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Ranma ½

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Ranma ½ was one of Rumiko Takahashi's finest masterpieces in anime. It is my all-time favorite anime series. It is very funny along with some great fight scenes. Ranma ½ is also a great romantic anime series. This blog post is just a little look at this great series. Maybe after reading this post, you'll become a fan as well.

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--- Ranma ½ at a Glance ---

^ from: - Various characters of Ranma ½.

The story of Ranma ½ is basically centered around a high schooler named Ranma Saotome. He and his father, Genma, were out martial arts training in China in an area full of many cursed springs. Falling into any of these springs turns you into whatever drowned into it. The curse takes form when splashed with cold water. When splashed with hot water, you return to your original form. Unfortunately, Ranma and Genma both fell into the springs. Genma turns into a giant panda when splashed with cold water. Ranma, however, becomes a girl when splashed with cold water.

Ranma Saotome is met by the Tendo sisters, as Ranma has to pick one to be his girlfriend- Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane. Kasumi is the eldest of the Tendo sisters and is very sweet-natured. Nabiki is the sly and sneaky sister always trying to make quick cash. Akane is gentle and sweet... until you get on her bad side or complain about her cooking skills. Ranma eventually chooses Akane Tendo. The two get along quite well... most of the time.

What I love most about the Ranma series are the fights. Most importantly, the battles between Ranma and Ryoga. Ryoga is my favorite character of all. He is a strong fighter, but he's... dumb. Ryoga is known as the "eternally lost boy" for a reason. What can be reached within walking distance takes him hours and weeks. He is an idiot... but, he can fight!

Various Characters.

There are also some other characters of note. I'll name a few of them.
• Soun - the Tendo family father.
• Ukyo - okonomiyaki chef. She's mistaken for a boy.
• Shampoo - Shampoo is a super-cute character. She loves boy-type Ranma and detests girl-type Ranma. Shampoo turns into a cat when splashed with cold water.
• Tatewaki Kuno - the "Blue Thunder" of Furinkan High is a rival of boy-type Ranma, but madly in love with girl-type Ranma.
• Kodachi - Kodachi is Tatewaki Kuno's sister, and is known as the black rose. She's as big of a nut as as Kuno.
• Happosai - a perverted and short old man notorious for stealing womens' panties.

In addition to the various TV episodes of Ranma ½, there have been countless other installments of Ranma that are all equally funny. Some of the other installments include Ryoga learning the Breaking Point technique- a technique where large rocks could be broken with a single point. There was also an episode where Ranma and company had to fight a legendary phoenix that was going haywire around Tokyo. Also unique were various martial arts competitions in unlikely situations, including martial arts figure skating (very funny episode!) and even a martial arts running race. There is NEVER a dull moment watching Ranma ½. It is a fantastic anime series and one of the true classic anime series.

I tried to find a brief video to showcase Ranma ½, but I was unable to find one for you. To see YouTube videos on the Ranma ½ series on your own time, click on the following link to see "Ranma 1/2" YouTube search results.

Play DVDs? Want to get into the Ranma ½ series? Check out these Amazon items and feel free to enjoy the Ranma ½ series:

THIS LINE (left to right):
• Ranma 1/2: Season One: The Digital Dojo; TV Anime Season 1 DVD Box Set (2006)
• Ranma 1/2, Season 2-Anything Goes Starring Ranma 1 and 2 (2007)
• Ranma 1/2: Season Three - Hard Battle (2007)
• Ranma 1/2 Season 4 - Outta Control Starring Ranma 1/2 (2007)
• Ranma 1/2: Season 5 - Martial Mayhem Starring Ranma (2008)

To read more about Ranma ½ on Wikipedia, check out the Wikipedia entry on Ranma ½.

--- Bonus Videos! ---

I can't find any good Ranma videos to show on John's Blog Space. However, I do want to shout out to my tomodachi ("friend" in Japanese) Yuki singing two Ranma ½ songs. The first one was the first I had seen from roconamente, and another was a more recent Ranma cover done by roconamente:

^ "Omoide ga Ippai" cover by roconamente

^ "Akai Kutsu no Sunday" cover by roconamente

If you want to see more of Roconamente's videos on YouTube, visit roconamente on YouTube. Or even read "roconamente" here on John's Blog Space to see my blog post on roconamente.

Thank you for reading!

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