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Because of recent disappointment with the latest WinAmp models, and because I've had enough with jetAudio being slow on me, I needed to try something different for listening to music. So I downloaded foobar2000 recently. I am still working with foobar2000 to make the most of what it has to offer. Some people have gone from using the iTunes program to using foobar2000. For now, though, I think foobar2000 is very customizable and capable. It's a lovely program from what I was able to try out so far.

^ from: - foobar2000.

If you want to test drive foobar2000 (which is completely free), visit foobar2000's official home page. It is only available for Windows platforms. Perhaps I will update this blog post with more findings and things to talk about using foobar2000.

UPDATE (12/6/2010): If you want to install components for foobar2000, you will need to visit the foobar2000 components page.
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