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Honda CR-Z

John Marine | 5/05/2011 11:31:00 PM |
(UPDATED: March 19, 2013)

Honda's CR-Z can be thought of as a modern revival of the CR-X of the '80s and '90s. It is a sharp sport hybrid ready to take you for a ride. Certain recent Hondas have disappointed me style-wise (namely the latest CR-V and the Accord Crosstour). This car, however, is vastly less disappointing. How do I think this car look? My style description of cars continues with my Car Style post on the Honda CR-Z.


Two quick notes...

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No more talk... let's talk about the CR-Z's looks!

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--- Car Style: The Honda CR-Z ---

Say hello to the CR-Z. I figured to try something different- rather than post a video later in each Car Style post, I will show you the video first to give you an idea of the car I will be describing lookswise. So have a look at the CR-Z below:

^ (courtesy of: The Los Angeles Times)

It's okay to think "CRaZy" when trying to talk about what the CR-Z is like. I'm sure in Honda's mind, something like this delivers what the Toyota Prius doesn't in a much more exciting-looking car. Don't let the fact that this car is a sport hybrid make you think this is a gas sipper that is just uninteresting on many levels. If you prefer a more exciting-looking CR-Z, Honda offers a MUGEN package that offers a much more aggressive look to the CR-Z. After all, MUGEN and Honda are yin and yang in making Hondas even more awesome. The suggested starting price of the CR-Z is $19,345 US dollars for the CR-Z, and the starting price for the CR-Z EX is $20,905 US Dollars. It delivers some 35 miles per gallon in the city and 39 mpg on the highway with a combined 37 combined mpg. It has a three-drive system: Normal, Sport, and ECON. Normal is the default system for driving. If you prefer to let the CR-Z show its performance, try the Sport mode. If trying to make it for work or school (or wherever) and have to do a lot of stop-and-go driving, the ECON mode may be best for you.


The exterior boasts a futuristic and sharp appearance. I see nothing wrong with its design up front. Not even the razor blade-like front grill is a deterrent to its style. The front grill and hood protrudes outward to provide an aggressive touch. Complimenting its toughness are its headlights, which somewhat have some DNA from its Acura brotheren. I do not look at this car as some kind of boy racer, though there are many who'll see this CR-Z as some Honda Civic with more put into body kits than actual performance. It has aggression right out of the showroom.

From the sides, the CR-Z is actually elegant. A beautiful set of wheels are worn on the tires. There is a touch of overfender at the four wheels while not being overly aggressive. Its aerodynamic profile is vastly elegant, if not a touch futuristic. The side profile even has the elongated tail lights as part of its side profile. It is a three-door coupe that does not disappoint in style.

The CR-Z's rear boasts visual cues similar to the Honda Insight. I think the latest Insight looks slightly more stylish at the rear than the CR-Z. The rear window door is stylish to compliment the rear design of the car. The CR-Z has what appears to be this aggressive rear valance. Almost like a diffuser. Hiding on the right-hand side under the valance is the muffler. I probably would have liked to have seen maybe a twin muffler setup within either side of the rear valance's openings or even a muffler assembly within the rear valance in the center. Otherwise, this is a great style job by Honda.


Honda's futuristic CR-Z is equally futuristic on the inside. It boasts a very postmodern interior with a great deal of digital electronics and digital readouts. Honda says its design inside is to allow for greater functionality and improving the driving experience. As someone who loves blue, I can appreciate all the blue hues in the various gauges and buttons. Almost as if you are in a spaceship than a car. It has a nice-looking steering wheel as you look at the digital instrument panel. On the far left on the driver's side are three buttons you can use to set the driving mode (mentioned earlier). Interestingly about the buttons, you can even choose between miles per hour readings and kilometers per hour by pushing a button. The tachometer lights up in a number of different hues to reflect the driving mode you are in. Blue and green colors are used for Normal and ECON modes, and red is used for the Sport mode. The center console is a bit unusual in the placement of one air conditioning vent and the navigation system. Otherwise, the rest of the car's center console design is clean. The entire dashboard is just purely futuristic and unorthodox. The seats seem pretty comfortable and sporty as you're strapped into this Honda from another lifetime. You can enjoy six-speed awesome if you opt for the six-speed manual CR-Z. If you do, you'll be pleased shifting with its aluminum shift knob with leather. Since this is a two-door car, most of the rest of the car is just extra space for you to store stuff.

Overall Thoughts on Its Looks.

The Honda CR-Z is an excitingly-styled automobile delivering a mix of sharp style and futuristic appeal. A few videos I've seen on YouTube hint that the CR-Z is nowhere near bettering the old CR-X of the past. Its style is incredibly done. Maybe not the most beautiful Honda of all time, but it is certainly more pleasing to the eye than some of Honda's recent automobiles, especially in the case of the ugly CR-V and the Accord Crosstour that I bashed in a past blog post. The CR-Z is a head-turner with its great charm and style.

If I had some sort of issue with its looks, I often wonder how much the rear view is compromised with the rear window and rear windshield design. It is compromised a touch more with the rear spoiler you can get if you get the CR-Z MUGEN.

Speaking of the MUGEN CR-Z, here is a Bonus Video for you:

When I post links, I mostly post for an American or English-speaking audience. So most of these links are for my American readers only. Learn more about the CR-Z (or build/order your own) by visiting the Honda CR-Z's official American Honda page. If you are interested in a MUGEN CR-Z from American Honda, check out the 2011 Honda MUGEN CR-Z on American Honda's website.

Thank you for reading!

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