Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brittanie Ngo

John Marine | 7/11/2010 07:05:00 PM | |
A Vietnamese Benevolent Beauty.

(UPDATED: November 25, 2011)

Brittanie Ngo (or "Miss Jolie") can best be described as a benevolent beauty. Born in Vietnam, Brittanie is a beautiful lady deeply involved in charity work. I first seen Brittanie in an advertisement for Kaminari in an issue of Super Street magazine back in 2001 or 2002. I wondered who this beautiful young lady was as I was looking around online. The graduate of the University of California-Irvine (meaning she's a Anteater (the UC-Irvine Anteaters)) is an absolutely beautiful lady. Even if you visit her official website at, she has two sections regarding charity and "The Miss Deeds." I even remember on Myspace years ago when I read her Myspace blog about some of her various good deeds she tries to do each day. She won't care about doing pictures if you aren't willing to donate funds to viable charities. And if you think she does any adult content, she absolutely doesn't do any such pictures or any adult content projects.

The one thing to take away from Brittanie Ngo is that as much as she enjoys looking beautiful in front of the camera in lovely photoshoots, she enjoys charity and making a difference for the world equally. A message she would imply is that you should be beautiful inside as well as outside. Brittanie is both at the same time and with the same level of beauty. This is someone who values acts of benevolence in addition to being a beautiful goddess. It is her heart in addition to you looks that helps me appreciate her fully.

(ADDED: November 25, 2011) Here is a video of Brittanie Ngo. This is your chance to see and hear this beautiful lady:

I told you she's beautiful. :)

--- What I Would Say to Brittanie Ngo (if she were to read this) ---

Brittanie, I absolutely appreciate all that you do. You are beautiful in looks and in heart. I'm glad you are able to be beautiful in all that you do for everyone. Keep up the great work in all that you do!

I would feature a picture or two of Brittanie Ngo, but I fear I would be unable to show a picture due to copyright issues. So if you want to learn more about Brittanie Ngo and see for yourself how beautiful she is, visit her official website at Thank you for reading!

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