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Motorcycle Style - The BRP Can-Am Spyder RS

John Marine | 7/13/2010 12:34:00 AM |
(UPDATED: May 17, 2012)

Three wheels and a snowmobile feel makes this one weird motorcycle. This three-wheeler can be thought of as the hybrid of a superbike and a snowmobile (only without sleds or tracks). It is the most unusual motorcycle this side of the Campagna T-Rex. Unlike the T-Rex, this is a full-on motorcycle. Many have criticized this bike as taking away from the thrill of riding a sportbike as you dont have to lean into the corner to ride. In the TV spots for the Can-Am Spyder, (indirect quote) "it would have been the best vehicle in its category... if it had a category." Whether you think of this as a three-wheel sportbike or a snowmobile for asphalt, you can agree- this is DEFINITELY one head-turning motorcycle!

This blog entry only concerns the Can-Am Spyder RS (because I don't want to confuse myself with the model names).

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--- Motorcycle Style: The BRP Can-Am Spyder RS ---

THIS is the bike I will be talking about:

^ from: paddockreport.com - the 2009 BRP Can-Am Spyder RS. Asphalt snowmobile or a three-wheel sportbike? You decide.

I've seen these before, but never really on the road. You swear you are tearing up the snow when you ride this thing. Let me explain this in a creative way- if your sole purpose in life is to turn peoples' heads and get attention, this is a can't miss vehicle! A Rotax 990 V-Twin engine powers this very unusual bike. Then too, you can do U-Turns without having to worry about dumping your bike trying. It even has a reverse gear to it, making it very versatile. This blog entry is about the RS model, but there's also the RT model that allows you to do a little towing and has an extra seat for a companion.

The front of this bike shows its snowmobile character with its snowmobile-like design up front. Two circular headlights accentuate the area near the windshield. The two wheels have covered tops that include signals. The bike features some sports suspension for the two front wheels. Its snowmobile appearance gives this machine a great deal of muscle, and it shows from the front and especially on the sides. On the right-hand side, you spot the big muffler. The back of the bike is hard and doesn't allow for anyone to sit behind you in two-up riding. Even when you look at it from the back, you spot its athletic nature. It is almost similar to feeling like you're on the Nike One concept car in Gran Turismo 4. Only that instead of in some kind of running stance, you're riding like a MotoGP rider. The overall stance of the bike is lower than almost any sportbike or superbike.

The instrument panel of the BRP Can-Am Spyder RS boasts some stylish analog gauges along with a digital readout in the center. The speedometer is on the right, and the tachometer is on the right. The tach suggests this bike goes up to 12000 rpm and redlines at 9000 rpm. The handlebar assembly itself looks nice and sporty.

Video Preview.

You've seen me describe its looks. Now, see (and hear) it in action, along with a review of it:

How you like this machine now?

All in all, the Can-Am Sypder is one of the most unusual motorcycles you'll ever see. It is, at least, a full-on motorcycle, even with two front wheels, unlike the Campagna T-Rex. It's okay to stare when you see this thing. It may lack the thrill of riding a two-wheeled motorcycle, but it sure makes up for it in a fun and unique motorcycle. It's nearly impossible to dump this bike or (Heaven forbid) try to lift up both wheels and do a wheelie. It lacks a lot of what makes sportbikes fun. But even if just in the interest of riding something completely different, this is a can't miss motorcycle. The whole Spyder range from the BRP Can-Am lineup are just unreal.

To learn more about the Can-Am Spyder (or to order/build your own), please visit spyder.brp.com.

That concludes another blog entry of mine. Ride on! Thank you for reading!

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