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Florals in Fashion

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(UPDATED: March 29, 2012)

Blossom with beauty with floral prints. Some people see floral prints as a boring look for Spring/Summer. Floral prints can actually be fun for warm weather times. While most of this is focused on feminine fashion, there are even floral-type fashions for men that can be just as fun. And while I am mostly discussing floral prints, I am also discussing all other fashions that have flowers and flower designs. So this is a 2-in-1 blog post concerning all things floral and flowers in fashion. Welcome to this fashion blog post regarding florals and flowers!


MAR 29 2012 - updated look of post

--- Florals in Fashion ---

Why floral fashions? Let's look at it from this perspective. Flowers represent prosperity and beauty. They represent wholeness. There may be those who would dislike florals of any kind, but at least this is more acceptable than skulls when the whole pirate-themed thing was trendy. Florals can range from all-around floral prints to flower designs on garments. This can range from floral sundresses to floral and flower designs on swimsuits. When I show you some florals and flowers around the blogosphere, you will see many different floral designs of many kinds from many fashion bloggers I follow.

Even more interesting is if you are a girl whose name is from a kind of flower. This includes if you have a name (or some variation) like Allison, Jennifer (Gennifer), Heather, Daisy, Fleur, Jasmine, Ashley, Blossom, Chloe, Rose/Rosie/Rosario, or names like that. Being named after a flower while loving flowers and florals is just very cool.

--- Florals Around the Blogosphere ---

I should have next to no problem here with so many fashion bloggers I follow here on Blogspot. Some sort of floral prints or flower-inspired content are featured in these posts. The main criteria is on the bloggers themselves wearing certain floral fashions of some kind. There are no inspiration posts or anything like that. If the blogger is wearing something with florals or with floral influence, that post will be featured. Again- feel free to Follow any blogs you like if you aren't followed to them already. Get ready to come across a lot of floral inspirations!

Floral Inspiration: Principessa Gabriella.

The bellissima Gabriella has an entire post devoted to floral prints. This Pennsylvanian princess (which "principessa" translates to "princess" from Italian) shows off two floral looks- a floral skirt and a floral dress. Watch as Gabriella's beauty blossoms with her floral prints by reading "Fun With Florals" on Principessa Gabriella.

Floral Inspiration: Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

This beautiful flower is a lovely Irish flower with very girly charm. A very easy look of hers is a cute floral skirt paired with a top, a cardigan, and lovely ballet flats. Her beauty blooms in "OOTD: Floral crush" on Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

Floral Inspiration: Cupcake's Clothes.

(ADDED: May 14, 2011) Get a taste of this British cupcake! Plus size fashion blogger Georgina of "Cupcake's Clothes" is very playful and cute with her style. "DIYed Floral" on Cupcake's Clothes showcases some floral inspiration from the really cute Georgina.

Floral Inspiration: Curvy Girl Chic.

Allison is the name of a flower. The young fashionista behind "Curvy Girl Chic" is a girl named Allison. I am really sorry I couldn't find anything huge to feature as far as florals are concerned. However, this flower blossoms like a rose with this cute flower ring she wears. "Tea Party on the Ceiling" on Curvy Girl Chic showcases Allison's lovely look and her cute flower ring.

(ADDED: May 14, 2011) A recent blog post is even more deserving of floral consideration. In keeping with a beautiful floral theme, Allison wears a beautiful floral dress, a lovely necklace, and a lovely floral clutch. Allison's beauty blossoms proper in "playing catch up" on Curvy Girl Chic.

Floral Inspiration: Chekka Cuomova.

One of many fashionable Indonesians, Chekka Cuomova wears a delightfully cute floral dress. Chekka wears this lovely floral dress along with a stylish pair of chunky high-heel open-toe pumps with some socks or tights. Check out "For Your Precious Love" on Chekka Cuomova to see her lovely floral dress.

Floral Inspiration: fallie.

The very young Estonian fashion blogger, Tuuli, showcases a pair of floral pants she wears in this featured post. Have a look at these floral pants in "yellow wall and floral pants" on fallie.

Floral Inspiration: keiko lynn.

In one of her most recent blog posts, Keiko Lynn is 100% beautiful with this maxi dress. This young blogger's beauty is in full bloom with a lovely maxi dress and a cute pair of sandals to match. Keiko's floral beauty can be seen in "dancing on the corpses' ashes" on keiko lynn.

Floral Inspiration: glisters and blisters.

Recently voted "Blogger of the Year" by Elle, Michelle Koesnadi of glisters and blisters showcases some beautiful floral headpieces in "blush" on glisters and blisters. Watch this beautiful Indonesian flower blossom with beauty with these lovely headpieces she wears in this blog post.

Floral Inspiration: PetiteLittleGirl.

Time to check out fashion inspiration from a sweet petite named Sydney. Sydney wears two different floral outfits while looking as cute as usually does. Check out her floral style in "A quick trip to H&M" on PetiteLittleGirl.

Floral Inspiration: .a little princess..

There is a very young fashion blogger named Veren from Indonesia. You may remember I featured her in my blog post regarding confidence wearing dresses. Here is another post of hers I will feature here. This very young fashion blogger wears a cute floral dress along with a cute hat, cute oxford wedges, and some knee-length socks. Get ready for a very fun floral outfit when you read "floral, bows, and oxfords" on .a little princess..

Floral Inspiration: Suitcase full of dreams.

With a cut-out design floral sundress and a cute pair of T-strap pumps, Corrina of Suitcase full of dreams is a beautiful flower in these pictures. Her sundress is cute and a bit daring. She blossoms beautifully in "You cut out my heart" on Suitcase full of dreams.

Floral Inspiration: My Capacious Bottega.

