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Swimsuits are the tell-tale sign of warmer weather. A dip in the pool or going to the beach is what most cold weather haters would love to do when the temperatures heat up. A swimsuit should be something fun and stylish while also looking your best. You should look for a swimsuit that's fun and wearable. And for the guys, best to find something cool for you to wear. You want to go with a swimsuit that allows you to be comfortable and look great while on the beach. May never know, guys- that lucky single girl at the beach may be on the market and may have loving interest in you!

SPECIAL NOTE: This is one of many blog entries I have worked on, but haven't completed. A challenge I set for myself was to release all of my unreleased blog posts from 2010 before 2011 rolled around. I really need more space to work on blog posts for 2011. It is too cold to think about swimsuits at this time here in the United States as it's too cold for most to go to the beach. "John's Blog Space," however, is an international blog, so there may be people around the world who may want to check out swimsuits. Either that, or you may want to think about finding some swimwear to get ready for when warm weather times roll back around. Whatever the case... I must get to blogging!


JUL 24 2014 - edited pictures and links

This post on swimsuits is severely outdated. If you want to read more about this topic, I made a post in my fashion blog regarding this topic. If you want to read that instead of this old post, please click on the link below this sentence:
"Swimsuits" (StyleSpace by JBM)

Otherwise, enjoy your time here!

--- Swimsuits at a Glance ---

It is not like you need any inspiration for swimsuits. However, let's look at some swimsuits and certain aspects of them. The premise of a swimsuit is to wear something comfortable and suitable for a day at the beach. This is where you get to bathe in the sun and enjoy feeling waves crashing at your feet and ankles. Whether you are at the beach, away in a tropical paradise, or even having a photo shoot session in a swimsuit; there is a swimsuit for everyone ranging from children to adults.

I think of swimsuits as a way to look and feel unique while at the beach. A swimsuit in addition to the sense of style one has can make all the difference in looking hot on the beach and feeling comfortable. Many people who dislike flip-flop/thong sandals can agree that the beach is the ONLY environment in which flip-flop/thong sandals are perfectly acceptable. Allow yourself to find swimwear to feel comfortable in and that can be expressive for you. You don't have to be the best-looking person on the beach- just wear something comfortable and fun for you.

There are certain considerations in swimwear for both males and females. I think for males, it's all about finding something (and pardon me if this sounds vague) comfortable to wear and is stylish. The safe way to go is with some swim trunks. For more daring fellows, however, there are always swim briefs.

For females, there are a vast number of options for bikini types and coverups and such. You could just go with a one-piece swimsuit. Or if you're more confident in your looks, any number of two-piece and three-piece swimsuits will suffice. There are various styles out there for tops and bottoms. For bikini tops, one of the most common kinds of bikini tops are either your basic spaghetti strap bikini top or a halter top. Tankinis have these swim-appropriate tank tops. There are bikini tube tops allowing you to go strapless and sexy while still feeling comfortable. One of the hottest styles of bikini tops are bandeau tops. You can go strapless or halter top with bandeau tops. What about bikini bottoms? Do you go with bikini bottoms? Boyshorts? Swim skirts? It's all up to you to showcase your style the best way you want to showcase your style.

I won't focus on children's swimsuits in this blog post, but even babies and children should be able to have something fun and comfortable to wear when at the beach or at a pool party. Comfortable and fun swimwear is still very suitable for children. Either fun designs or cartoon character swimwear pieces will suffice for children.

There is your text-driven insight on swimsuits.

--- Swimsuits: One-Piece or Two-Piece? ---

Do you struggle thinking about whether to go with a monokini or a bikini? I think whichever one you should go with is mostly on preference. Think about it like this- would you rather wear a dress or a top and a skirt? It depends on preference. There may be stylish dresses as well as stylish skirts, but there are also lovely dresses. Same goes with swimsuits.

The preference I think of here is if you'd rather go with a one-piece or a two-piece. If you feel more comfortable in a bikini than in a monokini, then by all means, go bikini. You may also go with (explained later) something like a tankini or some other kind of alternate bikini. They are still bikinis, but you can wear them a bit more confidently.

--- The -ini Factor ---

Almost everyone knows what a monokini and a bikini look like. But what about other -inis that people designers try to create? I'll share what I mean here:

The Tankini.

^ from: - a tankini is sort of a happy medium between a fully-covered one-piece swimsuit and a bikini allowing you to show a little midriff.

