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Beach and Surf Fashions

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(UPDATED: October 22, 2013)

Even if you don't live in a coastal area, there are lots of people who like dressing in beach-inspired and surf-inspired fashions. There was a time in the mid-2000s when surf-inspired fashions was trendy. Beachy fashion styles make up the basis for this blog post. Even if you don't live near water or a beach, you can still have beach-inspired and surf-inspired fashions as part of your wardrobe. This blog post takes a look at beach and surf inspired fashions. As the weather warms up here in the United States, it won't be too long before Spring/Summer fashions take form.

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OCT 22 2012 - made some edits, added some links

--- Beachwear-Inspired Fashions at a Glance ---

There is no way to beat the heat than with various fashions catered towards a day at the beach. Some who fancy warm weather lovingly are ready to break out the shorts and the flip-flop/thong sandals to embrace warm weather. It is understandable considering those who love wearing shorts and sandals.

A look at beachwear fashion influence:

Let's move on now.

--- Common Beachy Fashions ---

Here is a look at some of the many different popular garments for warm weather. Some of these pictures are the best ones I could find to represent each section, so I will need to find other pictures if I am disallowed to use them.

Shorts (Short).

beach short shorts
^ from: - Short-shorts provide the perfect opportunity to bare legs and feel comfy on a warm day. These specific girly shorts are the "Sweetheart" shorts from Sound and Matter, famous for its heart-shaped back pockets.

short boardshorts women
^ from - Whether heading out to the beach, water, or going surfing, boardshorts are great to wear on your beach-going adventures.

If there's one reason to enjoy warm weather, it's seeing short shorts being worn. Short shorts are usually a tell-tale sign of warm weather. Girls (using this term loosely) often will wear either denim short shorts or some non-denim short-shorts on warm days. Because I've gotten tired of denim jean short-shorts, I've liked certain non-jean shorts. Immediate attention-grabbing short-shorts are shorts with flap pockets either of a cotton blend or of linen. Some females who have a cute bikini bottom usually wear short-shorts as a coverup. Even if the beach (or some other water recreational locale) isn't your destination, a girl just wants to look hot on a hot day by wearing a cute pair of short shorts.

The usual sort of footwear to accompany short shorts are usually flip-flop/thong sandals. They are primarily simple and easy to wear. I have actually never disliked these sandals even as more people started to wear them. That is, unless these sandals are worn as a lazy fashion choice when a better kind of shoes or sandals could be worn instead. Short shorts can also be paired with ballet flats in regards to beachy fashion. A combination that has grown on me is wearing short shorts with boat/deck shoes. Short shorts can be pretty cute when worn with boat/deck shoes. And since we're talking about beach-inspired fashion, it is pretty cool to know you're wearing some shoes that are just fine in case you have a boat party or something. The most popular boat shoes are, of course, from Sperry Top-Sider.

Shorts (Long).

beach long shorts
^ from: - Long shorts can be just as comfortable and wearable on warm days. These are fashionable for both males and females.

I've personally not really been into Bermuda shorts, but long shorts are often a great alternative for those who can't sport the short shorts. Any shorts that extend to mid-thigh or past mid-thigh are what I will consider long shorts. Men's boardshorts are obviously long length. There are also stylish long shorts appropriate for warm weather for females. Those who wear longer shorts usually sport some flip-flop/thong sandals to go with them. Or, they may wear some sneakers or some Converses.

Summery Dresses.

beach dress
^ from: - Dresses for the beach can either be short or long. Some even serve as coverups for your swimwear.

Some dresses openly embrace warm weather. These dresses may even be worn as coverups for when you're ready to head to the beach. At least you know you can head to the beach in style. Stylish dresses for the beach can either be short or long.

beach romper or beach playsuit
^ from: - Don't prefer a traditional dress? Try a romper/playsuit dress.

In addition to short shorts, rompers/playsuits also make good shorts to wear for those warm days. Some rompers/playsuits serve as coverups for the beach. These one-piece shorts are just as fun to wear as any traditional pair of shorts. Rompers/Playsuits serve as shorts alternatives to dresses.

Hats for the Beach.

beach hat
^ from: - A big floppy hat! Such hats can even help protect your head and neck from damaging sun rays.

Bucket hats, floppy hats, all of which help your head cool (while looking cool) out and about. It is best to have a hat to help protect you from damaging sun rays. Some hats are even recommended by doctors to shield your head and neck from sun rays. On females, I think nothing is cuter than a big floppy hat. There is just something (to me) about a girl who wears a cute floppy hat while looking great.


beach sunglasses
^ from: - Protect those eyes in style with sunglasses. You look cool with them too! :)

Sunglasses (or "sunnies" as some fashion bloggers call them) provide protection for your eyes on bright days out in the sun. Of recent times, sunglasses with huge lenses have become trendy. These include your aviator sunglasses as well as your Jackie-O sunglasses. It is always best to have the most functional sunglasses to suit your needs. If you want to just look cool/cute with a certain pair of novelty sunglasses, that's cool too. :)

And of course...

