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Car Style - The Alfa Romeo 156 GTA

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(Some information taken from Wikipedia) Many people usually think Ferrari and Lamborghini as far as world-class Italian makes are concerns. However, many don't regard Alfa Romeo as a world-class manufacturer. Alfa Romeo makes some really nice-looking cars. One of my all-time favorites is the 1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spider. In production between 1997 and 2007, the Alfa Romeo 156 was a sexy car. Starting in 2001, the 156 got a GTA (no, not Grand Theft Auto... but Gran Turismo Alleggerita) version. Let me try to describe and comment on its style.

--- Car Style: The Alfa Romeo 156 GTA ---

The traditional small, tall grill flanks the front of the 156 GTA along with the Alfa Romeo badge at the top of the grill. There are also a few extra parts that join the grill from the sides. And unlike the 2006-2007 Subaru Impreza, the 156 GTA's entire grill assembly flows beautifully. A pair of cleanly-styled headlights compliment the 156 GTA. Near the edges of the bottom of the front grill are four little openings, two on each side. The front bumper features an aggressive front bumper with a two-piece opening and an aggressive front spoiler. Two small fog lights flank each side of the front bumper. The front hood/bonnet has a nice flowing hood/bonnet that seems to meet the edges of the front center grill all the way to the windshield. It is both bold and beautiful at the same time.

The sides of the car are designed with a very nice cabin. A moderately bold overfender decks the 156 GTA around the wheels as well as aggressive (but not overaggressive) side skirts. The car rides on a sweet pair of 16-something spoke wheels. This car can seat four, but the rear doors open from the second row windows.

The rear of the car features some thin, sharp tail lights. A small Alfa Romeo badge occupies the trunk/boot. A minimal rear bumper accentuates the rear. Nothing really intimidating except for the aggressive openings on the rear bumper. A single muffler with two exhaust ports flank the rear muffler.

A stylish steering wheel is met with a lovely instrument panel. A beautiful set of gauges compliment the dashboard. The center console features a lovely console which is almost all metallic (except for gauges and electronics). Metallic pedals compliment are there for you to lead foot this sexy Italian beast. The dashboard is basically a combination of non-metallic and metallic accents. Very stylish along with comfortable seats.
A nice shifter compliments

This car is plenty sexy and stylish. Surely not a bad car to get used if you're able to get an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA.
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