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A Dating Site... for ONLY the Beautiful?

John Marine | 11/23/2009 02:18:00 AM | |
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On Eyewitness News Tonight here in Houston on KTRH Channel 13 here in Houston, there was "A Closer Look" segment on this dating site. But it's not just another dating site- it's a dating site... for BEAUTIFUL people only! That site can be found here: Now understandably, there would be controversy on this matter for more reasons than one. What do I think about this? That's why you came to my blog. That's why you're going to have something comment about with all of your friends.

Before I share my ideas, here are a few things you need to know according to facts I've read and heard. Only people who are deemed as beautiful are allowed. People vote to see if you're beautiful. If they agree, you become accepted. If not, they want you to reapply in the future. What you see is not really what you get. There are no deals regarding honesty about personality. So you can get on there saying you love Metallica and love wearing Rocawear... when you really listen to Vanilla Ice and wear fitness clothing from the '80s. A few figures from this site claim that the most attractive people are mostly from Brazil and Sweden. The least attractive people come from Germany and Russia on that site. And back two weeks ago, the site claimed that (this is THEM saying this, not me) British people are the most unattractive people in the world. I also learned American males on this dating site are 24% of all members, and 37% American females on this site.

--- Reaction to This Concept ---
My initial reaction to this deal is... wow. Just matching up people based on outer beauty? That's stupid to me. People may say that it's good because it's a different concept. However, different doesn't always mean better. If you just assume that beautiful people date only beautiful people, then (at least in the minds of most people I deal with on YouTube), that I'd never get a girlfriend for as long as I live. I've known (speaking as a male) females of many ages with immense beauty, and then I've known females who look like males or are often mistaken for males. I've known people who are beautiful within (regardless of their exterior appearance), and those who are ugly within (regardless of exterior appearance. Why would you take part in something like this, unless you are completely desperate to find love? People have to think you're beautiful before you can even think about finding the love of your life (if you're lucky). While I don't trust dating sites, at least I'd know better than to only visit a site connecting beautiful people with other beautiful people.

On another front, what is considered beautiful to the people who set this up? The idealized male in society is heterosexual with a chiseled-from-stone body, incredibly handsome, wonderfully charming, great sex appeal, and a great personality. The idealized female in society would be one with a slender or fit body, beautiful face, lovely hair, lovely voice, great sense of fashion, and things like that. The reason why I'm upset with this is because dating sites are about matching up others based on INTERESTS, not beauty. Beauty is a secondary factor, but interests are most important. What good is compatibility when you're only focused on beauty? There are beautiful people with ugly hearts and personalities. There are ugly people with beautiful hearts and personalities. Why base things on beauty and not on honesty? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why base a dating site around beauty and for hooking up beautiful people? Even if there was a dating site for ugly people to hook up with other ugly people, I'd still be upset because the point of dating sites is in uniting interests.

Think about it this way- I would have a lot less friends if I only focused on meeting beautiful people. Even fewer friends if people only became friends with me if they think I'm beautiful too. People should be connected on interests. You have to really KNOW someone before marrying (let alone dating) them. That's why I don't believe in love at first sight. I want to actually meet people who I may be connected to before thinking about dating or even marrying someone. Just a silly profile (that's probably fake) and a picture of you isn't enough and shouldn't be enough for you to be convinced you're in love. I guess the main point here is that real beauty comes from within.

What do you make of this thing? Send me some comments if this topic is of interest to you. Take care, everyone! :-)
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