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Shanghai International Circuit

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China's most magnificent racing circuit is the Shanghai International Circuit. I once described it as a "voluptuous" track because of all the curves of this track's layout. The track has a crazy array of sweeping corners. There's a very long straightaway guaranteed to test your car's engine and transmission, followed by a very sharp corner set to work over your brakes. This is the madness of one Hermann Tilke, who set out to build a fantastic motor racing facility challenging and beautiful enough to host Formula 1 (as well as other races) in China. I'll be sure to chat about this track based in the Jiading District of Shanghai.

--- Shanghai International Circuit ---
Here's the 3.387-mile course:

^ from:

Now let me describe a lap of this course. The first corner is a very long right sweeper that decreases in radius. It's like you have to hug the absolute inside of the corner to make the most of your lap. Turn 2 is a sharp decrease in radius, but still a right-hand corner. Turns 2 and 3 are basically and essentially a chicane. Turns 3 into 4 make up an increasing radius left-hander. Turn 5 is basically a sharp kink that sets you up for the super-sharp Turn 6. Turn 7 is an easy-flowing left hand sweeper. Turn 8 is moderately easy-going, but Turn 9 is rough. Turn 10 is also pretty rough. Turn 11 is crucial to get right, because Turns 12 and 13 set you up for the super-long backstretch. Cars can reach speeds of about 190+ miles per hour. Enjoy that speed rush because when you turns 14 and 15, your thrills will come to an abrupt end. Turns 14 and 15 are like the edge of a utility knife, and this knife will cut up any perfect lap you're making. Turn 16 is a razor blade that sets you up for that blast down the front stretch to the Start/Finish line.

Now get ready for an F1 lap around this course:

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