The queen of awesomeness known as Mulika wears some palazzo pants adorned with many floral prints. That is the highlight relevant to this blog post as you check out "Tender Plants" on My Capacious Bottega.

Floral Inspiration: the autumn castle.

(added: September 14, 2011) The Autumn Castle is a blog featuring a young lady named Aelie. This Australian fashion blogger shows you her floral style with a cute dress and some equally cute flats. Let this lady share with you her royally beautiful style in "Spring Florals" on the autumn castle.

Floral Inspiration: Give Me Bows.

(added: September 14, 2011) A young blogger named Elyse has some very beautiful outfits. I don't make promises or guarantees, but I can assure you that this outfit will really captivate you. Actually... TWO outfits will be featured here. Click on the corresponding blog posts to see these two lovely looks:

• In "The Garden Gates," Elyse wears a beautiful and soft outfit. No distinct pop of color, nothing edgy... just beautiful in its unadultered form. See how beautiful Elyse is in "The Garden Gates" on Give Me Bows.

• The blog's namesake relates to bows. Here, she has another lovely outfit where she has a bow in her hair. This young beauty shines with another breezy outfit. Be tickled pink when you check out "Peachy Keen" on Give Me Bows.

To all of the bloggers mentioned (and if any are reading this blog post), I salute all of you! Hope you're enjoying my post so far!

--- Florals in Pictures ---

To discuss the diverse array of florals and floral patterns, let me show you some pictures of floral items from around the Internet. These are all pictures from around the Internet with proper credit granted to each source. I will find replacement pictures if the ones I showcase cannot be used. All are provided for educational purposes.

Floral Dresses and Skirts.

floral dress
^ from: - a beautiful floral bridesmaid dress.

floral skirt
^ from: - a cute, flared, floral skirt.

No garment with floral adornments are more classic than a floral dress or a floral skirt. Nothing can be more feminine than a cute floral dress or skirt. Any female that wants her style to blossom as beautifully as she does can wear a cute floral dress or skirt to let one's style bloom. When it comes to such garments, picking a proper top and a certain pair of shoes can also go a long way towards looking one's best. You could probably wear a black top, black tights, and black pumps while wearing a colorful, color-popping floral skirt. A good multi-color floral skirt can provide many pops of color to offset other colors on other garments.

Other Floral Bottoms.

These are bottoms besides skirts:

floral shorts
^ from: - Floral shorts worn with a cropped top.

high-waist floral pants
^ from: - a lovely pair of high-waist floral pants.

flower embroidered jeans
^ from: - These Roaman's jeans have flowers embroidered on the sides.

Florals can even pertain to various bottoms. They can be floral pants, floral shorts, or even floral jeans. A nice floral design embroidered or embellished to a pair of jeans can add a little personality to an otherwise average pair of jeans.

Floral Tops.

floral strapless tunic
^ from: - a floral strapless tunic.

Hawaiian shirt men
^ from: - Even males can show some floral chic. This is to show that florals are not exactly feminine-exclusive.

Whether for casual or dressy wear, wearing various floral tops can provide a lovely look for females and a handsome look for males. I think Hawaiian shirts for males are the most common and most popular florals worn by males. Some guys do have their own thoughts and issues on guys wearing florals. As I mentioned earlier in this section, though, I wanted to show that florals are not exactly feminine-exclusive. Guys who want to go with florals can wear florals by all means. I think a good pair of cargo shorts, jeans, or pants will go nicely with masculine floral shirts.

As for females, tops can range from T-shirts to blouses to tunics. A floral blouse is what I would probably prefer if I were a female. I'd dress it up with either a lovely mid-length skirt or some cuffed trouser short shorts (not jean short-shorts) and ankle boots. More casual floral T-shirts can certainly be dressed up with jeans. Also, don't forget a combination of a dressy floral blouse along with some classy/dressy pants.

Floral Swimwear.

^ from: - You can be fabulous with florals even on the beach. Take this American Eagle floral bikini, for instance.

It is not uncommon to see floral swimsuits. Much like Hawaiian shirts, floral swimsuits can be fun patterns to wear in beach environments. Floral chic can be had with a lovely floral swimsuit or with a variety of floral swimwear.

Floral Footwear.

floral pumps
^ from: - floral open-toe pumps that also have one open side to them.

floral Converse sneakers
^ from: - Care to be casual? This is one Converse sneaker featuring many floral designs on it.

Doc Martens floral boots
^ from: - I honestly couldn't find any good floral boots to feature besides these girly and tough Dr. Martens floral boots.

Doc Martens lace to toe oxfords flowers
^ from: - These rugged Dr. Martens oxfords are exclusively feminine. Just take note of the floral designs on the sides of these shoes to give these shoes a girly touch.

floral sandal
^ from: - floral sandals from Badgley Mischka with big floral details.

floral thong sandals
^ from: (best I could find) - ...and of course, you have floral flip-flop/thong sandals.

For those who prefer wearing flowers on their feet, there are many floral options for those who fancy floral footwear. Florals can be fun to wear even on your feet. There are many different designs and styles bearing floral patterns. The examples in this portion of this section are some of many examples.

Floral Accessories.

(just breezing through this part - no pictures posted for this part)

From handbags to jewelry to headbands, florals can be stylish and fun even with accessories. One can take a love of flowers and floral accents with a variety of different items to help spice up certain looks. You may probably have a good look set up but want to top it off with some floral accessories. With the whole Bohemian look still being trendy, many females are fascinated with wearing floral headbands with huge flowers on them.

There was a LOT of floral influence for you. Hope you enjoyed it all! :)

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For Floral Shoes and Accessories:

Thank you for reading and/or shopping! :)

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