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Motorsports Style - The Dallara F308

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Perhaps the most prevalent brand in Formula 3 today, Dallara's F308 is one of many wonderful F3 cars made by Dallara Automobili. The Dallara F3 cars feature elegant and well-designed body styles along with a big side air intake. Formula 3 has long been known as one of the major stepping stones to becoming a Formula 1 race car driver. This

--- Motorsports Style: The Dallara F308 ---

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The Dallara F308 is a very nicely-designed single-seat race car. An aggressive front wing provides the front-end downforce to make this F3 car rule any circuit it races. The front nose is big and a bit blunt-edged. It's also a bit long ranging from where the driver sits all the way to the front of the car. The side pods are about a few inches shorter compared to where the driver sits, and those side pods have a little undertray to aid in downforce, which also looks pretty cool. It has a nice little roll hoop similar to an Indy car. The side air intake is usually on the car's left side. The air intake looks like a laser cannon. It's almost as if this car was designed to have a laser cannon set to shoot at any cars it's trailing. But... it's purpose is to feed air into the engine of whatever engine powers these F3 cars. The rear wing is nothing outrageous or overaggressive. Instead, it's a merely simple, yet effective rear wing assembly. A nice set of tires and wheels help get this car going.

I think the Dallara F308 is a truly beautiful race car. I sometimes wonder why we don't have a Formula 3 championship in the United States, though we do have cars like in Star Mazda or Formula BMW USA. In rFactor, you race in the rF3 championship with cars styled similarly to the Dallara F308. Great little race car. You also race these cars in ToCA Race Driver 3. You race the Dallara F3 cars, but I'm not sure if it is the F308 or not. Anyhow, that's another Motorsports Style blog entry of mine. Thanks for reading!
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