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It's Not THAT Cold/Warm! Cold Weather Clothing Overkill on Cool Days

John Marine | 11/20/2009 09:15:00 PM | |
(UPDATED: December 8, 2011)

Clothing and Outfits Inconsistent With the Weather Can be a Fashionable Problem.

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A Special Note/Recommended Reading:

NOV 15 2011 - added this section (read below)

This blog post, while I do discuss mini skirts, is NOT about just mini skirts. It is a blog post about when people dress inconsistently with certain weather conditions. However, people only found this only on mini skirts when I've CLEARLY discussed mini skirts elsewhere. In fact, this pots is going to be restructured so that I can properly discuss the topic many other people find here. So PLEASE visit the link below to read a more appropriate blog post on this topic:

"Mini Skirts and Mini Dresses," here on John's Blog Space

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--- It's Not THAT Cold/Warm! ---

Dressing inconsistent with the weather lends itself to being a hot mess. You know, rain boots on a hot day or flip-flop/thong sandals on a cold day. Let's look at a few other cases of inconsistent dressing with the weather:

Jeans Tucked Into Boots.

You may have remembered me make this blog entry concerning jeans tucked into boots as a style. That would be this blog entry: Jeans Tucked Into Boots... as a Style. The premise of this blog entry was on tucking jeans into boots as a look. Despite complaining on the message boards of, I felt like I was talking to myself as I had very few (if anyone) feeling the same way about me and my views.

The look of jeans-into-boots was one I thought was only effective in climates where it's actually cold or rough to walk in (like piles of snow). Those on ranches, equestrian types, soldiers, members of law enforcement, etc. are the ONLY ones that I accept jeans/pants into boots. Then later, I thought of this look as a look of toughness. You know, more like "you can't slow me down" or something like that. I've slowly become a bit fond of jeans-into-boots, but to an extend.

Cold Weather Boots + Mini Skirts and/or Short-Shorts?

LAST CALL: If you want a proper blog post of mine on mini skirts, PLEASE visit "Mini Skirts and Mini Dresses," here on John's Blog Space. This blog post is about fashion and weather, NOT just on mini skirts.

Wearing cold weather boots, with shorts or a mini skirt is not only ugly, but terribly inconsistent with the weather. So many times before, I've seen mini skirts paired mostly with sheepskin boots (UGG makes plenty of these). I once did a YouTube video on this. But in case you need an example of mini skirt + cold weather boots, look no further than this:

mini skirt sheepskin boots
^ from: (best I could find) - Fashion inconsistency. Mini skirt = warm weather. Sheepskin boots = cold weather. Mini skirt with sheepskin boots = make up your damn mind, already!

short shorts with UGGs
^ from: - Again- fashion inconsistency. This time, shared by Britney Spears. Short shorts with sheepskin boots.

If you think the combination of sheepskin boots and a mini skirt is a terrible combination, then a major American university agrees with me. And don't tell me that you can just wear leggings or longjohns to stay warm and look semi-decent. If you visit the link I've supplemented, some note how the sheepskin boots are comfortable. However, there's comfort, then style (and common sense, obviously). Never compromise comfort for style.

One thing I read is that sheepskin boots, while plenty comfortable for cold weather, were also designed to be comfortable shoes to wear on the beach on cold days. The whole sheepskin boot craze has its roots from beach go-ers. However, it still doesn't mean that you compromise style by wearing short bottoms with cold weather boots/shoes.

Dressing Inconsistent With the Weather?

What's worse is when you see snow boots or any really cold weather boots worn when it's not that cold. When I think jeans into boots or very cold weather boots, I think miserable weather- bitter cold or miserable walking conditions. It can be about a 70° Farenheit day and not bitterly cold here in Houston... and you have some wearing really furry or warm boots like it's bitterly cold. Glamour Magazine noted in their "25 Biggest Do's and Don'ts" that you shouldn't rock ugly shoes across town. This was #22, in fact. The relevant point relates to snow boots and furry boots being worn when it isn't really cold. To make matters worse, there have been times where I've seen Bermuda shorts (which I don't really like) or some kind of short skirt paired with these boots. It's like they're being worn for style rather than something appropriate for cold weather. It's an inconsistent mix that just leads to getting your feet sweaty while dressing for weather not that cold. Only a few times have I seen jeans-into-boots that I liked.

Something really furry (whether boots or jackets or the like) when it isn't bitterly cold is just overkill. Not really stylish at all unless it's really cold. This would be great on a cold or snowy day in New York City. This would be appropriate on a bitter cold day in Tokyo. But NOT on a 65°F or 70°F day in Houston.

--- Recommended Reading ---

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Jaime said...

Ok.. I'll agree. Tim and I both comment that its funny when girls wear shorts with big boots. I'll also say as far as jeans tucked into boots, as someone who did this for the first time last December when I went to New York and Montreal with loads of snow, it is weird to do, but a must in snow like you said. When I was there, I wore those boots in New York when there wasn't snow but it was cold, and I wore the boots for warmth and could not put the jeans over them without it looking very awkward. So, I see some reasoning behind it in cases where it isn't muddy or snowy, but more convenient - not in cases where it is 60 degrees though. I will admit as well that I wear a hoodie often during the 100 degree summers in Texas, or during mildly cool days. When it is super hot in Texas, air conditioners are at full blast, so those of us who have poor circulation and get cold extremely easy, its hard to be hot outside, then freezing inside, so a hoodie just covers everything. It helps to regulate body temperature. So, I hope that doesn't come into play regarding cold weather clothing overkill:) Nice thoughts!

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