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(UPDATED: August 25, 2014)

Rompers/Playsuits are a covered-up alternative to the short dress. A top portion is combined with shorts for a one-piece look. The romper was brought back a few years ago with a chic and sexy makeover. Almost like taking a nerdy girl who wore a blouse, a schoolgirl skirt, tall socks, and Keds sneakers... and turning her into a sexy siren with a one-shoulder ruffle top, skinny jeans, and a fierce pair of metallic high-heel sandals. The end result is a modern take on making short-shorts chic and sophisticated. This blog entry will NOT feature rompers/playsuits for babies or children because the premise of this thread is on rompers/playsuits for Junior and Women sizes.

NOTE: Because I know them as rompers, I'll use "rompers" instead of "playsuits," though I may alternate the terms. And to avoid further confusion, I will NOT refer to rompers/playsuits as jumpers. I will NOT mention jumpsuits here either. Rompers/Playsuits are essentially jumpsuits, but jumpsuits (to me) are more one-piece PANTS and not one-piece shorts.

If you prefer reading about jumpsuits, read my blog post on jumpsuits.

An Invitation to "StyleSpace by JBM"...

If you love fashion, check out this same topic in my fashion blog, "StyleSpace, by John B. Marine": "Rompers/Playsuits" (StyleSpace by JBM)


AUG 25 2014 - a few simple edits

--- Why Care About Rompers/Playsuits? ---

Many have criticized that rompers are only for children. Yet, hardly anyone complained in the 1990s and early 2000s when teenage and adult femmes were wearing overalls. What makes the new rompers so much better than the rompers of old is that the styles are actually sexy. Take note of some of the daring sleeveless and strapless models. Some rompers even pass as stylish and feminine shirts and blouses, when they are really blouses and shorts together as a one-piece outfit. Take a look at this picture, for instance (click on the image source links to shop for certain items featured in this post):

Denim Rompers/Playsuits.

Baby Phat rompers
^ from: - Baby Phat denim rompers.

These are denim rompers from Baby Phat. They are every bit as comfy and cute as your favorite denim shorts. You can see these are paired with a lovely pair of high-heel sandals. This is only a mere sample of the chic appeal rompers/playsuits provide.

But what if you don't fancy dress-like rompers? Here's a pair of strapless rompers that are cuffed:
strapless romper
^ from: - Prefer strapless rompers instead? This is a sexy strapless romper from Killahbeez. Some rompers/playsuits (like this one) can even serve as beach coverups.

These blend chic with comfy. The strapless design is surely romantic, but the cuffed legs add an appeal of casual cool. One of my favorite styles for femmes are cuffed short-shorts, especially trouser-like short-shorts.

These days, I've been seeing more rompers being worn by females ranging from not just kids, but also Women/Misses as well. I've once seen a young woman sporting some black strapless rompers that had a little sequin star detail on them. I guess they have become better accepted by fashionistas than most have initially thought of these one-piece shorts.

--- Footwear to Accompany Rompers ---

No outfit ever pops if you don't wear the kind kind of shoes. The most basic footwear would be your average pair of flip-flop/thong sandals. Care to take it up a notch? Try gladiator sandals, peep-toe espadrilles, or even a pair of booties. You need a pair of shoes that are fun and stylish for the rompers. So I'd probably avoid sneakers (especially for very chic rompers), especially Chuck Taylor-style sneakers. You can probably do a pair of knee-high boots if you can get a good look going. But, I'd stay away from tall boots.

--- A Dream Look ---

I've wanted to join deviantArt and show a little of my artwork to supplement my material. But what I'll do instead is describe a dream look for rompers. Here would be my own Polyvore-like model:

• a short pair of strapless rompers (preferred color- lemon yellow)
• brown cutout oxford sandals, brown of magenta lace-up sandals, or (preferred colors- brown or magenta)
• (your choice of accessories)

That would be a look I'd go for if I were a girl.

--- Rompers/Playsuits Around the Blogosphere ---

(added: April 15, 2011)
Want to see other blogging fashionistas rock rompers? Well, this is the section for you! I want to say hello to anyone whom I made mention to who may be reading this blog post!

"june on the west coast." (tuolomee) « a floral romper with a belt and a hat.
"tropical pin-up." (tiny sailor) « a very cute vintage-type romper.
"Dark blue jumpsuit" (tini-tani) « a sheer midnight blue jumpsuit.
"The cutest playsuit ever!" (Bisous Natasha) « a romper that looks like two seperates.
"Petite Online Store | Gambita - Silk Rompers" (Sydney's Fashion Diary) « a sky blue romper made for a petite.
"Floral romper" (Maytedoll) « a beautiful white/red/blue floral romper.
"FLORAL ROMPER" (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) « a white/green/blue floral romper.
"BLUE CUTOUTS!" (Nany's Klozet) « a cut-out blue romper.
"Fatshion Faceoff: Playsuit" (WaitUntilTheSunset) « a plus-sized romper with colorful accents.
"Rompered!" (Lynne Gabriel) (not a Blogger/Blogspot blog) « a bright orange silky romper.

romper/playsuit looks on LOOKBOOK

I only post material from blogs I follow or from blogs I've glanced across. So if you want to be featured in any of my posts in my re-make of blog posts (especially older ones), I'll have to like your blog (meaning I have to Follow) to showcase your blog and its posts.

This blog entry has rompers you can shop and buy online, but I've made a second blog exclusive to shopping that includes many more rompers/playsuits online from a variety of designers. If you are interested in shopping for rompers/playsuits online, you can shop for some on Amazon by using this widget:

(ADDED: May 27, 2014)
Here are some rompers/playsuits you can buy on ShopStyle:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

Here are rompers for Girls and Juniors (NOTE: May also include items for Juniors):

And here are rompers for Women...

Other Sources...

These items will get you started if you want some rompers/playsuits. All items were meant either for US Juniors sizes or US Women's sizes unless otherwise noted:

For Juniors...

For Women...

Here are other sources that may interest you if you want to shop for some rompers/playsuits. Pick one (or more) to satisfy your love of rompers. Each one has mostly been specified for rompers for women and/or Juniors. These links may also feature jumpsuits, though I've focused on rompers (though rompers are technically jumpsuits). Various sizes besides Juniors and Women:

rompers/playsuits on Amazon (Women's sizes only)
rompers/playsuits on eBay
rompers/playsuits on Shopbop
rompers/playsuits on Neiman Marcus
rompers/playsuits on NORDSTROM
rompers/playsuits on Zappos
rompers/playsuits on Couture Candy
rompers/playsuits on Revolve Clothing

(ADDED: May 27, 2014)
I've added some more resources for you all in case you want some more options. So please take a look at these:

rompers/playsuits on JCPenney
rompers/playsuits on Macy's
rompers/playsuits on Walmart (or Wal-Mart)
rompers/playsuits on Sears
rompers/playsuits on Wet Seal
rompers/playsuits on Delia's
rompers/playsuits on Charlotte Russe

Thanks for your continued support!

What do you think about rompers/playsuits? Comment away and thank you for reading!

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