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Over-the-Knee and Thigh-High Boots

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Boots That Go ABOVE the Knees Have Become Trendy Lately, but What Do I Think About Them?

(UPDATED: November 9, 2011)

I've never liked over-the-knee boots. I guess I've had certain "rules" with the knees. For example... I don't really like Bermuda shorts for them extending just above the knees. I'd rather knee-high boots rather than boots above the knees. I think pairing Bermuda shorts with knee-high boots (or at least mid-calf) is just stupid. This may sound offensive, but I can't think of over-the-knee boots without thinking (exotic dancer). I have no reason to be enticed or excited seeing these being worn casually.

over-the-knee boots
^ from: Shoewawa - three pictures of over-the-knee boots worn by three different women.


NOV 9 2011 - Due to copyright, I have had to edit featuring a picture. My deepest apologies.

--- Over-the-Knee/Thigh-High Boots at a Glance ---

This is what fashion designers want you to think about the possibilities of looking fabulous with over-the-knee and thigh-high boots:

OTK boots and mini skirt
^ from: shoeseria.com - ...what designers go for in designing over-the-knee boots.

But really, these boots are better left for adult entertainers and street walkers than trendy fashionistas. Sure, some make them look chic and some do look pretty nice; but it doesn't mean I have to love them.

I'm sorry... I'm not sold on thigh-high boots because this is what I think of when designers try to make thigh-high boots "chic." I gave up on discussing fashion when I've seen many love these. I don't have to wear them, but it doesn't mean I have to praise them. There are exceptions, but I dislike almost all over-the-knee boots. I don't get what the big deal is over these and trying to make these trendy. More reasons why will be covered later in this blog entry.

--- Chic? I Don't Think So... ---

Think about it like this... there was a trend a few years ago which gave a chic edge to short-shorts. I absolutely loved trouser-like short-shorts on females. The shorts were cute, showing that you actually could sport a cute pair of pumps or ankle boots with these and look great. Another example- an update to rompers/playsuits. Many think of rompers as these embarrassing short jumpsuits from the '80s and '90s. But what happened? Some of the rompers of today look great (especially those that look like short dresses). But then you have these over-the-knee boots. This is an attempt and making over-the-knee boots chic... and it's a fail. One of my fears would be seeing these over-the-knee boots tucked into jeans, and one time, I actually saw some lady wear over-the-knee boots tucked into jeans. FAIL! The same would go for trying to wear a short skirt with these tall boots. FAIL!

Again, I can't help but think (street walker) when I see over-the-knee boots. Maybe I get over them in time, but I just don't see it happening anytime soon. I'd much rather boots below the knees. Credit designers for trying something different and go with an above-the-knee look. However, I always say- different doesn't always mean better. That's CERTAINLY not the case with these open-toe boots.

UPDATED: 3/11/2010
I mentioned thigh-high boots into jeans. Here is an example below:

over the knee boots in jeans
^ from: trendy-fashion-buzz.com - three examples of jeans tucked into over-the-knee boots. And this look is somehow... chic?

I'm going to be honest here... I created my fashion-themed blog entries to discuss fashion the way I see them. I broke up from discussing fashion on a message board so I'm now discussing things the way I see fit. So get ready...

When the look of gaucho pants with boots and cropped pants with tall boots came about, I was able to tolerate it. Maybe the gaucho pants + boots look I was able to tolerate more because I think of gaucho pants as a split skirt. A skirt (even a split skirt) with boots is perfectly fine. Cropped pants/jeans with boots is also perfectly fine. I'm actually a bit surprised that look has phased out. Jeans into boots was something I was able to later tolerate after a few years.

--- Thigh-High/Over-Knee Boots + Skirts/Dresses? ---

^ from: flickr.com - over-the-knee boots with a mini skirt. Really... are pants overrated?

