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Motorcycle Style - Suzuki Hayabusa (Second Generation)

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Suzuki's ultimate sporty motorcycle is the Hayabusa (or the GSX1300R). Its top speed can reach and exceed 185 mph. This is the ultimate motorcycle as far as horsepower and speed are concerned. Since its birth in 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa is basically a speed demon on just two wheels. There have been two generations of the Hayabusa. The current generation model is the 2nd-Gen model. The wet dreams of many a two-wheeled speed demon has been the motorcycle who desires to burn up the road and go super fast. You can carve corners pretty well with the Hayabusa if you're a good road racer. This bike is both fast and powerful (even for a motorcycle), making it atop the hyper sport segment of sportbikes for many fans of this bike. This bike has even become a favorite for tuners turn into their own insane Suzuki beast.

Please note that my Car Style and Motorcycle Style blog entries pertains to how I think things LOOK rather than any kind of reviews. I simply talk about how I think something looks. Here is Suzuki's angelic devil here:

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--- Motorcycle Style: The Suzuki Hayabusa (2nd Generation) ---
The Suzuki Hayabusa is intensely fast. However, it's also very beautiful while being such an open road beast. I personally like this motorcycle in blue or that blue/silver combination. Not sure if the blue/silver combination is for the latest model or not, though.

The front of the big has a lovely presence. It presents the same kind of Suzuki sharpness in design up front. The sides of the bike show just how much of a speed demon this hyper sportbike is. The big side vents show that this is a fire-breathing machine. from the sides. Especially considering this bike can do speeds north of 185 miles per hour, at least you know this is a bike that looks the part while also devastating all in its wake. The rear features a big hard tail to it, as well as two signal lights on the sides and a tall brake light between the two signal lights. On your right is the big muffler.

When you're ready to ride, you have a lot of analog gauges in the instrument panel and some kind of digital display between the tachometer and speedometer. The tachometer suggests a redline of 11000 rpm before needing to upshift, and it also suggests that it maxes out at 13000 rpm. The analog speedometer suggests this bike's 185+ mph top speed. This bike doesn't play. Grippy handle bars are there for you to unleash this beast full song.

Overall, I think the Suzuki Hayabusa is a fantastic-looking sportbike. This bike is long and wide. It has the same ferocious character as any of the most aggressive sports cars. But while it has a beastly appearance and persona, it is also a beautiful-looking motorcycle. Fast never looked so good.

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John B. Marine said...

Hayabusa bike handles the best, it is a rocket for me, it' snot quite fast but still covers the best good area. It's a high speed hauler that handles well, stops well and accelerates with the best of them.

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