A tankini is the combination of a bikini bottom and a tank top. It is like a comfortable medium between a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini. A tankini allows for only so much exposure of the belly. It is a two-piece swimsuit that allows one to show off a hint of midriff without wearing something really revealing of the midriff.

The Bandini.

bandini bikini
^ from: - a bandeau top allows you to adjust the straps to be either a tube top or a halter.

The bandini consists of a bikini bottom and a bandeau top (hence the "BANDini" namesake). According to what I've read, a bandeau bikini top allows you to adjust the straps to make it a tube top or a hot halter top.

The Skirtini.

^ from:, by way of - A skirtini. Think of these as covered mini skirts for the beach.

A skirtini is a bikini which features a bikini top and a skirted bikini bottom. The bottom has either a ruffled skirt or some sort of skirt-like design panels to resemble a skirt. These skirtinis offer the appeal of a cute bikini while also offering a girly skirt attached to the bikini bottom for a cute look. For these skirted bikini bottoms, this is the closest you'll come to wearing a mini skirt that you can swim in and look cute in. Consider these if you fancy the combination of a bikini bottom and a matching skirted bikini bottom.

The Monokini.

^ from: - Monokinis can be quite revealing (especially the sexier types) Here is a more modest monokini.

The monokini is perhaps the sexiest and most revealing kinds of swimsuits. Most monokinis only covers the lower portion of the body, leaving the chest bare with most monokinis. Monokinis allow for showing the sides of ones' belly while not showing the navel. Most other monokinis, however, are rather skimpy and allow deep cleavage. Most monokinis are too daring and risqué. To keep this site safe for work, I will NOT discuss these more revealing monokinis. I always try to keep my material safe for as many audiences as possible.

--- Coverups ---

Before you show off your lovely bikini, you'll need to cover up! How so? A variety of coverups and coverup garments will help hide your lovely swimsuit until you're ready to hit the beach proper. Here's a look at a few coverups.

Various garments can be worn as coverups and add some extra style to your look. A lot of garments can simply be coverups. A few other garments will be discussed here. To remain safe for work, there are some articles of swimwear I will not discuss.

Sarongs (or Pareos).

^ from: - Wrap up a sarong/pareo to cover up your bikini bottom. Then when ready to show off your bikini bottom or go for a swim, unwrap your sarong/pareo.

I've learned that pareos and sarongs are the same thing. They are basically wrap skirts that mostly females wear to cover up bikini bottoms. Pareos/Sarongs can range from short to rather long pareos. While sarongs are mostly for women, there are also sarongs for men. In fact, males from certain nations (such as in the South Pacific) wear sarong skirts as everyday attire. Here is an example of a sarong/pareo for men:

^ from: - a sarong/pareo worn by a Pacific Islander male.

Back to women's swimwear now!

Coverup Pants.

cover-up pants
^ from: - Swimwear pants, such as these mesh pants, are comfortable pants to wear exclusively to the beach or to beach parties.

You can wear items like boardshorts or any average bottoms, but some pants were made exclusively to be worn with swimsuits. A pair of mesh coverup pants allow you some airy comfort as you walk along the beach.

Coverup Dresses.

cover-up dress
^ from: - Some dresses were meant to be worn for the beach, like this super-cute terry cotton coverup dress.

Certain dresses are comfortable enough to wear for the beach. Some even were simply made to be worn at the beach. These coverup dresses can either be opaque or even some mesh dresses. As you would imagine, they are comfortable dresses to wear to cover up your swimsuit.

--- Swimwear Bottoms ---

Now a glance at swim bottoms.

Hipster Pants.

hipster pants
^ from: - Hipster pants allow to show off a little more of your hips in a sexy low-waist bikini bottom.

Hip-hugging pants were a hot kind of bottoms for juniors and women in the early 2000s. In swimwear, however, these low-slung bikini bottoms only add extra appeal. Hipster bikini pants are very flirty and allow you to show a little more of your waist. If you're fearful of showing a little "crack" when bending over backwards, however, you may want to steer clear of hipster pants.


^ from: - Boyshorts (in this context) are hot pants (or hot shorts) meant for the beach and for swimming.

Boyshorts are short-shorts either made for lingerie or for swimming. They are comfortable shorts to wear while swimming. Boyshorts are super-short shorts that are more than suitable for a day on the beach. Perhaps the most comfortable aspect of these is that they fully cover the buttocks. This way, you won't have to worry about wearing something too cheeky to cover your lower body. Some boyshorts have designs like a belted design, some have a pocket or two, some have drawstring details... there are a variety of swimming boyshorts with interesting styles and touches. The end result, however, is you wearing a cute pair of swimming shorts! :)

Swim Skirts, Skirted Bikini Bottoms, and Skirted Pants.

skirted bikini bottom
^ from: - a swim skirt.

skirted bikini bottom
^ from:, by way of - a skirted bikini bottom.

skirted pants
^ from: - skirted pants.

