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Meeting Other Bloggers

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(UPDATED: April 5, 2012)

If you are blogging, chances are, you may find someone who loves your work and wants to share his/her material with you. So this bit of blogging advice is simply about connecting with other bloggers. Us bloggers are (and should be) one big happy international family. We all share the same love of posting material online for the world to see.

Meeting Other Bloggers: Why Bother?

There are key reasons why you want to meet other bloggers and be friendly with them. Here are some of the many:

1.) More exposure. Don't you want yourself to be exposed to others? Don't you want the opportunity to connect with more people? Anyone who wants to attract more attention from visitors have to find ways to branch out and get exposed.

2.) Communication. Blogging is like YouTube- it is not a competition. I am not competing with other blogs for supremacy in the blogosphere. I do want to meet more people and get more loyal readers. I do want to have more Facebook fans, Google FriendConnect followers, and more.

On the Blogger/Blogspot platform, I mostly like to think of all of us as an international family. Same goes for any blogging platform, really.

Getting Yourself Out There.

Often times in blogs, I see bloggers posting links to their own blog in posts. Blogs and sites that allow for commenters to post HTML links usually will grant you the chance to post links in posts. A simple HTML tag that links to your blog/site will allow visitors reading your comments to visit your blog. Or, they may find out about your primary blog through your Blogger/Blogspot profile and visit there. If you are commenting on other peoples' blogs and websites, it is best to provide a link to your own blog so people who enjoyed your comment.

People look for new blogs almost every day. Why not help your own blog's cause by promoting your own blog? You may meet some completely new people and gain support from newer people. If you need help with HTML code, here are two sites I recommend so you can learn HTML:


Blogger Meetups.

The biggest way to get yourself noticed is to meet bloggers in person. For example, would you love the opportunity to meet your favorite blogger(s) in person? There are some bloggers and loyal readers (not naming any) whom I'd love to meet in person. People may know my personality in blogging, but how many know how I can be in person? That's one thing about the Internet- you know only so much about the people we honor and cherish that we don't really know how they are away from the Internet. I think doing blogging and videos only provides only a closed view of who we really are on the inside.

It isn't as if I get invited to or accept any blogger meetups on a regular basis. I am not sure of the Houston/Galveston blogging community, but I do know that Mike McGuff is perhaps the best blogger here in the Houston/Galveston area. Most of the ones who show up at these blogging deals are basically some of the better bloggers online whose popularity warrants a meet-and-greet event. Then again, some are just casual blogger meetups where various bloggers just come together and meet each other.

As of this post, I have NEVER been involved in any sort of blogger meetup; nor have I actually met any fellow bloggers in person. There are a number of peoples' blogs whom I follow which I wouldn't mind or love to meet in person.

--- Various Bloggers ---

You should be able to meet more bloggers online and introduce yourself to their blogs. So what I decided to do is show you some of the many blogs I follow. The majority of these are recent blogs I've followed or certain blogs I've followed for a long time, and are mostly feminine fashion blogs. I actually didn't intend on featuring so many here. However, you need to meet more people if you want to meet more people and get more exposure online. So I want to introduce you to some of the blogs that I follow.

These are miscellaneous blogs I want to feature just to share with you all. A lot of these are blogs that have recently Followed my work or even are just some I want to make a shout out to. Some of these are blogs I rarely mention in my posts.

^ Meet Mayte. She is a beautiful fashion blogger deeply influenced by the style and charm of the Kardashian sisters. This Mexican fashion diva based here in Texas has a sense of style that will truly charm you. She often times sport some lovely platforms and high heels. You may see her in garments ranging from jeans to lovely dresses. Mayte and her styles are a rainbow of fashionable goodness.

^ Deconstruction is the blog of a Florida-based beauty named Mackenzie. What makes her fashion blog different from most others is that her fashions are either created or altered by herself, or are mostly affordable fashions she showcases. I respect her a lot for both her fashion as well as her education in fashion. Have a visit to Mackenzie's blog if this description of it interests you.

Burst of Color
^ This young girl named Lily has a colorful sense of style. Just about all of her outfit posts are casual. She smiles sweetly. Check out some of her colorful and casual styles by visiting "Burst of Color."

^ This is the blog of a young fashion blogger named Duygu. This blogger from Turkey is a beautiful young lady with great charm in her many outfits. Lovely long hair and an angelic face make her a truly lovely lady.

^ Recently, a lady commented about her blog to me. The blog "SAZI'S TOP SECRET" showcases fashion style of the lady named Sazi. A lot of her styles are chic styles along with a few more casual outfits.

