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There are many kinds of sunglasses for males and females ranging from novelty to fashionable. There are various kinds of lenses and different size sunglasses. Sunglasses should be appropriate for however much protection from UV rays and very bright sunlight as you please. They can be good for things ranging from beating the heat to (I admit) looking cool.

You came to this blog entry to read up on sunglasses. Later in this blog entry, I will show you some sunglasses on Amazon you might be interested in if you loved reading my blog entry. I, of course, want you to be able to have your own fashionable and fun sunglasses as temperatures warm up.


JUN 16 2015 - multiple edits and updates

--- Types of Sunglasses ---

Sunglasses vary in style, function, and in levels of protection for your eyes. This section highlights

Basic Sunglasses.

basic sunglasses
^ from: - This is what I'll define as basic. These are just average sunglasses that aren't really super-stylish or whatever.

Fashion Sunglasses.

fashion sunglasses male
^ from: - Sunglasses for men.


fashion sunglasses female
^ from: - Fashion sunglasses.

Fashion sunglasses do more than just protect your eyes. In fact, they add some style to your overall look. The first pair is a pair of men's fashion sunglasses, and the bottom pair is obviously a women's pair of sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses.

aviator sunglasses
^ from: - Aviator sunglasses have been the most popular sunglasses as of late. They exude super-chic style for both males and females.

Jackie-O Sunglasses.

Jackie-O Sunglasses
^ from: - Also affectionately known as bug eye glasses, the Jackie-O sunglasses are named after the glasses made famous by Jacqueline Onassis. Many think that wearing sunglasses that dominate your face look ugly. Some even think that this is just overkill when looking for adequate protection for your eyes. They've become popular since about five years ago, though they've been around for much longer.


wayfarer sunglasses
^ from: - The most common kinds of sunglasses are wayfarers, like the ones above that I've seen on

Luxury Sunglasses.

luxury sunglasses
^ from: - Luxury sunglasses are sunglasses from luxury brands. They are some of the best sunglasses money can buy for those willing to splurge for a hot pair of sunglasses. They can be the best way to beat the heat while also looking your best.

Novelty Sunglasses.

novelty sunglasses
^ from: - Most novelty sunglasses are just that- novelty. They are glasses you can wear casually and for fun. Many of these novelty sunglasses come in very unique designs and even with colored lenses. The likelihood of me covering novelty sunglasses is not very likely.

Sunglass Clips and Trans.

sunglass clips
^ from: - If you wear regular glasses like I do, and if you don't want to switch from regular glasses to sunglasses, this is a better alternative. I have my own pair of metal sunglass clips that attach cleanly to my glasses.

The most important thing to remember about sunglasses is to find a pair that you can happily and safely wear on bright and sunny days. You want as much protection for your eyes as possible. Find some sunglasses that fit your style and your needs.

--- Sunglass Alternatives: Sunglass Clips and Transition Lenses ---

If you wear regular glasses like I do, you may opt to go with clips for your glasses rather than have to continually switch from reading glasses to sunglasses. This is a convenient solution that still gives you the same amount of protection on sunny days. I have a pair of sunglass clips that I use to clip onto my glasses. The effectiveness of these sunglass clips are about the same as an average pair of sunglasses. Just remember to have your carrying case or glasses sock with you to store your sunglass clips.

Another alternative to sunglasses are transition lenses. You'll need to chat with your eye doctor about switching your lenses from regular lenses to transition lenses. Transition lenses will quickly change in response to the amount of light in a given area. So when it's bright and sunny outside, the lenses change color to help shield your eyes from the bright sunlight without the need to grab your sunglasses.

Thanks for reading my blog entry so far on sunglasses. I've provided a page break because the remainder of this blog entry concerns sunglasses you might be interested in from Amazon. I will use Amazon to find sunglasses you might like based on my findings and searches. If you want a pair of sunglasses for yourself, please read on to see the rest of my blog entry. If you want some real sunglasses, keep reading after the Page Break. If you don't want to read this entire blog entry, then I thank you for reading. I want to offer you my thanks by showing you some novelty sunglasses on Amazon. If you enjoyed my blog entry, here's my way of saying thanks to you:

If you want to see some REAL sunglasses you can buy, I recommend you read on! :) Well?

--- Sunglasses on Amazon ---

NOTE: This section contains links to Amazon products. You are welcome to click on images and links to learn more about each item. You are free to order any items featured in this section or in any widget if you choose. Please see "An Important Amazon Note" in my blog's sidebar to see more information on any Amazon items shown.

The majority of glasses I'll feature in this section are for men, juniors, and women. I want to feel like my blog entry has meant something to you. So what I always try and do is show you some items on Amazon relevant to the blog topic (sunglasses, in this case). I want you to be able to have a pair of sunglasses you will likely enjoy. So please take a look at each item below. If you see something you like, click on it and buy it if you are really happy with it. I would appreciate it if you do purchase these items if you see something you like. Widgets will be supplemented at the end of this blog entry with more sunglasses that may interest you. If any items are no longer available, I will regularly update this blog entry (as well as my other fashion-themed blog entries) with more content.

