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Car Style - The Chevrolet Traverse

John Marine | 12/22/2009 02:14:00 AM | |
(UPDATED: March 24, 2012)

The crossover SUV: The Chevrolet Traverse, and a picture below:

Chevrolet Traverse

The only SUV I'd ever want would be the Lexus RX series. If I wanted one from an American brand, I'd go with the Chevrolet Traverse. Why so? It's a beautiful machine. It's a crossover SUV that I've liked for its style.

--- Car Style: The Chevrolet Traverse ---


The Chevrolet Traverse has many elegant lines, many lovely lines, but is in no way vanilla. The SUV features the bold grill design of recent Chevrolets. A pair of lights accent the two headlights. Below are signal and hazard lights that SOMEWHAT resemble the bow tie emblem of Chevrolet. The grill itself is a honey comb grill design accented in chrome. That same two-piece grill design accentuates most recent Chevrolet models like the 7th Generation Chevrolet Malibu that I reviewed earlier. The front bumper features an opening with two extra bars. The absolute bottom of the front bumper has a slight lip spoiler design.

Don't expect "look at me" character with the Traverse. This cSUV is mostly a stylish vehicle to haul people around in. The profile on the sides is elegant. Again, its character is primarily a car-like SUV (hence the namesake of a CROSSOVER SUV). Not a single element of its side profile denote ruggedness or attitude. A minimal overfender accentuates the sides around the wheels. The absolute bottom of both bumpers and the side skirts are blacked out. The Traverse features third-row seating, but trying to see out those side windows in the third row can be a hassle. Maybe if those windows were styled better, those way in the back may not have as many problems seeing out of them.

The rear of the cSUV features a lovely set of tailights. There is somewhat of a diamond-edge design to the rear of this cSUV for the trunk/boot. The blacked-out rear bumper features two simple turn signals and a pair of simple mufflers, one on each side.


Behind the wheel of this stylish office is a lovely interior. I'm sure there are other options for interiors, but the one I"m refering to is one from Jalopnik. The interior features a blend of dark gray and some bone colors. The gauges and the steering wheel are lovely. The center console is well-designed with a navigation system and all of your basic air conditioning things. The seats are plush, comfortable, and styled well.

Overall, the Chevrolet Traverse is a beautifully-designed crossover SUV. It is a beautiful automobile to me with its exceptional style. I'm sick of people who are so opposed to the minivan, like minivans were so 1990s. If you really want something with minivan qualities, but not a minivan per se, your hookup is the beautiful Chevrolet Traverse. Holler if you hear it.

UPDATE: 3/28/2010
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