But with short skirts and short dresses with thigh-high boots... not only do I not see the style, I don't get the look either. Then above, you have thigh-high boots into jeans. My response- why? I don't see the style, I don't see what good it makes tucking jeans into thigh-high boots. Jeans into boots works for the knee-length boots I've hated and eventually liked. I know fashion has no boundaries and that trying new things and radical concepts can make for various reactions. But for thigh-high boots with short skirts or into jeans... I just don't like the look of thigh-high boots into jeans. So rather than get into a shouting match on (that message board), I'd rather take my opinions to my blog, where I'm responsible for myself.

And when you have long-enough skirts with thigh-high or over-knee boots, it almost makes me wonder... are pants overrated? At least with legging pants and knee-high boots, it was acceptable. I was one of the first to accept tunic + leggings even has mini skirt + leggings was becoming fashionable. But no, someone has to wear over-the-knee boots with skirts at least knee-length. Why not wear pants instead of a skirt? Are legs too precious to where anyone who wants to wear a skirt has to have over-the-knee boots worn with them? What's wrong with pants? I don't freaking get this look at all.

--- Thigh-High/Over-Knee Boots Into Jeans? ---

Thigh-High and Over-Knee boots are what I've considered as (exotic dancer) boots. Are all of them (exotic dancer) boots? No. Some of which are actually pretty nice looking. So what about pairing these with thigh-high or over-the-knee boots like in the picture I posted? It's the equivalent of taking some clear (exotic dancer) shoes and trying to dress them up with bootcut jeans or a cute dress. The shoes are still tasteless as a whole, but someone chose to dress them up. Fashion has no rules, but I think footwear should NEVER go above the knees. And with thigh-high or over-the-knee boots tucked into jeans, I don't see what makes this stylish.

The initial reason why I disliked tucking jeans into boots as a style is because I thought of this look as a way to prevent your jean/pant legs from getting wet or messy while walking in miserable conditions (like rain, mud, flooded areas, heavy snow, etc.). I thought the look was pointless when it wasn't miserable to walk in. But then, I got to appreciate the style eventually because the boots (especially excluding any snow or Winter boots), coupled with the jeans a femme is wearing, can make for a very sexy and hot look. So imagine what wearing thigh-high boots must be like on the basis of function. I don't like the look. Basically... why wear pants or a decent-length skirt if you are wearing boots above the knees? Some are going to say "sexy" or "cute" with thigh-high boots and tucking jean legs into them. I think it's both overkill and unstylish. If you're trying to accentuate and flatter the body, why not go with a good-fitting pair of jeans and a nice pair of knee-high boots rather than go with some ridiculously tall boots?

What is really being accomplished with this look? What? The fact that you want to wear something comfy as a pair of jeans, but want to wear a pair of slimming and stylish boots? Slimming jeans is one thing; slimming jeans and slimming boots is another. I just don't understand the look or can appreciate it as I have with knee-high boots into jeans. Then again, I'm no fashion expert. That's why when I thought I knew about fashion, I "retired" from getting into any fashion discussions. I felt like I was in places where I didn't belong. And as a result, I just basically went my own way. Because when you feel like the only friend you have is yourself, you are basically your own independent person. The only one who understands you is you.

You are free to debate on thigh-high/over-knee boots tucked into jeans, but I just think it's overkill and unstylish. Someone's sure to disagree with me (at least those who give a damn about what I type about). I just don't get the over-knee or thigh-high boots look, especially when jeans or pants are tucked into them. And how much leg coverage/hiding do you need if you so insist on tucking these boots into jeans/pants (or even leggings, since most wear these as pants to begin with)? I see nothing sexy, hot, stylish... whatever about over-knee boots into jeans. Thigh-highs with jeans is overkill and ugly.

I stress again... I don't know fashion. I'm retired from getting into any spirited talk. That's why I'm doing my own fashion blabber on my blog because at least I know I have myself to regulate my fashion opinions. I can cross the line and blame myself for it.

Thank you for reading!

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