If I didn't want you to have your own items by shopping online, I wouldn't have gone to the extents that I've gone to chat about sunglasses. PLEASE feel free to purchase anything you like from this blog entry and any of my other blog entries with Amazon products. A thing I'd like to add is that all or most of these sunglasses come with their own free sunglass cases. So if you want a pair of sunglasses for your own, you probably won't have to purchase a carrying case or anything because most (or all) of these glasses have their own cases.

Various Sunglasses.

Let me find some sunglasses for males and females. This is just a general bunch of sunglasses. Some items here may also be for both males and females.

^ Both high quality and inexpensive, these Blues Brothers wayfarers offer protection up to UV400. You can be assured that you'll look great while also shielding your eyes nicely. Four colors are available for these.

^ These are aviator sunglasses with mirrored lenses. The lenses provide up to UV400 protection. These are very stylish glasses for the stylish fellow.

^ Consider getting this pair of sunglasses if you play sports. The JiMarti JM01 ("JM" does NOT stand for "John Marine!") sunglasses have an unbreakable frame and comes in nine different lovely styles.

^ Rock these Rock Star shades from G&G if you fancy '80s-type sunglasses.

^ Do you listen to a lot of MP3s? These sunglasses allow you to listen to your favorite MP3 songs while also keeping your eyes protected from bright sun rays. The sunglasses come with their own earbud headphones that can be flipped up when you're not wanting to listen to music. These sunglasses from Vision have 2 gigabytes of Flash memory, and MP3s can be added via USB or Bluetooth technology. These glasses are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Click on the above graphic to learn more about these MP3 sunglasses. They only come in black.

These were just a sample of men's and women's sunglasses in this blog entry. I'll have many more throughout this blog entry. For now, it's time to talk women's sunglasses.

Various Sunglasses: Women (and Juniors).

Remember- this is only a general assortment of feminine sunglasses. I'll feature many more in categories later in this blog entry. (Some sunglasses here may also be for men)

^ These aviators from Ray-Ban

^ Though on the expensive side, these Oakley hinder sunglasses for women are very cute and compliment the style of the fashionable diva. Pick these up if you want a sexy pair of shades to match your sexy style!

^ The G by GUESS logo sunglasses feature metallic "G" designs on the sides. They only come in one size and feature three different colors for these.

^ While you can't be Jackie Kennedy Onassis, you can have some of her style. These oversized glasses come in two different colors. The stylish of girls (used loosely) will be even more stylish with shades like these. These are shades by Urban Boundaries.

^ While these are oversized glasses, they are also unisex sunglasses. I just can't see a guy wearing glasses like these. They are from Ray-Ban only in one size.

^ Very girly and cute, you'll fall in love with these heart glasses from Gravity Shades. They come in three different colors.

^ Love what you see out of these Fun and Funky heart-shaped sunglasses. They offer 100% UV Protection. Who says you can't look cute in a pair of novel, yet functional sunglasses? You can have your cake and eat it too with these sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses.

These are aviator sunglasses on Amazon that you might like. You are free to buy any sunglasses you like here. They are men's and women's aviators. Some items may be unisex, meaning they can be worn and enjoyed by both males and females.

^ Why have one cool pair of shades when you can have three? G&G provides a pack of three aviator sunglasses. Nine different color choices are available for you to pick the ones you'll be happiest with. Certainly a must for the sunglasses lover.

^ The RB 3025 aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban come in a multitude of sizes and colors, so you're sure to find the pair best suited for you and your face. You should click on the above graphic to learn more about these sunglasses and all the available sizes and colors for them.

^ Full mirrored aviator sunglasses from Elite will give you some style for these inexpensive aviators. These can be stylish for any man or woman.

^ If it's a sexy pair of aviator-type shades are what you're looking for, JiMarti may have you covered with these aviators. Three different colors are available for these sexy sunglasses.


Oversized/Onassis Glasses.

Here are a bunch of oversized sunglasses. Or for haters of these, bug eye glasses.

^ Oversized sunglasses from Saka's provide girly charm. They come in four different color frames and three different color lenses. Want some shades as cute as you are? These may be your sunglasses!

^ These sunglasses from Private Island features tattoo designs on the sides.


Wayfarers are the topic of discussion in this section. These are all based on a search I did on Amazon with a variety of

^ Here is a three-pack of wayfarers because after all, three is a lot better than one. They are all black.

^ Ray-Ban's RB2132 wayfarers come in five different sizes and over 32 different colors. Check out each color to see what sizes are available for these. These wayfarers start at about $70 USD. Pay up!

