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Motorsports Style - The Chevrolet Impala CoT Stock Car

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The past Motorsports Style blog entries have been on sportscars. Now it's time I diversify things with some stock cars. I guess you can say that I'm a Chevrolet fan. My favorite NASCAR driver is Jeff Gordon. But really, I have no manufacturer favorites. I think it all comes down to the driver. Many people argue that stock cars, at least in name, are completely debatable since these are pure racing machines that are in no way common with any road-going models. It isn't likely Chevrolet (or any other manufacturer in NASCAR) will ever make homologated versions of the stock cars that race on the weekends.

--- Motorsports Style: The Chevrolet Impala CoT ---
Here is the Impala CoT:

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Of the four CoT models, I think the Impala is the best-looking car. The CoT namesake is for "Car of Tomorrow." It was a new body style made specifically for safety and for various improvements in aerodynamics and such. I thought the CoT looks a bit more handsome and more like a race car with the wing at the rear. Up until recently, word has been that the CoT will go back to the spoiler as opposed to the rear wing. There is even the front splitter replacing the big front air dam of the past model.

Lots of people think you can put any kind of templates on any car. Like I could take the current CoT model... and slap on some decals to make it look like a Ferrari Testarossa, to some people. The reason why I like the Impala design-wise is because it just looks cool. The Fusion doesn't look very lovely with that Gilette grill design around the front. It just looks very wrong for a stock car. I like Dodges, but not so much the Charger stock car. And while many have taken shots at Toyota with Toyota's woes, the Camry doesn't look imposing (of course, since when has a Camry EVER been imposing in design?). The Monte Carlo just has clean and sharp style with the decals. The headlight decals and the grill designs look wonderful and sharp. The taillight decals are also nicely designed.

Pictures like the one I supplemented are now obsolete as the CoT went from the wing back to the spoiler. I don't have a favorite manufacturer in NASCAR, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Chevrolet. It's still a nicely-designed car in the series.
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