Swim skirts are essentially coverup skirts that go in conjunction with swimwear. Some swim skirts are part of a three-piece bikini consisting of a bikini top, a bikini bottom, and a detachable skirt. Essentially think of these swim skirts as skorts you can wear while swimming.

Skirted bikini bottoms offer the comfort of wearing a bikini bottom while also adding the flirty appeal of a skirt. Some skirted bottoms are essentially bikini bottoms hiding under an attached decent-length swim skirt, and some others are essentially bikini bottoms with a ruffled skirt attached to it around the waist to be a skirted bikini bottom.

And of course...


To keep the blog world-friendly and work-safe/school-safe, there is the ultimate symbol of sexy- thongs. Thongs allow for the best showcasing of your butt cheeks. They allow for better tanning of your backside (while also delivering a sexy rear view). Now unlike a bunch of other people, I'm not crazy about thongs.

--- Swimsuits Around the Blogosphere ---

Get your share of inspiration from fashion bloggers who'll lovingly wear their swimsuits.

(Inspirations Updated as of July 24, 2014)
"Somewhere In Between: Me and +RUCKUS" (Only the marvelous)
"Online Boutique: Maggie May Swimwear" (Sydney's Fashion Diary)
"Every Body is a Bikini Body" (GABIFRESH)
"Life can be fun!!!" (Glam Fab Happy)

If I find any more, I will feature them in future edits.

--- Special Section: Sheepskin Boots ---

sheepskin boots beach
^ from: - swimsuit with sheepskin boots. That lady should be familiar to you- Pamela Anderson of "Baywatch" fame.

Sheepskin boots are very common wear for cold weather, but did you know that it was surfers who helped coin the sheepskin boot craze? Sheepskin boots (such as UGGs) were initially worn as comfortable and warm footwear for cold days on the beach. A number of beach-going wear sheepskin boots with their swimsuits for walking in those cold days on the beach. Some even wear coats with their sheepskin boots while on the beach on cold days/nights.

To read more on sheepskin boots, I posted a blog entry long ago called "Sheepskin Boots" here on John's Blog Space. Visit to get more sheepskin boot commentary!

That covers swimwear for females. To read about swimwear for men and resort wear, read on after the Jump Break (if you are not reading the full blog entry) for my piece regarding Resort/Cruise Wear. This Jump Break is provided for performance purposes.

--- Swimsuits for Men ---

My department in fashion is mostly about feminine fashion. I am not as comfortable discussing men's swimwear, but I will try to shed some light on swimwear for men. Fact is, guys want to look good on the beach as much as any girl. A guy just wants to show off his body while also wearing something comfortable on the beach. The two real key pieces on the beach are swim trunks.

Men's Swim Briefs.

swim briefs men
^ from: - Speedos are perhaps the most popular maker of swim briefs for men (apart from their offerings for women, of course).

Whether you love or loathe swim briefs, they are perhaps the best the best kind of swimwear to show off your body while wearing something comfortable while swimming or walking on the beach. They are something you'd want to avoid, however, if you aren't comfortable wearing a low-cut bottom that doesn't comfortably contain your "package." Swim briefs for men have vastly been accepted among South American and European nations and cultures. In fact, there are multiple variations of swim briefs for men in these locations.

Men's Swim Trunks.

swim trunks men
^ from: - Not comfortable with briefs? Trunks are your best friend on the beach.

A much more comfortable alternative to swim briefs can be found with swim trunks. Full coverage and comfort can be expected wearing these instead of swimming briefs.

(SPECIAL!) Would You (Men) Wear a Sarong/Pareo?

Usually seen as a feminine garment, some men wear sarongs/pareos on the beach. The sarong is still a fairly acceptable coverup. But... would you men wear a sarong to the beach (or do you)?

--- Swimsuit Considerations for Petites and Plus Size ---

Time to find swimsuits for you petite and plus size ladies!

Petite Swimwear Considerations.

^ from: - Seeking a swimsuit can be tough if you are a petite. But even if 4'9" Nicole Polizzi (Snooki) can rock a swimsuit, so can you petites!