^ Super dark wayfarers from G&G will give you some groovy cool. And also... some '80s style. They only come in the super dark color they come in.

^ These are neon wayfarers for both adults and kids. There are 38 colors for these including regular sunglass lenses and clear lenses.

Sunglass Clips.

If you wear glasses like I do, you can be able to clip on sunglasses to give your eyes protection on bright days. I'm not going to be able to show you transition lenses. That's something you'll need to have to discuss with your eye doctor. Be sure to know what size what size glasses shape and size you have before considering getting any. Instead of just individual ones, here is a widget for you showing off many clip-on sunglasses. Find a pair that interests you the most:

Luxury Sunglasses.

My final section concerns luxury sunglasses. Feel free to rock some style with these sunglasses. This is where you will see a number of name-brand sunglasses. I'll be sure to cover relatively inexpensive sunglasses, and of course... those you can't (and probably won't afford). All of this is in the interest of getting more support from my readers and viewers. Your pair of luxury-type sunglasses may be in this section. So have a look below!

^ Marc by Marc Jacobs features these resin sunglasses for women. What stylish girl wouldn't want a name like Marc by Marc Jacobs around their faces? These glasses come in four different colors and comes with their own carrying case.

^ Are you a Dior girl? These Dior shades are deliciously fabulous. Give your head sweet style by sporting these lovely Dior glasses.

^ Here are some Gucci sunglasses por hommes (for men). Three colors are available for the stylish and handsome male who wants a hot pair of sunglasses.

^ Christian Dior's Diorita sunglasses come in two different colors and would look beautiful on any stylish femme. Be sure to check these out if you want a sweet pair of shades, like these two-tone sunglasses.

^ These are sunglasses from Ralph Lauren in four different lovely color styles.

^ Here are some Tommy Sunglasses. Tommy who? Tommy Hilfiger. THAT'S who. Show some Tommy chic with these shades.

^ From COACH, these Samantha glasses feature Swarovski crystals on them. COACH sunglasses with Swarovski crystals on them? To quote a famous socialite... that's hot! Get yourself these shades if they tickle your fancy.

^ Every girl should be two things- classy and fabulous. These are Chanel sunglass with rhinestones. After all, nothing says classy and fabulous like Chanel, and these glasses are both at the same time. Are you classy and fabulous? Your sunglasses are right here.

^ GUCCI style can be had with these sunglasses. Three colors are available for these shades if you want to pick these up.

Now let's ramp things up with much more expensive sunglasses. After all, this section is about LUXURY sunglasses, after all! :P

^ I didn't know Roberto Cavalli made sunglasses until seeing these. These are the Demodoco sunglasses, available in two different colors. Let your inner diva shine with these lovely shades.

^ Believe it or not, these sunglasses carry the name of a famous auto maker- Porsche. That's right. These are the P8440 sunglasses from Porsche Design. Shield your eyes from bright sun rays in style from Porsche Design.

^ You probably can't afford these unless you're a celebrity (or celebrity in the making). The Western/S sunglasses from Christian Dior only come in Light Gold with Brown gradient lenses.

^ Solidify your status as a rich and successful woman with these Giorgio Armani sunglasses. Armani is a name you do not mess with in regards to high-end luxurious items. These shades are no different. Either get these if you have the money, or always feel free to window-shop.

^ Here are some aviator sunglasses from Chrome Hearts. They may not look all that expensive, but they are. Enjoy what these glasses have to offer as you shape your face stylishly with these.

^ These sunglasses are from Dolce & Gabbana's Precious collection. D&G Precious provides these glasses for the delightful femme who has money to burn and socialite status to maintain.

^ Finally, I present you the most expensive sunglasses from a search I did on Amazon. Chrome Hearts makes these sunglasses. These shades go by the name of "The Beast." Their price is purely beastly. Needless to say, don't break these or drop these down a storm drain. That is... unless you want these $1,000+ USD sunglasses to go away in a moment's notice...

That concludes this section. I have two little item of honorable mention to close out this section:

^ (Honorable Mention) - These are a bunch of shutter shades. Six different shutter shades will be available to you along with one guaranteed white pair of shades if you get this. Whatever colors you get will be at random if you decide to purchase this.

^ (Honorable Mention) Here is a T-shirt with four neon shutter shades on them. So you can wear shutter shades, but also wear them on your shirt. Sizes for this shirt range from Small to XXX-Large. I am assuming they are for both males and females.

Didn't find the sunglasses you like? Then please use my widget below to find many more sunglasses of multiple kinds. You are free to buy anything that interests you and that you want. I figure you get a pair to show you appreciate my blog entry and the tireless efforts of mine to find these sunglasses to showcase. Just click on any sunglasses that interest you most (or even want to buy). None good on one page? Browse this widget to find the sunglasses that you'll love most. Thank you for reading, now here is the widget for more sunglasses:

Thank you again for reading! Read, comment, subscribe... just thanks for reading!

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