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Motorcycle Style - Campagna T-Rex

John Marine | 4/11/2010 10:46:00 PM | |
(UPDATED: May 17, 2012)

It's a bike you can drive. It's a car you can ride. I'm putting this under Motorcycle Style because you need a motorcycle license to use this machine. This, despite the fact you sit behind the wheel of this motorcycle by Canada's Campagna Corporation. It is a street-legal combination of a Formula 1 race car and a MotoGP motorcycle. All of which, powered by a Kawasaki engine. This is a car you may be familiar with if you watch Rob Dyrdek's "Fantasy Factory." Get ready for a one of my Style segments on one of the most unusual machines you'll ever see.

--- Motorcycle Style: The Campagna T-Rex ---

My description may vary upon which exact T-Rex I'm discussing. Here is a Campagna T-Rex to set the mood:

T-Rex -
^ from: - This three-wheeler has two front tires and one mean Kawasaki engine.

The T-Rex capitvates you even standing still. This machine boldly projects itself up front. It is a three-wheeled javelin ready to impale its opposition. The front end is indicative of this. The two side mirrors are molded onto the machine, so no worries about accidentally knocking them off in a crash or something. Some later T-Rex models have two small headlights on each side view mirror including signal and hazard lights. Some T-Rexes have just one big circular headlight at the front of either side view mirror. The side mirrors, coupled this this machine's front end, provide a menacing appearance. There are body pieces that cover the tops of both front wheels. The sides of the T-Rex have their own side air ducts. Both of which, fierce and aggressive. There is no windshield to this machine, meaning that you'll have to be careful using this machine on a rainy/snowy day or if any oncoming birds have diarhhea and want to take out their frustrations on your shiny T-Rex. Though there is no windshield, it is optional since you can order a windshield for it. Above the T-Rex is a hood scoop ready to feed air into that Kawasaki engine. Side bags are also optional for this beast of a machine. The back end flows nicely in covering up the rear motorcycle tire. Two big mufflers accentuate the rear along with that lonely rear tire. A superbike-like rear taillight completes the look of one beastly automobile.

From the inside, you'll swear it's a track car with its racing-style seats. A sporty steering wheel is complimented with a series of analog gauges as well as a handbrake. At least be sure of one thing- this is a motorcycle you could comfortably ride.

This, then, is one of the most unusual machines in history. It's not a car, but not really a motorcycle. Anyone who wants to know what would happen if Formula 1 car and a MotoGP motorcycle made love each other and gave birth to a motorized offspring, the Campagna T-Rex may just be the offspring. You can drive this motorcycle. You can ride this car. Absolutely one of the most unusual and cool machines anywhere in the world.

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