Flip-Flop/Thong Sandals.

beach flip-flops
^ from: - Many fashionable types think flip-flop/thong sandals are ONLY for the beach and not for casual outfits.

Some people basically live in flip-flop/thong sandals. They are simple and inexpensive (most of them) to wear. I have actually never hated flip-flop/thong sandals. Many others, however, dislike them since you see them so often. They even come in varieties ranging from flat flip-flop/thong sandals, to platforms, to wedges, and even platform wedge flip-flop/thong sandals. They come in many varieties and styles. These sandals are comfortable for both males and females. I think they are cute on girls in showing off their feet and toes in a stylishly inexpensive pair of sandals. They come in many varieties. If the traditional flip-flop/thong sandal isn't your spot of tea, gladiator thongs and thong booties are interesting alternatives. Some of the most common flip-flop/thong sandals you will see are from Old Navy or Havaianas.

There are your comfy and cool warm weather fashions.

--- Beach/Surf Brands ---

You now have a basic look at beach and surf fashions. Ready for the real deal? You may visit the following websites to seek fashions from brands and retailers that specialize in beach and surf fashions. While this post is not about this topic, some of these brands and retailers also make and offer fashions for those of you into Winter sports (like skiing and snowboarding). Click on the links in the headings to visit the official websites. Some of these links may also offer international shipping and even international links (in case you want to shop for clothing from these companies).

PLEASE NOTE: I am not paid anything by anyone to discuss these companies the way that I am in this section.

Hollister Surf Co..

Hollister is perhaps the most popular beach/surf-inspired clothing company in the United States (and perhaps the world as well). They make fashions for young men and young women (or Dudes and Bettys as they call them). The familiar seagull is almost unmistakable in knowing just who makes the clothing.

Interesting facts...

• Hollister, California, USA is completely landlocked even though Hollister Company specializes in surf and beach fashions.

• I've been in Hollister stores before. The "Surf City, USA" live view is the view from Huntington Beach, California, USA. The Surf City in the camera view shouldn't be confused with Surf City, North Carolina, USA.

Abercrombie and Fitch.

The principal rivals of Hollister are that of Abercrombie and Fitch. Unlike Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch offer fashions for kids, in addition to adult males and adult females.


ROXY is a feminine-exclusive clothing line for Girls, Juniors, and Women. Their fashions are fun even for when the beach doesn't come calling. They've been providing quality fashions since 1990.


Billabong provides surf fashions for males and females in addition to fashions for skating and snow fashion. They are also very involved in sponsoring events on the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) World Tour, as they sponsor a number of events on the Billabong Pro Tour.


Hurley features fashions for both males and females, and even includes a line just for boys.


Volcom (Alternative Link)

Since March 1991, Volcom has been providing quality fashions for snowboarders and skateboarders. Their concept is "Youth Against Establishment." Their fashions are as unique as the philosophies and principles they fall on.

Rip Curl.

Rip Curl calls themselves as "The Ultimate Surfing Company." Their clothing line pertains to a broad spectrum for kids and adults. They even have accessories and wetsuits for the hardcore surfers.


If you visit the O'Neill website, you'll know that they are celebrating over 60 years of innovation. Their lineup includes various swimwear as well as Winter wear (for you snowboarders). Items offered by this company are for both adults as well as kids.


QUIKSILVER has everything from surf and snow fashions for adults and kids. They even have a lot of accessories for people and for home. It's all about the surf and snow lifestyle with QUIKSILVER.

Ocean Pacific.

The Wal-Mart exclusive Ocean Pacific brand has been around since 1972. Based in Irvine, California, USA; OP Apparel Corporation makes stylish casual clothes for young males, and they make fun and cute fashions for Juniors. These fashions range from everyday wear to beachwear. So there's something for everyone for teenagers on up. You can find these affordable OP fashions at Wal-Mart stores and online.


A retailer of surfing fashion, Pacsun provides comfortable and fun fashions for males and females. If Pacsun interests you, you may even want to check out for PacSun coupons on

More brands may be featured in future edits.

--- Cross-Promotion and Other Reading ---

More reading and related reading for your pleasure are offered in this section.

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^ Shorts can be fun to wear- even one-piece shorts. There are rompers/playsuits that serve as the covered alternative to dresses.

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"Surfing" - John's Blog Space
^ This blog post is all about surfing. Have a look at some of the many different things that make surfing so fun to watch and take part in.

tiny sailor
This section highlights on the only fashion blog I follow that is very much into the beach culture. She's the beachy fashion diva with a lovely sense of style. Her name is Niki, and her blog is "tiny sailor." It is full of beachy and vintage fashions and even includes some inspirational fashion posts. Visit her blog and take a look at her many styles.

I may set something up for John's Shop Space in case you're interested in shopping for fashions based on this topic. I still, however, need to work on that blog and make it updated. Thank you for reading!

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