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Sheepskin Boots

John Marine | 1/06/2010 04:27:00 PM |
(UPDATED: August 22, 2012)

sheepskin boots
^ from: - the flip-flops/thong sandals of cold- sheepskin boots.

Sheepskin boots are the flip-flop/thong sandals of cold weather. When you normally see flip-flops/thong sandals during the Summer, you usually see a lot of sheepskin boots worn when it's cold. They are commonly called UGGs, but just like there are other companies that make their own knockoffs of Chuck Taylor Converses, there are MANY other companies that make their own sheepskin boots. Depending upon who you ask, sheepskin boots are either very comfortable and cute, or very UGG-ly and unstylish.

I can understand the comfort of these boots. All the furry detail inside these boots can really keep your feet and lower leg warm on cold days. Many who dislike these sheepskin boots think they (especially UGG-type sheepskin boots) should ONLY be worn at home and not with any kind of outfits. The reason why I call sheepskin boots as the flip-flops/thong sandals of cold weather is that almost every femme seems to have their own pair of sheepskin boots for the cold- just like many have at least one pair of flip-flops/thong sandals for warm weather. What I fail to understand is... why would you pair warm weather clothing with cold weather footwear?

jeans tucked into sheepskin boots
^ from: jeans tucked into a cute pair of sheepskin boots.

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--- Why THESE Boots? ---

I think the reason why these boots are more commonly worn than any really chic boots is because of one word- comfort. Since they are so warm to wear when it's cold, these become a hit. A lot of stylish types, however, would rather go with a pair of stylish and chic boots that actually have some style to them. But for lazy days or being around the house, you can't really go wrong with these boots.

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--- Sheepskin Boots Online ---

The majority of this post has concluded. Now, I want you to be able to score your own sheepskin boots if this post interested you. I would gladly appreciate your business if you were to shop online. Remember that it is all voluntary. However, I would not mind if you were to buy material online based on what you've just read. So here now are a number of items and links that may interest you if you enjoyed this blog post. Have a look and thank you for visiting StyleSpace!

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Happy shopping (and thanks if you did any)! :)

--- One Last Note... ---

Hello, people! I've noted that I've started to ease up on the jeans-into-boots look. I'm actually starting to like the jeans/pants-into-boots look, but have hated simply tucking boots into jeans like it's even more unbearably cold than it really is. I've actually started to like when certain leather boots are tucked into pants or jeans. My skepticism for this look does not include wearing capri/flood pants with tall boots (which I've always thought was perfectly fine, even with gaucho pants/culotte pants. So since I've eased up on the look as a whole, doesn't mean I'm COMPLETELY over it. As much as I'm still not completely over thigh-high or over-the-knee boots. So thanks for reading!

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This is very true! Sheepskin Boots are the flip flop/thong sandal for the winter time. Howvever, you want to wear a boot that supports your foot and is also comfy. Yes, UGG is a very successful and popular company, but they don't come equipped with the soles that you should be supporting your foot with. To find the VERY BEST sheepskin boot for you and your foot, visit You will not be disappointed!

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