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(UPDATED: August 14, 2013)

For a number of females, a one-piece outfit can be just as stylish as separates. This blog entry regards one-piece pants. Now I know there are a lot of people who nowadays call ANY one-piece outfit as a jumper. Being the '90s child that I am, however, I think of dresses worn over tops whenever I hear or read "jumper." To avoid this confusion, then, I will AVOID calling jumpsuits as "jumpers." Also, to keep from messing up the definition of jumpsuits, I will define jumpsuits here as one-piece pants. So welcome to my blog post on jumpsuits!

PLEASE NOTE: This blog entry concerns jumpsuits, but not rompers or playsuits (though rompers/playsuits are considered jumpsuits). The primary focus is on jumpsuit PANTS. Read "Rompers/Playsuits" for my blog entry on rompers/playsuits.


AUG 14 2013 - made several edits; added StyleSpace by JBM note

Updated Post!

This blog post is outdated. If you want to see a more updated post regarding jumpsuits, I invite you to visit my fashion blog called "StyleSpace by JBM" on this topic. Take a look at my post in my fashion blog:

"Jumpsuits" (StyleSpace by JBM)

Or, you may enjoy this post here on John's Blog Space.

--- Jumpsuits at a Glance ---

Think of jumpsuits as the pants alternative to dresses. A decent jumpsuit is a stylish top essentially attached to a pair of pants. It's a one-piece design that bears no shortage of style. It is also an '80s trend being brought back. As much as I've loathed constant praising of the '80s, this is just another one of the '80s things SOMEONE has to bring back to annoy the holy hell out of me. However, jumpsuits can be very lovely, especially today's jumpsuits. Now while rompers/playsuits are jumpsuits, this blog entry is about one-piece PANTS, not one-piece shorts. You will not see any rompers/playsuits in this blog entry. Pants that extend below the knees will be classified as jumpsuits in this blog entry.

And as I said earlier, I will NOT refer to jumpsuits as jumpers because I don't want to confuse myself. You see, this is what some people nowadays call a jumper:

^ from: - a jumpsuit.

And this is what I think of when I hear of a jumper:

jumper dress
^ from: - a jumper dress. To avoid confusion, THIS is a jumper to me while most refer to jumpsuits as jumpers.

So throughout the entirety of this blog post, I will NOT refer to jumpsuits as jumpers. Jumpers to me are dresses you wear over tops and shirts. Jumpsuits (to me, anyways) are one-piece pant suits. What you will see are one-piece pant suits here. Maybe this is all the '90s child in me.

"Why Should I Care About Jumpsuits?"

I may make a very convincing point for some of you ladies out there- you can confidently wear a pair of pants without having to worry about pulling your pants up or giving off embarrassing peeks of your panties or butt crack. What you [may] love about rompers/playsuits are what you should love about jumpsuits.

If this comfort factor is convincing enough for you, then I'm sure you'll want to find a jumpsuit that you'll love to wear again and again.

--- Jumpsuits in Pictures ---

Now let's look at jumpsuits in a variety of pictures. Have a look:

royal blue jumpsuit
^ from: - a classy black jumpsuit.

At the absolute least, a jumpsuit is the one-piece combination of a top and a pair of pants. The top portion or pant portion can be either fitted or loose. Details such as wraps and ribbons add some extra style to any jumpsuit.

Capri Jumpsuits.

capri jumpsuit
^ from: - a capri jumpsuit from Dereon.

Capri jumpsuits offer the style of regular jumpsuits, but with cropped legs. These can range from loose capri pant legs to legging-like capri pant legs. These are jumpsuits where you can show off your lower legs and ankles.

Harem Jumpsuits.

harem jumpsuit
^ from: - Mikko jumpsuit with belt from Joie.

Whether you love or loathe harem pants, harem jumpsuits like these can be a nice style statement for the fashion diva. The dropped crotch give off the best statement and makes these harem-type pants stylish for those who love harem pants.

Wide-Leg/Palazzo Jumpsuits.

palazzo jumpsuit
^ from: - a tube jumpsuit from Rachel Pally.

Palazzo jumpsuits can serve as pant alternatives to dresses. They are something you want to look into if you want to wear pants while also wearing something dress-like. The wide legs of wide-leg pants and palazzo pants make them extremely stylish. These jumpsuits are more like the anti-dress. The voluminous and flowy legs offer skirt-like appeal. Widely-flared pants offer the feeling of wearing two skirts- one on each leg.

gaucho jumpsuit
^ from: - a gaucho jumpsuit.

Like palazzo pants, gaucho pants offer the same skirt-like appeal on each leg. These gaucho jumpsuits can be like dress alternatives as well. You can think of a gaucho jumpsuit like this to be a pants alternative to mid-length or mid-calf dresses. Fancier gaucho jumpsuits can like a pants alternative to party dresses.

A blog entry on John's Shop Space featuring MORE jumpsuits is now available! Please click on the image below to shop for jumpsuits I've found for you on Amazon:

Or, you may use this Amazon widget to shop for jumpsuits on Amazon. More jumpsuits here (including rompers/playsuits, which were not discussed in this blog entry):

Or if you want to find jumpsuits on ShopStyle, please use this:

Where else can you find some jumpsuits? These are some of many different other sources. Many of these were meant to be results for jumpsuits for women:

women's jumpsuits on Amazon
jumpsuits on eBay
jumpsuits on Shopbop
jumpsuits on Neiman Marcus
jumpsuits on NORDSTROM

Thank you for reading!

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