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Jeans Tucked Into Boots... as a Style

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(UPDATED: August 1, 2012)

For the first time, I'm going to offer my own looks at fashion items. Since I'm not around some kind of community where my opinions and such are out in the open, the only restriction I have is myself. I've noted in my "A Fashion Confession" blog entry (A Fashion Confession) that I'm no longer qualified to talk fashion. I am shying away from any spirited fashion discussion because there have been a number of things I've been sick of.

NOTE: Due to this blog entry's popularity, new content will be added. It will also be edited to move certain topics to other blog entries. A new section will be added to this blog entry to include more pictures of this trendy look.

Do you like this blog post? If so, I MIGHT consider deleting this blog post and making an updated one.

5/12/2010 Update I've eased up over this look. Whether or not I like the look depends on pairing certain boots with certain jeans. I've liked dark blue jeans with tall black (non-furry boots) or tall brown boots. Furry boots are just overkill when it's not bitterly cold. A new section may be added to demonstrate this look even further.

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post was made in November 2, 2009. Most of what I've posted here is very outdated.

Let's set the mood with a picture of the look I've detested in the past:

boots tucked into jeans
^ from: - A woman with chocolate brown boots tucked into jeans.

The first bit of detail involves...

--- Snow Boots and Tucking Jeans Into Boots (as a look) ---

While it's been a long-time look, I've personally disliked tucking pants/jeans into boots when it's either not bitterly cold or miserable to walk around in. Yet, when I've complained about not liking this look, I was CONSTANTLY hated on. Just because it's not SoCal or New York City doesn't mean that EVERYBODY should adopt a certain look everywhere you go. Here in Houston, it's rare we have seriously cold days like in the Midwest or Pacific Northwest.

Snow Boots.

I'm going to define snow boots as any husky-type boots or any boots with lots of fur. Some say stylish or cute, but if it's not bitterly cold, it's one word- OVERKILL. It's like wearing layers and layers of warm clothing... on a 70°F day. At least here in Houston, just because it's Fall/Autumn and temperatures and the usual warmth of Texas isn't apparent, it's almost an unwritten rule that every girl (used loosely) should wear the furriest-possible boots on a 70°F or 75°F day. I've just never understood how wearing snow boots on a relatively warm or cool day merits wearing snow boots or any kind of cold weather boots.

Tucking Boots Into Jeans (as a Style).

Wearing boots and jeans used to be like this:

boots and skinny jeans
Source: - This was how it used to be. You wear boots hiding your boots and tall shoes. But thanks to the popularity of skinny jeans (these are all skinny jeans in this image)...

Up since about 2005 or so, boots + jeans is now this:

boots over jeans
Source: - ...many more females are compelled and feel forced to wear jeans over their boots, even on warm days.

We once had about a 97°F day (with a heat index of about 105 or 108) here in Houston. And at a Best Buy, I saw one young woman wearing jeans tucked into boots. Possible thinking "cute" or "chic." I even once seen a teen girl tucking her pants legs into RAIN boots on an 88°F day, with NO rain expected the rest of the day! I don't understand this at all. I think it's one of the reasons more females like skinny jeans so much- easier to tuck into boots. Sometimes, with the most monstrous boots. Huge and furry boots are overkill when it isn't all that cold. I usually ask my mother how the weather is outside before stepping out. If it's too cold for a sweatshirt, she'll let me know about it. Even if I were on my own, I would not dress up with whatever clothes I want that's inconsistent with the weather.

Sometimes, the combination of boots into jeans/pants actually looks pretty nice. I'm just not all crazy over the look. In these times, it's better to just to completely avoid wearing this look a certain way. Leather boots + a simple pair of jeans can be a bit stylish, but it's so rare I see this look work without the wearer looks like she's trying too hard. There is no real balance to this look that works best and is easiest to my eyes. For example, during Black Friday shopping, I've seen a cute jeans + boots look... then a fail-tastic jeans + boots look. One little girl had dark blue jeans paired with a cute pair of boots with a little bling detail on the sides. Then, I seen one... maybe 12-15 year old wearing these black Chuck Taylor Converse boots with white laces tucked into a pair of jeans. FAIL!

By the way, here's an example of this FAIL look with Converse boots:

Converse boots over jeans
^ from: - Converse boots tucked into jeans. Why? I'm a bit tired of Converse sneakers, but this is just fail to me. Disagree at will.

(~~~ new section will be added here ~~~)

--- If...Then on Boots ---

Fashion has no rules. But because there are no rules doesn't mean that there still aren't some common sense or basic facts. Here is a proper "do" and "don't" on boots and whether or not to wear certain looks:

• If air temperatures are even relatively warm, then...
...DON'T tuck boots into jeans, and especially avoid snow boots or furry boots for when it isn't bittery cold or miserable to walk in.

• If it's too cool for shorts or mini skirts, but too warm for pants... can wear shorts or some short skirt, and you can wear boots if you choose to, but DON'T wear cold weather boots! Why overkill?

• If there are piles of snow and/or bitterly cold temperatures...
...then you DO tuck boots into jeans or pants. THEN you may be able to even wear furry boots to stay warm.

Boots themselves aren't a problem. It's what you wear boots with and HOW you wear them. I'm just not crazy over this look as most others are.

(ADDED: 5/7/2010) It's taken me a while to get over this look, but I eventually have gotten over and accepted this look. I was always so hateful of this as a look because I've always regarded it as a functional look rather than a functional look that can somehow be stylish as well. I thank everyone who have read this blog entry. Wear this (and other looks) with pride!

Did you know there's actually a website online that focuses solely on the jeans-tucked-into-boots look? Check out this site called

If you love pairing skinny jeans with boots, join this Facebook Fan Page for Skinny Jeans and Boots. There's also this Blogspot blog called Jeans and Boots featuring more jeans in boots from around the Internet.

Thank you for reading!

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John B. Marine said...

No one feels compelled to do anything. People wear sandals, converse and boots with skinny jeans. You are too young to talk about what used to be the way. Its really not possible for you to know what is comfortable for another person, and you don't know what another person is thinking, much less if they are right. If they are wearing it, then they are comfortable in it. I guess they are less sensitive to the weather then you are. Best thing to do what feels right to you, and not question what feels right for others.

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