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Motorcycle Style - The BMW S 1000 RR

John Marine | 4/15/2010 04:06:00 AM | |
(UPDATE: May 17, 2012)

BMW Motorrad aims to please in the superbike segment with their new BMW S 1000 RR. It is a motorcycle with a claimed 193 horsepower with about 181hp at the rear wheel. They want a piece of the superbike segment aside from their awesome K 1300 S. This bike is really a head-turner in more ways than one. Once you read more about this motorcycle, you begin to appreciate it as a fierce competitor in the superbike segment. I'm not here to report on this bike from a performance standpoint. Instead, I'm here to talk about how I think this motorcycle looks. If this motorcycle were a Batman villain, this would definitely be Two-Face. The two sides of this motorcycle don't match at all. It has two different faces, but is altogether a powerful and fierce superbike.

Let me talk about this bike's style.

--- Motorcycle Style: The BMW S 1000 RR ---

This picture shows you the BMW S 1000 RR. I must warn you that this is only the right side of the motorcycle, because this motorcycle has two sides to it, neither of which are alike in any such fashion:

BMW S 1000 R
^ from: - Prepare to be mystified by the highly appealing S 1000 R

This BMW motorcycle boasts great aggression. The first thing I notice about the bike's looks is how the headlights look. Rather than a similar pair of headlights, one headlight is circular while the other is fairly wide. The first thing I can think of is that this bike is styled more like an endurance racing superbike. Those endurance racing motorcycles usually have just one headlight to see during endurance races. So I can imagine the right-side headlight being covered up. The sides of this bike are ferocious. On its left, you see a superbike with aggressive gills on the side. The left side also has the muffler. On its right, rather than those gills, a big open duct is on the right side. The rear of the motorcycle has a fierce spear-like design at the rear. It has a very unusual taillight cluster. It looks like multiple crystals grouped together. Its design overall looks like a sophisticated taser. There is also an extra piece showing two different signal lights (or hazard lights?).

The instrument panel would make anyone feel like a World Superbike or MotoGP rider. It has a big tachometer as well as two digital displays. The bike feels like a sophisticated racer behind the handle bars despite its identity crisis-stricken looks elsewhere.

Motorcycle News reported that during Masterbike 2010, this bike was surprising faster than any other European or Japanese motorcycle. Looks like BMW want to show they belong among the other superbikes of the world. If that's true, then world... watch out. BMW Motorrad is ready to crash this superbike party proper. Check out this video of the BMW S1000RR:

To learn more about this motorcycle, please visit the BMW Motorrad USA's page on the S1000RR. Thank you for reading!

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