According to, there are two things to consider when shopping for petite swimsuits: flattering a short torso or trying to flatter a short lower part of the body. A halter top or halter top swimsuits elongates the torso of a petite female. The same site recommends avoiding boyleg bottoms and short-shorts to help you appear taller/longer. So you can find a great swimsuit even if you are 4'9", like Snooki on the Jersey Shore.

You can learn more about what to look for in a swimsuit if you are a petite here: "Looking for Petite Swimsuits" on Zimbio.

Plus Size Swimwear Considerations.

plus size swimsuit
^ from: - You CAN look hot/cute in a swimsuit... even if you're a curvy girl! This is a sky blue swimsuit with polka dots from Torrid.

I think because of the fascination and praise for slim ladies, not many plus size ladies aren't as confident to head out onto the beach looking hot. Fact is... plus size/thick girls can look just as beautiful as any slim girl... even on the beach! There are three things to consider based on an article I read online.

• The first thing to think about is finding the right size swimsuit for your frame. This process is mostly trial and error unless you know what exact kind of swimsuit suits you best.

• Next, consider a swimsuit that flatters your body best. Look for both a nice-looking swimsuit and a nice-looking swimsuit with flattering details. It's best to go with vertical, thin-striped swimsuits to flatter you as opposed to finding swimsuits with either horizontal stripes or thick stripes.

• All that's left for the two-piece swimsuit is a great bikini bottom for you. Find a bottom that suits your body best. Go one size up for a bikini bottom if you find that bottom leads to skin bulging out at the waistline and/or the leg area. If you can't find a decent-enough bikini bottom, try a different kind of bikini bottom (for example, instead of a tie-front bikini bottom, go for a boyshort bikini bottom). This article (to be revealed later) recommends to find a bikini bottom with a leg opening at least one inch below the hip bone.

More info on plus size swimsuit considerations here (which is where I picked up these hints to share with all of you): Plus Size Swimwear - 3 Tips to Get the Best Fitting Plus Size Swimwear For Your Body Type.

Pregnant/Maternity Swimwear Considerations.

SPECIAL NOTE (12/3/2010): I will prepare a section on pregnant swimwear in this section. However, I will not put up any serious material here because I have plans of posting a blog entry about maternity fashion in the future. This area will be replaced with more information on pregnant swimwear in a future blog edit.

For now, here is a resource you can read online for advice on maternity swimwear: About: Maternity swimwear

--- Swimwear Resources ---

All around the Internet, here are some more resources regarding advice on swimsuits.

Bikini Science - an excellent page on bikinis
"Looking for Petite Swimsuits" on Zimbio
Bathing Suits for All Body Types on - obviously for you ladies out there reading this
How to Look Slim in a Swimsuit -
Men's Swimwear Advice on

--- Swimsuits Online ---

These are websites you can visit to shop for swimsuits from elsewhere online. Some of these sites offer swimsuits for both men and women, as well as boys and girls.

swimsuits on JCPenney
Swimsuits on Victoria's Secret
Everything but Water
Swimwear on VENUS
"Swimsuits" search results on Shopstyle
South Beach Swimsuits - a HUGE variety of swimsuits
swimsuits on Saks Fifth Avenue (bring a good deal of money!)

More links may be offered in the future.

Prefer to do some shopping on Amazon? Click on the text below to visit my alternate blog post on John's Shop Space. Items featured consist of swimwear for babies, children, teenagers, and adults. A LOT of items are featured! So if you want to see what I've found on Amazon for all of you to shop for, click on the text below to get started:

"Swimsuits" on StyleSpace by JBM

For now, though, you can get started by shopping for swimwear on Amazon by checking out the "Swimwear" search results on Amazon!

I had initially intended to make a post regarding swimsuits on John's Shop Space. If you are interested in swimwear on Amazon, here are some widgets you can use. Please use these to find any swimsuits on Amazon that interest you:

ShopStyle by POPSUGAR.

I've included a number of items here. The first one includes all swimwear. If shopping for separates for bikinis, I have two individual ones set up for you here. Men's swimwear is the final one.

Moving on...

Other Sources.

Here are more sources for which to do your swimsuit shopping. The bikini material is mostly meant for US Women's sizes:

Amazon Swim Shop

All Swimsuits
Amazon swimwear
eBay swimwear
Shopbop swimsuits
Neiman Marcus swimsuits
Nordstrom swimsuits swimsuits swimsuits

All Bikinis
Amazon bikinis
eBay bikinis
Shopbop bikinis
Neiman Marcus bikinis
Nordstrom bikinis bikinis bikinis

Happy shopping! :)

Thank you for reading! Proudly wear your swimsuit(s)!

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