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My YouTube Inspirations

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The video is below:

Direct Link: "My YouTube Inspirations"

If you haven't seen my video on YouTube that I posted above, I mentioned three channels that inspire me. And perhaps to get more female viewers, all three channels are female. So check out why I selected them as I mention them in better detail.

--- Inspiration: Community Channel ---
YouTube: Community Channel

Since subscribing almost 3/4 of a year ago, Natalie Tran (the creator and host of her channel) provides outstanding sketch comedy. Hailing from beautiful Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; her channel is easily the best in the Asia-Pacific and also the best in Australia. Most of her videos concern things we can all relate to in life. Her comedic take on lots of things are why I aspire and admire her work. After each video, she makes shoutouts to people and also talk about recent comments to videos she's made. This segment is known as "Porno Music/Comment Time."

Why the Inspiration?
* For one thing, she can make a video on almost anything and generate so many views in so little time. A video may not even be up for as many as three or five hours, and it will have already generated 300+ views. And after a week or so, the video ends up with over five-figure or six-figure view counts.

* Another reason why I admire her is because she has a level of success I wish I had. So you could say that her level of talent is something I greatly admire. Natalie has been on YouTube for over three years, so it isn't like she became an overnight success. Her level of success and her fan base is something I wish I had. Anyone who has a YouTube channel who thinks they should be among the best channels... look to communitychannel on YouTube.

* Finally, I'd say that her ability to generate opinions from the public is something I also admire. I do some discussion-type videos at times, but never really able to generate so much support.

--- Inspiration: NDTitanLady ---
YouTube: NDTitanLady

From one Natalie to antoher... Natalie of NDTitanLady is a YouTube channel delivering her own funny takes on various things. She also has a bunch of material people can relate to. What I think is different about NDTitanLady from communitychannel is that NDTitanLady also tries to incorporate fun games. For example, see her videos about the Chubby Bunny game, the clothespin game, and things like that. She incorporates a lot of fun material into her videos. This young Filipina (or "Pinay" in common culture) does a great job expressing herself and stops at nothing to deliver smiles.

Why the Inspiration?
* I am most drawn to her multimedia work. In some of her very first videos, she used the same player/editor that I currently use- Windows Movie Maker. She's since moved to Mac and using Final Cut... Express or something. The way she does her videos really fancies me greatly. It's the kind of control I wish I had for my videos.

* On a different level, being able to have stuff offered to her and being able to take part in certain programs has also interested me. Maybe at times, I'm not really more about doing sponsored sweepstakes or anything, or doing videos for major websites and companies... but it's great to know that even major sponsors play a role in things.

* The fact she has a song has even gotten me inspired to come along with my own song. Some of my older videos feature my little song that I did using tracker software.

--- Inspiration: hotforwords ---
YouTube: hotforwords

Marina Orlova is the beautiful Russian whom shares the origin of words. It is safe to say that she may have the most educational YouTube channel, while also providing a service in her own entertaining way. Her traditional greeting, "hello, my dear students!" is one way she introduces herself to her loyal viewers and subscribers. The way she talks about the origin of words is so interesting and understandable that you become a smarter person just by watching her videos.

Why the Inspiration?
* Marina provides a service for others in her own, unique way. That's what I do in my videos. My "service" varies depending on the topic of the video.

* I also admire her because she's the star and host of her own videos, expressing things the way only she can. Even before eventually subscribing to hotforwords, her very first video was just Marina in a room sharing her insight on words the way only she can. Even before the fame and popularity and green screen effects, it was just her in her room, offering the service of sharing the origin of words to others. And myself... in my room, sharing my mind on whatever I so please.

So there are three of my notable inspirations. Thanks for reading.
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