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Áo Dài

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Here in Houston, we have the largest Vietnamese population in Texas, and the third-largest in the United States. I've become accustomed to various Vietnamese ideas and customs. In the realm of fashion, I've seen a few áo dàis (pronounced like "oh yai") before. I've even seen these worn by a few of my Vietnamese friends. And let me tell you... these are absolutely beautiful on them.

NOTE: I used the Wikipedia entry on Áo Dài to get some of the proper Vietnamese spelling correctly.

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This post was initially posted on December 15, 2009 at 10:05 PM Pacific [Standard] Time. The old post was since deleted and replaced with a new post with updated content.

--- Áo Dài at a Glance ---

Here is a look at the beautiful Ao Dai pantsuits that Vietnamese females wear:

Ao Dai
^ from: - The Ao Dai is a beautiful and colorful folk outfit for Vietnamese females.

Ao Dai and Non La
^ from:, by way of Flickr - In addition to the ao dai, some wear conic hats called nón lá along with their áo dài outfit.

Let me share a video with you on the ao dai. More importantly, this showcases the ao dai with a Vietnamese woman from Hue^'. This lady shows you her ao dai and even talks about the Hue people. The reason why I'm showing you this video is just to show you how beautiful the ao dai is in real action (as opposed to just pictures). Look at the flow of the ao dai dress and the silky pants worn with them. Take a look:

More About the Áo Dài.

For the uninitiated, the áo dài is a beautiful Vietnamese pantsuit mostly worn by women (though someone on YouTube told me there are even áo dài outfits for men, called áo ga^'m (thanks: Wikipedia)). The basic áo dài consists of a long tunic with long sleeves worn with a pair of pants. The áo dài tunic Some even wear nón lá hats with these, which add a lovely touch to an already lovely outfit. These áo dài outfits can be worn for various functions.

What I love most about these áo dài pantsuits are the designs and styles of them. Some come in many beautiful colors, some come in many beautiful patterns and designs, some are even adorned with lovely accents... if you ever see a Vietnamese lady wearing an áo dài, they are just beautiful.

Remember the video I shown you earlier? Here is another video from the same channel featuring some more beautiful traditional áo dài:

Isn't this a beautiful outfit?

To see some áo dài examples or to shop for some áo dài online, check out these links:
"Ao Dai" search on Flickr
"Ao Dai" search results on Flickr

Áo Dài Vinh
^ (browse for the Áo Dài outfits)

Áo Dài Heaven
^ Áo Dài can be purchased here; site available in English and Vietnamese.

"Ao Dai, the Vietnamese long dress" on
^ Learn more about the Áo Dài.

How do you feel about these lovely outfits? Thank you for reading!

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