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The Frizzy Curly Afro

John Marine | 12/23/2009 06:23:00 PM |
(UPDATED: August 30, 2011)

Here is a fact about me in regards to feminine hair- if I had a preference, I think curly hair is very cute. A number of my girl friends have curly hair. A hairstyle I admit liking recently is the curly afro bob. Either this, or simply a frizzy afro. There are actually some ladies that can look great with messy hair. While frizzy bobs can look disasterous, I would admit that a frizzy curly bob can actually be very cute. I don't think I've ever known any girl [in person] that had a huge, frizzy, curly bob.

Why don't we set the mood by showing a picture? Check this out. It is hairstyles like this one that will set the tone for this blog post:

frizzy curly bob
^ from:, by way of imageshack - An afro-like curly bob can be very cute.


AUG 30 2011 - made some simple edits

--- Frizzy Curly Afros ---
A frizzy curly afro can be a cute hairstyle to me. Frizzy and curly bob hairstyles tend to look like hair hiding the cheeks of a lady's face as well as her hair, but I think the hairstyle can be very cute. Maybe a real deterrent to this hairstyle is in trying to relax everything (or do you relax it?) to where you try to go all natural or something?

With the success of three of my other hair-related blogs, let me go into showing more pictures of the hairstyle I'm trying to discuss here:

Curly Bob.

beautiful curly bob
^ from: - a beautiful curly afro bob hairstyle.

This curly bob right here exudes elegance and cuteness in a short hairstyle. Take note of how her curly hair beautifully frames her already beautiful face and smile. The part in her hair adds some extra diversion to her otherwise lovely hairstyle.

Traditional Curly Afro.

curly afro bob
^ from: - a more traditional curly afro bob.

When coming up with this blog post, this was kind of what I had in mind coming up with this topic. I think a female who has a curly afro can be cute. The problem can lie in trying to wear certain clothes with this hairstyle. I wonder if females have to treat their hair or something before putting on certain clothes (like a T-shirt or a tank top).

As for the hair, it can be cute to have such big and wild hair in this afro style. I've just found something cute about having hair like this while smiling and looking pretty. The sides just seem to be dominated by the curly afro. I think the look can be cute. Trying to maintain hair like this, however, is somewhat something to ponder.

Cute Curly Bob

cute curly bob
^ from: - Smiling pretty, this young lady proudly shows off her cute curly bob.

This bob exhibits the curly afro-like bob at its absolute cutest. This young lady smiles very cutely while her curly bob looks equally cute. Her face and smile are framed perfectly with this lovely curly bob. Cute, isn't she? :)

Two YouTube channels feature two ladies with afro-type hair. Those two channels are JodieTheNutter and ilovecandy1393.

Here are some YouTube videos (some may feature bad language):
* Being natural with your afro!!! :) AFRO GIRL!!!, by ilovecandy1393
* Shima help us grow our SUPER CURLY afro textured hair! by Shimahair21

What do you make of these frizzy curly afros? Comment away, and thanks for reading!

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