Monday, February 6, 2012

"Me" Time

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Sometimes, you need time to yourself. You sometimes need to treat yourself to things rather than put up with other people. These moments of "me" time allows one to relax and unwind while treating ourselves and spoiling ourselves to good things. The blog post you are about to read is all about the "me" time we sometimes need to help us feel better from within.

Let me begin with a quote:

"I ain't tryna do you, I'm tryin' do me..."

-lyric to "I Luv It" from Young Jeezy

...and let's continue with a picture (best I could find to represent this post):

me time
^ from: - Other people bringing you down? Stress getting to you? Need to chill out? Have yourself some "me" time!

Let's continue on with the post.

--- What Does "Me" Time Do For Us? ---

Having "me" time gives us a chance to relax and humble ourselves. It is an assuring feeling to know we do these things for ourselves to feel better. These "me" moments are like reminders to ourselves that we are amazing people. If others don't love you as much, having "me" time is a good bit of self-confidence and self-love.

The one thing to be careful of is that you don't act too selfishly or regard yourself higher than anybody else (including family and friends). You want these "me" time moments to be self-encouraging; not in being any sort of Narcissist.

--- "Me" Time Examples ---

Here are some examples of "me" time and people spoiling themselves:

• A young male decides to head out alone a nightclub or lounge rather than hang out with his friends at a sports bar.

• A single young lady treats herself to getting a manicure and pedicure at a salon, then goes out shopping for herself at a mall or a department store. She may also decide to go to a nightclub for the night alone and treat herself to a party.

• A teenage male unwinds from the rigors of High School by playing tunes with his guitar.

• A married woman prepares a delicious and satisfying dinner for herself at home rather than have a dinner with her husband or be with her girl friends.

Many people have many different ways of treating themselves. What do you normally do with your "me" time? What was maybe the most memorable "me" time moment you had? Did you have "me" time in response to something negative that has happened in your life? Regardless of the reason or what you do, we all need some "me" time, just these moments that help us to feel better and relax. While not generally appreciated by other people whom we love, this is at least a time where us individuals can spoil ourselves and feel good all the while.

How do you spend your "me" time? Do you allow yourself some "me" time? By the way, I was preparing this blog post during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. :)

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lovely post

John B. Marine said...

thanks john for your lovely comments,u got me blushing,have a lovely week ahead.

John B. Marine said...

My blog is my "me" time, lol.  I often wish I had more time for it or to do anything else for myself or that's fun...but I'm always so busy with school and work.  I also like to shop or read when I have time to myself. :)


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