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Car Style - The Suzuki Cappuccino

John Marine | 12/23/2009 07:26:00 PM | |
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One of my all-time favorite kei cars is the Suzuki Cappuccino. This car is a peppy little front/RWD kei coupe. Think of it as Suzuki's Miata/MX-5.

--- Car Style: The Suzuki Cappuccino ---

The Cappuccino has some Miata-like headlights along with a miniscule grill. There is a huge (for this car's size) opening up front on the front bumper. It's where you would show off a huge intercooler if you're a tuner. This little car has a non-aggressive front hood/bonnet. Then again, who said the Cappuccino was a beast?

The sides have some character to them with he two side openings on the front quarter panels. The car features a targa top, which can be taken off for you to enjoy open-air driving. It's a stylish and sporty car top off or top on.

The rear of the car features some cute tail lights as well as a nice view of the rear muffler. It would be crazy if this thing had a twin-muffler setup. The rear windshield area is more like this car's rollover bar. A tall antenna can be found on the right rear quarter panel of the car.

Interior. (Note: I'll be going on the 1991 Cappuccino I've read up online)
On the inside, this car is inviting... in a small car way. For a car produced betwee 1991 and 1997, don't expect anything really modern or amazing unless someone modernized it with stuff like a navigation system or something. For a small car, the car is pretty sporty inside. It features a very basic cockpit along with a pretty nice steering wheel. A fairly basic center console compliments the inside. The seats appear pretty comfortable to enjoy driving a kei sports car in.

This is one of my all-time favorite small cars. A car this size wouldn't stand a chance in the United States, but it is a very fun car.
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