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Floppy Hats

John Marine | 2/26/2010 02:05:00 AM |
(UPDATED: July 9, 2012)

With Spring coming up, I think it's time to talk about floppy hats. Because when the sun beats down on you, one way to keep your head cool is with a good hat. A floppy hat can be great to help stay cool on warm days. Or for you ladies, stay cool while looking hot! Speaking of my female audience... the right kind of floppy hat can be cute. I personally don't mind cold weather. But for those of you who can't wait for warmer weather, let me give you a lift here.


JUL 9 2012 - made several edits, added new ShopStyle widgets

--- The Floppy Hat at a Glance ---

The only celebrity I really know of that sports the floppy hat is Ashley Judd. I still remember watching some races in the IndyCar Series whereas Ashley Judd wears her very cute floppy hat. The right kind of hat can help you stay cool. Some may even grant you extra protection from the sun. A hat with a wider brim can grant you better protection as your head and neck cool. Think about wearing a hat that's durable and cool for both your head and your neck. While they may look goofy to some people, some floppy hats can actually be very cute for females and plenty functional for guys. Here are a few floppy hats to set the mood for this blog entry:

big floppy hat
^ (from: The big floppy hat above is cute, stylish, and functional.

big floppy hats
^ (from: Three big floppy hats here along with three outfits to wear them with.

big floppy hat beach
^ (from: This is a big floppy beach hat. You can probably wear some sunglasses underneath for some extra cute. That's probably even if you're wearing a pair of big sunglasses.

extremely big floppy hat!
^ (from: This one... is a bit extreme. It's probably a floppy hat for if your face is too good to be shown to the public eye or if you want sunlight protection for your head and neck, but also your upper back too. It's probably not recommended to wear this hat when doing limbo or something.

cute floppy hat
^ (from: Here is a casual and cute floppy hat.

There are floppy hats for men as well. Sadly, I couldn't find any I like that I can actually feature.

--- What to Wear With a Floppy Hat? ---

You can wear almost anything warm-weather or hot-weather appropriate. It can be a T-shirt, some long shorts, sandals or sneakers, and a floppy hat for the males. It can be a spaghetti strap tank top, short-shorts, flip-flop sandals, and the floppy hat for the females. It all depends on you.

Here's a little look I think I nice for ladies. If you want a nice look, I would probably go with a lemon yellow dress, a blue denim jean bolero or denim jean vest, either dark brown gladiator sandals or cowboy boots, and a big floppy hat. This look is kind of in the realm of prairie or country chic, only without purely overdoing it.

How cute can floppy hats be for femmes? Check out this video of randomness:

^ Told you they can be fun and cute...

If you like your own floppy hat, I'm willing to share with you some on Amazon.

--- Floppy Hats Online ---

(EDITED: July 9, 2012)
Enjoyed this post and want to support my work? Then take a look at these items online! This is my way of giving back to all of you for reading and supporting my work. You may find these floppy hats on Amazon or on ShopStyle.

Floppy Hats on Amazon:

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Added: July 15, 2010 I've made a new blog entry on John's Shop Space (my secondary blog) featuring a Search Widget with all available floppy hats on Amazon. Visit my secondary blog or read on after the Jump Break.

Thank you for reading!

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