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One of the most popular water sports is surfing. It's you against some killer waves. Ride those waves and look cool doing it. Guys and girls (or to use Hollister Co. terms, Dudes and Bettys) can rip up the waves equally. For many people, the surfing lifestyle is a fun and carefree way of life. While the blog post is nothing too serious on surfing, it is sort of a digest on surfing.

Special hello to all of you who enjoy surfing and/or the whole beach lifestyle! I hope my post will be to your liking.

--- Surfing at a Glance ---

Ride them waves... but don't wipe out! The magic of surfing can only be mastered by those who are best at trying to retain their balance while riding some insane waves. Guys and girls can equally ride the waves and look cool doing it. Most of the great surfers look like their feet are glued to the surfboard as they stand on the board.

I don't know any moves in surfing. When coming up with this blog post, I've heard of moves such as a kickflip and a rodeo flip. Let me try to describe some of the more common surfing moves as best as I can:

• Bottomturn - a bottomturn is usually when a surfer rides the top of the wave, then zig-zags left to right going down a wave.

• Re-entry - a surfer rides up to the top of the wave and turns back down quickly to the bottom of a wave.

• Cutback - sort of like re-entry, but done quicker.

• Snap - a surfer rides up a wave and sort of swings out the back of the surfboard before coming back down. Almost like drifting on a wave.

Those of you more into surfing than I am probably can better educate me here. Contact me via E-mail so I can edit this post and better educate my audience (and protect my credibility and integrity).

--- Surfing as a Trend ---

Sometime in the mid-2000s, there was sort of a fashion trend towards surfing. Lots of surf-inspired fashions shown up around this time as well. Guys and girls whom have never surfed a second in their lives had some surf-inspired fashions especially during Summer. Some surfers either wear proper beachwear or even wear wetsuits. Regardless, the fun of being out on the water surfing on waves is an unreal experience.

You have to admit there's something hot/sexy/cute about a girl balancing herself on a surfboard riding the waves. Same goes for a girl who even squats down while riding the waves. And of course... what guy doesn't love a girl who gets wet battling the waves? So you can somewhat imagine what has made the surf culture trendy, at least from fashion and style standpoints. This all goes back to romanticizing certain things to make them trendy to the casual set.

How hot can surfing be? Watch these girls go to work on the waves:

And there you are.

--- Bethany Hamilton ---

When I was preparing this blog post, one such surfer caught my interest. Bethany Hamilton may just be one of the most inspiring persons of any kind. She is a one-armed surfer who had her arm severed off from a shark attack. Her inspirational story even was featured in a movie called "Soul Surfer."

I don't really watch movies, but if you haven't seen "Soul Surfer," here is a trailer of this movie based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton and her never-say-die courage and determination:

And if you want to get "Soul Surfer" online, check it out on Amazon by clicking on the item below:

^ "Soul Surfer" for DVD.

--- ASP Surfing ---

One of the premier leagues of professional surfing leagues in the world is the ASP. ASP stands for the Association of Surfing Professionals. The ASP competes worldwide across a number of venues. They surf in the United States, Europe, Japan, and in the South Pacific. One of the premier names in the series is Kelly Slater. As of this post, Kelly Slater an 11-time World Champion of the ASP. He even won the 2011 championship, beating out three Australians- Joel Parkinson, Owen Wright, and Taj Burrow. Adriano de Souza finished 5th in the final rankings. The 2011 women's championship was won by Carissa Moore of Hawaii. She, like Kelly Slater, edged out three Australians (Sally Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Gilmore, and Tyler Wright) and Brazil's Silvana Lima for the 2011 crown.

So it's safe to say that Australia and Brazil have some great surfers in addition to the United States.

To learn more about the ASP, visit their official website at

--- Popular Surfing Locations ---

If you wish to go surfing, just head to the beach and ride the waves. Some places are very popular or

Here are some of the many:
• (almost anywhere in coastal Southern California)
• (almost anywhere in Florida along the Atlantic coast)
• (almost anywhere in Hawaii)
• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
• Japan
• Bondi Beach - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
• Manly Beach - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
• Fiji
• Tahiti

There are, of course, many more locations to enjoy surfing. These are just some of the many that come to mind for me.

--- Surfing Resources ---

Do you like surfing or want to surf? Here are a few resources for you all. I just pulled these up quickly and semi-randomly:

SURFER Magazine

SURFLINE.COM - check on the surf of locations worldwide. You know, so you can properly plan your next attack of the waves. :)

Transworld Surf - An online magazine devoted to surfing. - home to the Association of Surfing Professionals, the biggest pro surfing league in the world.

SURFING FOR LIFE - a film documenting the history of surfing that was released back in 2001.

Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum (HBISM) - an online museum showcasing the history of surfing.

Surf News Network - get your fill of surfing news online here.

Surfrider Foundation - love surfing? Love to protect the seas? This is the best way to show your support of the world's waters as a surfer and as a lover of beach culture.

Just so you know, I am working on another blog post within the realm of surfing; especially involving fashions involved with surfing and of beach culture. Stay tuned for that (or keep checking this post for an updated link).

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Thanks to all of you for reading this blog post. I may add more material based on what kinds of traffic I get to this post. Surf on!

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