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JohnMarineTube's Personal Greatest Hits

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This is more of a "John's Picks" package, featuring 11 of my favorite videos from each month I've been on YouTube (excluding November 2009). So take a stroll back in time!

(NOTE 1: To be better optimized for slower connections, I've gotten rid of all the embedded videos. Just click on the link to go straight to the videos I've created.)

(NOTE 2: I recently deleted some of my old videos that either weren't doing well or obsolete. Not all videos will be available from clicking on each link.)

November 2008 Pick:

* "Introducing Myself" (embedding disabled, click link to see video)
This was how it all began- on my bed, with certain webcam settings, with 320 x 200 resolution. This was the first video I've EVER released online of any kind. Over time, I'd evolve and change things up to evolve all the further.

* "The Black College Football Experience Explained"
It was intended to be about college football at historically-black universities. Unfortunately, I've been called a racist and gotten all kinds of foul comments. It was for this reason that I disallowed all comments entirely. Just goes to show you how racist some people on YouTube can be.

December 2008 Pick:

* "My Somewhat Quick SanDisk Sansa Review"
This was a nicely-viewed video where I shown off the special something I got for Christmas. I had to have comments approved because I kept getting hated on. One even asking me why I still live in my mother's house among other things.

January 2009 Picks:

* "John Congratulates the Utah Utes on Winning the 2009 Sugar Bowl"
This was the first video to really get me noticed to others. I earned the respect of people from for my efforts, among others.

* "Why Should You Care: Dakar Rally"
In what has become my own personal trademark, I ask "Why Should You Care?" about certain racing events. The reason why is because I can talk ad naseum about racing events, but unless I give you a reason to care, you probably don't give a rat's backside about the event. So therefore, I ask "Why Should You Care?" in regards to racing events. This was the start of my "Why Should You Care?" lineup of videos.

* "Why Should You Care: 12 Hours of Sebring"
The reason why I'm highlighting this video is because it would serve as the first video as to where I do my latest videos. This was the first of three videos I did on one beautiful late January afternoon.

February 2009 Pick:

* "College Basketball: The Unusual Suspects"
I announced my ambitions on YouTube, including reflections of my past in this video.

* "Audi LED Daytime Running Lights: Stylish or Ugly?"
It's my most successful Audio Only video. I offer my thoughts on the lighting styles of recent Audis. This was also my first video in which in the More Info area, I make note of my fan clubs.

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March 2009 Picks:

* "Why Should You Care: Bathurst 1000"
After making this video, this would be the start of making a bunch of videos that made me popular among Australians. It would later garner into being given and accepting an invite to

* "GT5 Commentary: GT Needs a Greater Motorsports Presence"
This was the first video where I attempted High Definition video. It was my first video recorded at 960 x 720. It wasn't TRUE HD, but it was a nice attempt at making such a video.

April 2009 Picks:

* "John's 100th Video! - Looking Back and Moving Forward"
I added lots of subtitles to avoid having to do constant annotations. It's a cluttered mess, and really, it's two videos in one. Part of it is just me talking about my channel and videos. It's a look at how far I've come up to this point.

* "College Football Preview: BYU vs. Oklahoma Prediction"
When making this video, I made a bold prediction. I took BYU to beat Oklahoma in their match at the new Cowboys Stadium. Making a bold pick is one thing; backing it up is another. When I picked BYU to win, I was nervous. But when the game unfolded and BYU won 14-13, the BYU Cougars saved my ass BIG TIME. As a by-product, I'd pick up lots of views for this video, including a number of new subscribers.

* "The Student Athlete"
As I learned that zooming out leads to better-quality images, and as I tested using a new webcam position, this gives me the chance to show myself better. I simply zoomed out to its maximum setting. And as a result, I look much better than I ever have. This would be a mainstay camera position once I found a suitable setup.

May 2009 Pick:

* "John Salutes Fast Lane Daily"
This was the first video of mine that I use my current opening: "I'm John Marine, and you're watching JohnMarineTube!"

June 2009 Picks:

* "John Achieves 50 Subscribers!"
I've reached a milestone of 50 subscribers in this video. I show my heartfelt thanks to all whom have subscribed to my channel.

^ "GT5 Speculation: World Rally Championship"
This video was about my ideas regarding the World Rally Championship in Gran Turismo 5. The reason why I picked this video was because I thought this video deserved a lot more views than what I ended up with. After one day or so, I got up to 302 video views. Then for weeks (and maybe a few months), the views STAGNATED at 302! Now it's just moping along as a forgotten video. This is also where I've become more confident using the webcam's microphone rather than my headset.

July 2009 Pick:

* "Big Breaks in Life"
Personal input was put into this video as I talk about big breaks in life. I even mentioned my subscriber goal of 100 here. Thanks to the generousity of my friends, I was able to reach and surpass 100 subscribers.

August 2009 Pick:

* "100 Thanks to 100 Subscribers!"
This was it- 100 subscribers! I reached triple-digit viewers in this video.

* "My YouTube Fears Address"
Confidence in life means negating your fears. I expressed my fears on YouTube in this video.

September 2009 Picks:

* "Never Judge a Book By Its Cover"
This was the first video I created that would serve as a precursor to confidence in High Quality video. Over time, I felt I would appear in better quality and be able to make better videos.

* "GT5 Speculation: Lamborghini"
This video was the first to debut an introduction song I was working on. My confidence in making 640 x 480 videos was increasing as I was looking for a good way to compress the videos so that I didn't have to spend so much time uploading them. My confidence was increasing as I felt I may one day make that one impressive video that people will view and talk about.

* "GT5 Speculation: Showrooms"
This video debuted my whiteboard. I used the whiteboard to explain points further. The next challenge was in showing everything properly. I was growing confidence in making videos. Later in September, I never thought I'd ever make a successful video until making this one below:

* "What Was KanYe Thinking?"
This video is currently my most viewed of all time. In just one day, this video garnered over 500 views, then 1,000 views. It was the quickest video to 1,000 all the way to a current total of 4,439 views. The success of this video was so overwhelming that a blue window appeared on my YouTube home page wanting me to take advantage of the opportunity to make money on my video... by becoming a YouTube partner! In ten months on YouTube, this is my most significant video. It shown that I did SOMETHING right in getting views and subscribers. I even picked up a great number of subscribers in a multi-day period since this video.

* "John's Review of ToCA Race Driver 3"
The current style of intro is what was implemented in this video.

October 2009 Picks:

* "GT5 Commentary: Don't Forget the Classics!"
In an attempt to try something different, I tried to raise awareness for breast cancer, I wore a pink wristband I got from a party back in July last year. I wore this in all of my October videos and even provided links to different sites to help the fight against breast cancer.

* "Some People Will Do ANYTHING for Attention"
This was a failed opportunity. I was anticipating this video get success because (1) it was based on a current event (the Balloon Boy incident), and (2), I spoke my mind on the issue the best way I could. But, it failed.

* "GT Fans Conceding Defeat to Forza 3?"
This is my most-discussed video of October 2009. It now has 1,000+ views.

* "Why Should You Care: Macau Grand Prix"
This video was the debut of my current webcam, the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000. Note how smooth the frame rate is with this camera compared to any of the past webcams. This is also a video where I now use my intro as my outro for my videos.

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There's your look back in time with me and my videos!
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