riding Skirts and Gaucho Pants.

Western riding skirt
^ from: - A Western riding skirt is a great garment to wear when you want to wear a skirt while riding horses.

When I introduced Western riding skirts to my blog post on gaucho pants, I've gained a new viewing audience for that post. Riding skirts are essentially skirts more appropriate for riding horses on. Their legs are voluminous and wide. These split skirts were meant to be comfortable skirts to wear while riding horses, and their material makes them rugged enough and more than suitable for riding. The skirt-like legs of riding skirts have lent to their appeal to gaucho pants.

Country/Western Belts and Belt Buckles.

country Western belt
^ from: - a Western-style belt for men.

country belt buckle
^ from: (best I could find) - A Western-style belt buckle can easily compliment and enhance any Western belt. Many belt buckle makers offer a variety of belt buckles in various styles for males and females.

A Western-style belt is often a great finishing touch for any Western outfit. Equally assuring of a great Western look is a creative belt buckle. Belts and belt buckles can vary in style for both males and females. To be consistent with the country/Western theme, let's just stick to Western-style belt buckles.

Let me conclude this part with a little humor. And I quote:

"If someone asks to see your ID and you show them your belt buckle, you might be a redneck."

-comedian Jeff Foxworthy

Those are only so many different pieces regarding country style. I was going to include chaps in my initial blog post, but I wanted to talk about fashionable pieces commonly worn out and about in the realm of country chic; and it isn't often you see chaps worn as part of a fashionable outfit. So I've excluded chaps.

--- Should You Go Country/Western? ---

It's entirely up to you. Country/Western style is a not a bad way to embrace warmer weather. Even basic elements of Western clothing can likely be incorporated into your wardrobe. Country/Western shirts can be pretty stylish almost all year 'round. Especially more authentic Western shirts can be great to wear with their great designs. If you're a female wanting to sex up a Western shirt, one can always tie up the front of the shirt and show off some midriff, a la Daisy Duke. Cowboy boots are basically an all-year deal, so feel free to wear cowboy boots with almost any sort of clothing combination. As if jeans or sundresses already are paired with cowboy boots, even various cute skirts can go along with cowboy boots seamlessly. I even have a little interest in getting myself a cowboy hat to go along with the straw hat that I have.

So experiment to your heart's desire in incorporating country/Western chic into your wardrobe. For you true country folk, I'm sure you know full well how to style most of the clothing pieces I've discussed in this blog post.

--- Country/Western Fashion Resources ---

So do you want to enjoy some country chic for yourself? I can help you by pointing you towards some websites online where you can shop online for country and Western fashions. Have a look around and thanks for visiting John's Blog Space!

Each section has a heading. To visit that website, click on the heading. But first, read the description to know what exactly I am talking about. I am not sure if any international shipping is done with any of these. If you're any of my international readers or not from a specific market these sites are related to, you may want to check the website(s) in question. This post was primarily meant to concern mostly my American audience.

NOTE: I am not paid by anyone to post these links and talk about these companies/websites.

Cavender's Boot City..

Cavender's Boot City is one of the premier Western wear retailers in America. This company has been around since 1965 providing great Western fashions for males and females and across various age groups. Authentic Western wear can be had through Cavender's. I've known them as Texas' premier Western wear retailer, but there are also stores in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kansas according to their website.

1880 Western Wear.

When I mentioned riding skirts in my blog post about gaucho pants, I attracted a certain new audience. This blog post on Western fashion was almost sort of inspired by the viewing support I've received from visitors. So I am including 1880 Western Wear into this section. A multitude of authentic Western clothing and accessories are available for everyone here.

Western Boot Sales.

This online retailer of Western wear offers many Western clothes and decor for those who love the Western lifestyle. This was another site I featured in my blog post on gaucho pants. Various items are offered from a variety of brands including Scully, John Deere, and even Converse.

Ann N Eve.

The items offered by Ann N Eve are vast and varied, ranging from Western wear for men and women as well as formal and plus size items. Wedding wear can even be bought from this company. This site was yet another site posted in my gaucho pants blog post.

Rod's features everything from Western wear to Western accessories. It was one of many different companies I featured in my blog post about gaucho pants. You can check out all of the many different Western wear pieces by visiting

Norman's Western Wear.

Based in Montana, Norman's is a retailer offering authentic clothing and accessories for the Westerner including many gifts.

Sat'n Spurs.

Planning on getting married... country style? The site billed as the "Official Home of the Western Wedding Dress" is Sat'n Spurs. This site features many items for you to enjoy having a Western-style wedding. It even includes some items for the groom. Even if you aren't shopping for a Western-style wedding, at least check out what their denim wedding dresses look like. That alone is worth the visit!

Lucchese Boot Company.

One of the most well-respected boot companies here in Texas is none other than Lucchese. The history of the Lucchese Boot Company dates back to 1883 as the Lucchese family immigrated to the United States. What Sam Lucchese has established for decades in making boots remains true even today. They hand-craft each boot for the ultimate in authenticity. This San Antonio, TX, USA-based company makes some of the most exquisite boots you will ever see or wear. Check out their entire line of authentic cowboy boots by visiting Lucchese's website. These boots are even offered on Amazon, if you can believe it.

Liberty Boot Company.

It's tough to refer to a boot maker from Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a Western company; but Liberty Boot Co. makes their own stylish boots. Liberty Boot Company even custom-made a pair of boots worn by Taylor Swift (popularized by my "Dresses with Cowboy Boots" post).

Wild Wild Western Wear (United Kingdom).

For United Kingdom types who want to enjoy country/Western chic, Wild Wild Western Wear offers up this site and its Western wear for men and women.

Country Western Shop (Netherlands).

The Netherlands has its own online destination for Western clothing. Offered up in four different languages (including English), my Dutch fans/readers who have enjoyed this blog post can find some Western wear that spur their interest.

More links may be added in future edits.

--- Cross-Promotion ---

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That's just a little cross-promotion from me to you. I just want my blog to appeal better to more people. It's the least I can do.

Thank you for reading this post on country/Western chic! I didn't exactly create this post in honor of the upcoming Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but I was a bit encouraged by the Houston Rodeo to come up with this blog post. I still hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if there are any topics you want to see me make mention to in the future by contacting me via Email or through my Facebook fan page. Before riding off into the sunset, do me some favors if you love my blog:

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