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Suzuka Circuit

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I have to find more things to blog about. Remember that I have no field of specialization for my blog. I don't have a niche. That's even though (and this is a fact) I had initially intended this blog to be about the Gran Turismo series. So what I'm going to do is talk about motor racing tracks (to diffrentiate from horse racing tracks, which "race track" is usually closely associated with). I share how I feel about certain race tracks.

--- Suzuka Circuit ---

(most information courtesy of Wikipedia)
Suzuka Circuit is one of the oldest race tracks in Japan. It was designed as a test course by Honda in 1962. Suzuka can be found in the Mie Prefecture of Japan. It's a figure-8 racing facility that is one of the most unique racing challenges in the world (let alone Japan). The challenge this course provides is exceptional. This track has seen lots of action from many racing series including (but not limited to) Formula 1, Super GT (formerly the JGTC), Formula Nippon, Super Taikyu, MotoGP, and even NASCAR (on the Suzuka East course). What makes this course so challenging and rewarding to race on is the fact this course has so many rhythmetic sections. It also provides a great deal of eye candy as you note the amusement parks adjacent to Suzuka.

One Lap...
The track is literally a roller coaster ride as you dive into the first two corners of the Grand Prix course. You then wind your way into the esses (Turns 3 through 6) before going into Dunlop (Turn 7). Next, your reflexes need to be sharp to properly navigate Degner (Turn 8) and into Turn 9. You go under the overpass and into the hairpin (Turn 11). If racing the motorcycle course, Turn 12 features an extra kink designed to slow the motorcycles down. Everybody else blasts down the way into Spoon Curve (Turn 13), a decreasing radius left counterclockwise/anti-clockwise corner. Lead foot it down the backstretch, but you need to be ready to navigate the tricky 130R (Turn 12). You can be able to take it at full speed in fast cars. Turns 15 through 17 is is my least favorite complex- the Casio Triangle. Whether in a car or a motorcycle, SLOW is the way to go. Turns 15 and 16 are absolutely punishing. And if you don't get a good run out of Turn 16, you won't be able to power through the final turn (Turn 17) to complete one lap.

Overall, Suzuka is one of the most rewarding courses to race in the world. I love this track and all the racing that takes place here.
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