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ケミストリー You Go Your Way [ PV ]

Chemistry is a Japanese pop duo and some of my favorite males in Japanese pop. The duo of (taken from Wikipedia) Yoshikuni Dōchin and Kaname Kawabata make some great music. My respect for Chemistry began with the song, "You Go Your Way." The only other total favorite of mine from Chemistry is "My Gift to You," featuring another JPOP group I look to talk about, Skoop on Somebody.

Here are some YouTube videos featuring the sounds of Chemistry. Feel free to have a look at these YouTube videos:

* ケミストリー You Go Your Way [ PV ] (song is actually six minutes long)
* Point of No Return
* Chemistry - Floatin (HQ) (English Subs)
* It Takes Two
* Pieces of a Dream (audio quality isn't that good for this video)
* "My Gift to You" (Chemistry meets S.O.S.)

Other single Chemistry songs I like: "Running Away," "Tsukiyo" (despite the fact it's very sad sounding), "Move On," "Let's Get Together Now," and "Saigo No Yoru" among others. My only favorite song with Chemistry and another artist or group is "Two of a Kind," with Chemistry and Skoop on Somebody. Chemistry. Nothing like them.
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