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Abusive and Controlling Men

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(UPDATED: August 19, 2011)

I hate men who make all of us men look bad. Some of the worst losers are the ones who feel like attacking the women they love is a right. No. Domestic abuse is never excusable or fair. A woman is supposed to be the queen to your castle. She is the one who completes you. Disputes will happen between a man and his lover/spouse, but NEVER should a dispute reach physical limits. I feel sorry for women who feel like they have no choice or want someone else to be with than the abusive men they are with. Just the fact that a woman is willing to put up with you and try to make things work with you is evidence she cares. Too bad most men don't care enough about the women they're with to where these men can change their abusive ways.

This blog post is a renovated blog post regarding the issue of abusive and controlling men. It was originally posted on January 6, 2010 at 11:10 PM Pacific [Standard] Time. It has been edited completely to be a new post.

WARNING: The content matter in this blog post may not be suitable for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.

--- Abusive and Controlling Men ---
abusive and controlling relationship
^ from: - No man EVER has the right to treat any woman as a slave or as propety.

Abusive Relationships: The RIGHT to Attack a Woman?

Abusive boyfriends and husbands think they have the right to attack a woman. These jerks think that when their girlfriends/fianceés/wives do thinks boyfriends/fiancés/husbands don't like, they feel like they should be able to attack the women they love like it's nothing. Well let me tell you something... you DON'T have the RIGHT to brutalize a woman. "Right" means that you have a freedom that can't be taken away from you or regulated. When these people use "right" as in "absolutely necessary or fully regulated" in regards to attacking women, that just scares the holy hell out of me. Loved ones fight and argue, but it should NEVER come to the point of viciously attacking a woman. Men who continually treat women they love like crap or like slaves should be thrown in jail (or at least counseling). There is a concept of tough love, but that is NOT tough love. That's just being a bully and a bigot.

No man EVER has any right to attack a woman. No man ever has a right to treat a woman like a slave or as property. I'm really concerned when I see shows like Maury when abusive and controlling boyfriends/fiancés/husbands basically demoralize these women like they're slaves. I hate that chauvinistic mindset that someone has the right to attack the ones they love, especially to brutal limits.

One idiot on The Maury Show said something more along the lines of, "women were brought into this world to service men." Another guy on the show even said something like "the American economy is so screwed up because of women." Some men feel like attacking women is justified. Your mother brought you into this world; would you attack even your own mother? It's just truly deplorable often times how we can live in the present, but have our minds stuck in the past. Almost as if the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 and the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (among other events) bear any significance towards women having any sense of power and suffrage.

Abusive Relationships: Delusions of Grandeur.

(added: August 19, 2011)
Basically, treating your woman in such disrespectful moods is slavery. That woman you love is a human being- not a slave, not property... a human being. Just like you! I've heard of times where a woman HAS to have sex when the guy asks for it, even if the woman is held against her will. You know what that is among a married couple? Right- spousal rape. Some men feel like they should be celebrated as higher authorities. These are men have disgraced their women so poorly that they lose self-esteem in themselves, and in any attempt to resurrect their image and rebuild their pride, they decide to treat their women like crap. Why does a woman have to suffer in this manner?

Abusive Relationships: When Children are Involved.

(added: August 19, 2011)
Abusive relationships can be even worse when children are involved. Think about what happens when lovers or spouses argue and attack each other. The children will feel like crap having to hear all the arguing. They feel uneasy to their stomach and don't want to get out and enjoy life. Not only are such men being idiots, they are also deadbeat dads. Most children would feel powerless to do anything when such arguments go on between abusive partners. The psychological trauma a child could face as a result of abusive lovers can be absolutely daunting. Imagine being so distraught that you can hardly enjoy life.

--- Abusive and Controlling Men: What if the Woman is Abusive? ---
(added: August 19, 2011)

I've spent the better part of this blog post discussing abusive men in this blog post. Now, I ask what if the abusive party... is the woman. What if the woman is the aggressor in a relationship? What if your best efforts to suppress a woman's abusive ways just don't work? I am not going to say that she deserves to be attacked. However, she would require about as much counseling as any abusive male.

The reason why I've focused on the male in the majority of this blog post is because I hear so often of men being like these God figures or these king figures that their women should somehow respect and worship as deities or political leaders. These men really set a bad example for all of us men. There's a term in psychology that describes these men- delusions of grandeur. Yeah, you're the man, but you are not God. You are not some supreme king. You are a mere mortal with only so much power and control than how you hype yourself up as.

If you do feel you're in an abusive relationship, you will want to find counseling for your loved one. Or you may try to back out of a relationship or break up with the one you love. I think many feel there's goodness within the hearts of abusive and controlling men (which is natural). But if this guy is a total jerk, do away with him. The real problem is in trying to back away from an abusive relationship with someone. What is sometimes tougher than being in a relationship with an abusive partner is having the power to end a relationship with an abusive partner. You could leave behind a whole lot when backing out of such a relationship. As Leona Lewis once sang, "it's gonna hurt, but it heals to." Think of it as addition by subtraction if you're trying to get out of a bad relationship to either be single or start anew with a hopefully better person.

Have you been in an abusive relationship? Perhaps you can offer your insight to help others who may be reading this blog post. Thank you for reading!

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(IN CASE YOU'RE INTERESTED) I did an old video on this topic long ago. Please check out my video on this issue here: "Abusive and Controlling Men," on my YouTube Channel (JohnMarineTube)
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Jordan said...

As a police officer I have seen many domestic quarrels and violence. In most cases the woman depends on the man for money and shelter so they have nothing if they leave and they end up staying with the abusive man. It's sad.

This is a very serious topic and I think you should tackle it with a youtube video. Great article or blog or whatever people are calling it these days.

John B. Marine said...

Believe it or not, I'm going to release a video right now to YouTube that I completed earlier tonight. Thank you for reading.

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