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Sometimes, I Wish I Had a Macintosh and iMovie...

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When making videos for YouTube, there's one thing I greatly admit- iMovie so "pwns" Windows Movie Maker. iMovie is NOT Windows-compatible. So you almost have to have an Apple computer of some kind just to get to use good Apple programs.

--- Why Should You Care: iMovie ---
"Why should you care?" has been my trademark for videos about motorsports events. Well here is a "Why Should You Care" about iMovie...

MANY MORE FEATURES than Windows Movie Maker. I always initially thought that Windows Movie Maker and iMovie were both inexpensive and basic programs to make movies or videos with. While that's true, WMM is completely basic. A thing about Microsoft programs is that they are very basic for everyone to use and make the most of things. However, they can be TOO basic to where those with lots of creativity aren't able to fully express themselves in any such way. iMovie allows you to have all kinds of wonderful effects ranging from various text effects to various colorful effects. See for yourself in this video, which can also be seen in HD if you follow this link:
"iMovie '09 Demo Reel", by thecreativeone

Key effects for my simplistic work include fading subtitles (you don't get this with WMM), stylish patterned backgrounds, and just a real bevy of special effects that Windows Movie Maker just doesn't allow you to have to express your creativity all the further. Even some interesting title effects can be had with this deal. Look at the Boogie Lights, Organic Main, Organic Lower, Lens Flare, Sideways Drift, Vertical Drift, Pixie Dust, and things like this. The video transitions are also outstanding. You could certifiably make true movies with this.

Maybe I take it that iMovie is to Apple as Windows Movie Maker is to Windows as far as a basic, already available program. Of course, I don't own an Apple PC. So how the bloody hell would I know about what's available right away for a Mac?

• iMovie also seems much easier to use and more intuitive than WMM. You seem to have better control over deleting scenes and adding effects than you do with Windows Movie Maker.

--- WMM vs. iMovie: No Contest! ---
This video offers a great view of what makes iMovie worlds apart from Windows Movie Maker:

"Windows Movie Maker vs. iMovie - showdown!", by sweeney3269

--- Why Haven't I Made the Switch? ---
There are a few reasons why I'm not considering getting a Mac. I HATE when people say they want a system just to play one game. I believe you need to be convinced fully with a product from basic items to all the different addons. In other words, don't buy an XBOX 360 if you're just going to play Forza Motorsport 3 if you're not happy with any other available games, devices, and things thereof (including XBOX Live). I'm not going to look into going from PC to Mac just to use one program. I'm more content with a Windows PC than just getting a Mac. A better alternative would be to just get a Mac laptop or something while still being able to use my Windows PC. But even then, I need to be really CONVINCED I can use and enjoy any Apple computer or laptop and be able to use and purchase certain extra things to enhance my experience. So that's what it boils down to- convinced to get a product, be willing to spend extra money to get more things to enhance my experience, and be overall satisfied.

Until then, I just hope for something that works within the boundaries of my 2005 Windows (with Win XP, obviously) PC.

People say to get Sony Vegas or something instead for my Windows PC. Problem is, not many programs actually fit my PC specifications, especially the RAM requirements. Many programs now require 512 MB RAM or more. I still have just under 5 GB of PC memory left, but I am considering getting an external hard drive (like the ones from Seagate) to port over a few things. I have games like rFactor that take up about 11 GB in modifications and such from my 40 GB hard drive.

And it isn't like I can go get the latest edition of Sony Vegas (all $300 USD or $600 USD of it). I will likely need to hit up eBay or Amazon to pick up previous versions of good programs. Remember that I don't have a glorious PC capable of HD video and such. In so, I have to do everything at my own pace. Since I'm a one-man-army on YouTube (and even here on Blogspot), don't expect ANYTHING spectacular of mine. Spectacular, in the respect of visually-impressive and audio-impressive material.

Sometimes... I wish I had iMovie. But I'll still go with Windows Movie Maker because (I'm going to get some negative reaction for this, but I'm ready) this is all I have, and it's better than nothing. Thank you for reading!

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