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Short Shorts

John Marine | 3/28/2010 04:29:00 AM |
(UPDATED: January 7, 2013)

Nothing says warm weather like short shorts. Whether you fancy trouser-like short shorts or a good pair of denim short shorts, this thread is all about those short shorts and those who wear them proudly. There won't be any Bermuda shorts or any long shorts here. This blog entry is all about those short shorts. Why? Why short shorts? Short shorts can be every bit as sexy as a mini skirt, only that you can wear short shorts more confidently than mini skirts. The coverage and the overall appeal make these shorts shine.

Let's set the mood with a few pictures of short shorts. Here you go:

white short shorts
^ from:, by way of - a creamy white pair of short shorts.

denim short shorts
^ from: - Really short shorts (often called "shorty shorts") can be hot to wear.

Let's get crackin'!

I made a new post about this topic! Most of the stuff you will see here is mostly outdated. Check out my blog post on "StyleSpace" if you are interested in this topic:
"Short Shorts" (StyleSpace, by John B. Marine).

--- Get Shorty! ---

What are referred to as "shorty shorts" are these super-short shorts commonly worn on hot days. There are females who want to look hot by wearing these shorty shorts along with a certain style of shoes or sandals. The majority of what you will see in this blog entry are short shorts. Call them short shorts or shorty shorts... if you like these shorts, I hope not to disappoint you as you read this blog entry.

--- Short Shorts at a Glance ---

You've probably seen the Nair commercials with the old "who wears short shorts?" song. Short shorts are either representative of warm weather or beach chic. A nice pair of short shorts can be cute and also comfortable. If you're confident baring your legs, then wearing some short shorts can go a long way to you looking your best.

Denim Short Shorts.

cuffed denim short shorts
^ from: - cuffed denim short shorts.

Denim short shorts are the most prevalent short shorts. Doesn't matter if they are really short, are cut off short shorts, cuffed denim short shorts, or whatever... nothing like a pair of denim short shorts that fit on the hips and backside as any decent pair of jeans. Almost any kind of tops go with short shorts. One common look is pairing a tunic with short shorts (especially denim ones).

Anything from an average pair of sneakers to flip-flops to various other sandals will work just fine with denim short shorts. I'm starting to appreciate the look of trashy denim short shorts with cowboy boots. That would be style Miley Cyrus would appreciate.

Beach/Surf Shorts Shorts.

boardshorts or board shorts
^ from: - Sometimes, you will see some teen girls wearing short board shorts or running shorts. These above are from Volcom.

Rather than denim short shorts, you have your fair share of beach-appropriate shorts. Just because these are mostly shorts from surf-inspired companies like Hollister or Pacsun doesn't mean they are ONLY for the beach. They are still plenty comfortable even if not heading to the beach, or even if there isn't a beach in front of you for miles.

Footwear varies. Just about any kind of shoes would go well with most beach/surf shorts. I'd avoid tall boots, though for most beach and surf shorts. I've even seen a few girls wear boat shoes with short-shorts. That can be a very cute look and a nice diversion from sandals or sneakers.

Chic Short Shorts.

chic short shorts
^ from: (this was the best I could find) - Wearing a chic pair of shorts with tights, leggings, or stockings can be sexy for a night out. That is, IF you think shorts can be worn for a night out on the town.

Going for a night out on the town wearing short shorts? It's very possible to find a chic pair of shorts appropriate for a hot night out. More on this topic will be covered in the next section. But as you can see from the picture I selected, a cute pair of short shorts can be combined with tights or stockings and worn with boots. (or any other stylish shoes). Some people have criticized that one should NEVER head for a night out on the town wearing short shorts. Really, short shorts can be a lovely alternative to a mini skirt.

Active/Gym Short Shorts.

retro gym shorts
^ from: - Running short shorts can be a common sight on warm days. Rather than sneakers (even fashion sneakers), some teen girls and adolescent girls wear flip-flop/thong sandals with these sporty short shorts.

For active types, there are active short shorts that are both functional and fashionable. I won't really discuss active short shorts in this blog entry. However, if you want to find some active short shorts, please visit my blog entry, "Sporty Cute!".

--- Short Shorts for the Night Out? ---

There are short shorts for juniors and women that can be wearable for a night out on the town. I usually have seen girls go to the nightclub wearing some short shorts. One such look is pairing short shorts with a hot pair of heels. Either that, or wear short shorts with tights and either some high-heels or some booties or shooties. Some short shorts are so classy that they COULD be worn for a night out with friends or at the club or someplace. Want some inspiration on short shorts as evening clothes? Check this picture out:

short shorts for night out
^ from: - It is possible that some short shorts can be worn for a night out. Some people, however, think shorts (let alone short shorts (or shorty shorts)) should ever be acceptable for a night out.

As you can see, a great pair of short shorts coupled with some sexy high heels can make for a great evening look. You could try wearing full foot tights or really tall stockings if you want to mix up style a bit. Rather than high-heel sandals, you can try going with other dressy high-heel shoes, sandals, and boots.

To show how versatile short-shorts can be, here is a video from WhoWhatWear showcasing what you can do with a simple pair of short-shorts:

^ "How to Wear Shorts," by WhoWhatWear

Now that you've read about short shorts as night out fashions, I invite you to check out my blog entry called "Party Time!" which features some classy shorts to wear for a night out. The blog entry also includes a link to John's Shop Space where you can find more night out shorts. Click on either of these two links to visit either Party Time! or Party Time! on John's Shop Space.

Saying "short shorts" conjures images of almost ANY kind of shorts. Remember- we are NOT talking about Bermuda shorts here! If you want Bermuda shorts, maybe I'll do a future blog entry on them (though I don't like them very much to be honest). I want to thank you for reading my blog entry. You are always invited to click on each item in my other blog to learn more about them and even order that item if you like it. If you see something you like, PLEASE feel free to click on it to learn more about the item and also to purchase that item if you want to get it. To shop for short shorts online, please check out my secondary blog to shop for more short shorts:

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NOTE: All sizes are US Women's or US Juniors' sizes unless otherwise specified.

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Wear your short shorts (or shorty shorts) with pride! :) Thank you for reading!

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