Glam and Fab Chameleon
^ Born in Serbia and based in Greece, Jelena offers up some of her own fashion charm. This lovely lady has a great sense of style and various styles ranging from casual clothing to swimwear. She even can glam things up with her own classy style. So why not visit this blog and check out her style.

mioprincess loves pink!
^ Marina is a Greek goddess who is all about beauty and fashion. Let this blogger showcase her style to you. She loves pink, and I'm sure she would also love it if you visit her blog and take note of her fashions and styles.

^ Natalie Koltunovskaya is a Russian fashion blogger who has many chic outfits to showcase. Her smile captivates just as wonderfully as her outfits. Natalie will not disappoint you with her sense of style.

My Silk Fairytale
^ As one of the most versatile fashion bloggers online, Alina of "My Silk Fairytale" showcases many of her unique looks. They can range from chic to casual. This sweet blogger from Romania can do it all- girly, tough, rocker-chic, beautiful, classy... you name it, and she will not disappoint in showing you a nice look as well as giving a nice little story on each look.

Lucky Packet
^ She is honestly one of the cutest bloggers you will ever come across. This ray of fashionable sunshine who runs "Lucky Packet" is Laiqah (pronounced "lah-ee-kah"). The petite South African has a lovely sense of style through many cute outfits. Laiqah boasts a pretty smile, a cute face, and lovely hair. I really think she's one of the cutest fashion bloggers anywhere online.

Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman
^ I don't know too many people from Mississippi, but one proud representative of the Magnolia State is one curvy beauty named Venessia. Let this stylish lady showcase you her style through many of her lovely outfits.

Viva Voluptuous!
^ The Canadian blogger Marisa is a plus size beauty with a host of blog posts regarding plus size fashion. The blog mostly consists of a lot of picture inspirations as well as many different outfit posts.

Sachê e Bombom
^ Camille is a young curvy blogger from Brazil who exudes absolute cuteness. She has a cute smile, a cute face, and some cute hair. Her blog, "Sachê e Bombom," is bilingual. Each post features text in Portuguese and translated to English. So fear not about any sort of language barrier here.

Amy a la Mode
^ Aspiring actress and fashion model Amy lends her unique pictures and charm to "Amy a la Mode." A lot of her pictures are very vintage-inspired. Have a look at her blog and enjoy her pictures.

Now some more people I just want to shout out to...

Musings of a Sega Racing Fan
^ Eric has been a long-time supporter of my blog and all of my online work. I usually mention him whenever I review Sega racing games here on "John's Blog Space." The least you could do is check out his blog. He mostly discusses racing games as well as his recent game programming and various other life issues.

Principessa Gabriella
^ It sometimes seems like I can't go one Salute-type post without mentioning Gabriella. Since I discovered "Principessa Gabriella" long ago, Gabriella herself has been nothing but fun and friendly. Her blog is a combination of outfits and various other musings from the plus size beauty.

Chris Morales Racing Blog
^ Sharing his love of racing and his desire to be a pro racing driver, Chris Morales offers up his blog. It is a fairly young blog started by him.

^ The journey through life can be either very enjoyable or very taxing. Joana Erica Danielle is a teenage girl whom shares her journey through life with a combination of deep thinking and lighthearted humor. It's one girl's look at life through the eyes and heart of this young Filipino lady.

Axis Of Oversteer
^ Axis Of Oversteer is a blog I read from time to time. It's funny that a guy who loves racing hardly ever visits a blog about racing. Axis Of Oversteer is a great racing blog with lots of great content for racing fans.

I actually didn't want this to be a huge Salute post. I only wanted to mention a few people, but ended up mentioning MANY more people. A majority of blogs I follow on here are feminine fashion blogs. Therefore, you fashionable types will have plenty to be proud of that I've featured here. I make salutes to people often times. If you want to see all of my latest posts in the "Salutes" category, click the following link to see all of my latest "Salutes" category blog posts.

The main point of this blog post is that if you want to get more readers and more subscribers, you need to branch out and expand. Read other peoples' blogs. Respond to other peoples' material (respectfully). Just get yourself out there and exposed. You want to be able to get people to care about your work should they find interest in visiting your own blog. You never know who actually respects your work and comes back time and time again to read your content.

With this said, go meet some new bloggers! :) Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

omg! Thank you so much for including me in your post! I'm honoured! :)) I already follow some of the blogs you mention and I'd be sure to check out the rest of them too;I love finding out new blogs! thnaks for sharing!


interesting post,learnt something from it,cheers

John B. Marine said...

Nice post! I agree, it is important and fun to meet or visit other's blogs and comment and such.  Thanks for mentioning me and my blog! :) 


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