Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep on Going!

John Marine | 7/12/2010 04:29:00 AM | |
There are times where you feel like life is going slow with no sort of positive progress. If you just let life take you over, you just feel more and more like nothing good will ever happen. It's this sort of negative thinking that brings most people to their knees and feeling like there is no hope in the immediate future. I am someone who believes that everything happens for a reason.

Case in point... I check my MyBlogLog statistics for this blog here, and despite feeling like I get so many blog hits, only so few shown up. It led me to believe that I am not getting as much support from the Internet as I thought I was. I can't get mad at my readers for not supporting me. I can't try to pull any stunts just to get more people to look. I prefer EARNING my readers and viewers than do anything to jeopardize my blogs. For me, the only way I can feel happy is by simply keeping on doing what I love- blogging.

I think about it like this- I've never had a girlfriend and never dated any girl. I just keep on going because I know that one day, I will meet someone whom I could gladly and boastfully call my true love. For such a negative world that we live in, we tend to forget what great things await us. We will live, then we will die. What many of us fail to do is recognize and acknowledge what opportunities and possibilities await us. In addition, not many of us are aware of things and people that give us confidence. For my blog, it wasn't until one fellow visited my blog and connected with the struggles I've faced in blogging. He told me about some of his blogging struggles after having had his blog for a few years. I don't have the best blog, but because someone thinks of my blog in a special way and is willing to offer credit and respect for my work, it honestly keeps me going because someone cares about my work. Because someone regards my work highly and supports my work, the trickle-down effect is that it maintains my profile and makes me want to work harder to maintain my online work while also offering new content.

Who is this person? I dedicated a blog entry to him in the past. The wonderful person who lent his support and connected with my blog ikert24kfan. Do me a favor, readers and viewers... PLEASE visit his blog if you love John's Blog Space. This man is a supporter and friend of my blog, and because of his benevolence, I want him to enjoy the same level of success and traffic that I have achieved. So please, visit his blog and help him to get traffic and involvement. Do it for him as well as for me. Thank you.

The main thing I am trying to get across is that people DO care and that people DO want the best for you even in your weakest times. You just have to give yourself that vote of confidence and that kind of support. How you get it and who gives you the support will greatly vary. The most important thing is, there ARE people out there that even remotely cares about your work. I am nowhere near superstar status. I don't have thousands of YouTube subscribers. I don't have thousands of subscribers on FeedBurner. I don't think I am even considered completely relevant as a blogger. But because I don't give up on what I love, I know that I will one day reach a level of respectability that will make me happy that my work means something to at least one person.

Random Shoutouts!
I want you to visit the blogs and websites of other supporters of my blogs. I want to send special shout outs to the following:

* Glamour Bbey - a beautiful Belgian teenager with a lovely sense of fashion style.
* Unwritten - a YouTube friend of mine who is outspoken whether in videos or in blogging.
* TJ Petite - a supporter of my blog ever since finding my "Sweet Petite!" blog entry.
* ikert24kfan - my blogging friend and supporter.

PLEASE add my blog to your blogroll/blogosphere if you love my work! Also, please let me know you've added my blog to your blogosphere or if you have put my blog in your Favorites if you've done so so I can get back to you and thank you.
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