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Rebecca Black

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(UPDATED: June 10, 2012)

Rebecca Black is someone whom just came out of nowhere for many people. I read about her looking through the July/August edition of Teen Vogue magazine. Here is someone who just came mostly out of nowhere to gain stardom. Here is someone who is basically a High School student from Orange County, California, USA who comes up with a record deal and a song. Next thing you know it, she gets some crazy face time. How has the public responded? Depending on who you ask, Rebecca has gotten everything from praise from others... and insults from many others. This blog post is about a recent star whom you either love or loathe.

Just so you know, "John's Blog Space" is not a taboo blog. All of what I post is in a professional and non-defamatory fashion. You can look elsewhere online if you want to post or find hateful material regarding this topic. Now, let's begin.

--- Rebecca Black ---

Let the (born: June 21, 1997)-year old introduce herself briefly to you:

If you want to read the Teen Vogue piece on Rebecca Black, then open the following link in a new window or tab: "Overnight Sensation: Rebecca Black" on Teen Vogue.

My Moment.

This video below is "My Moment" from Rebecca Black:

When I saw this video preparing this blog post, there were 179,148 "likes" and 325,515 "dislikes." I actually liked "My Moment."


I was going to post "Friday" in my blog, but according to a dispute last month, it was removed from YouTube because of a dispute involving the legal rights of the "Friday" song. So because of this, I did not post a video of "Friday" from Rebecca Black to my blog. You can go to YouTube and search "Rebecca Black Friday" to see the video and hear the song. Or if you're too lazy to use a YouTube search, I did the hard work for you. So check it out: "Rebecca Black Friday" search results on YouTube.

I'll admit... I don't like this song. It just does not sound like anything enjoyable or anything even worth putting on the radio or on TV. On the other hand, it doesn't sound annoying to where I'd rather (do something that gets me injured or killed) than listen to this song. For example, I'd rather hear this than "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, which is extremely annoying though people love the heck out of "Barbie Girl."

(ADDED: November 25, 2011) Kohl's decided to make its own version of Rebecca Black's "Friday" song, but the song is about Black Friday. It sounds even worse than the original "Friday" song!

--- Why Do People Hate Rebecca Black? ---

One person even said (as I read from Teen Vogue): "I hope you get an eating disorder so you look pretty." Rebecca Black is a beautiful young lady. That's my problem with most people- so quick to judge someone negatively. That's why my YouTube channel doesn't have as many subscribers as it could have. A number of artists have some synth effects with some great effects, so what the heck makes Rebecca Black any different?

The big problem is that people just find every reason to dislike anybody. Rebecca Black's "My Moment" is something that could be easily appreciated by Disney-type pop singers. She even admits to being bullied and not letting it stop her from what she loves- music and dance. If anything, Rebecca's influence to do what you love and not let anyone bring you down should be warranting of RESPECT. I shudder to imagine why loving to sing and dance is worth being hated on for. I've never met Rebecca Black, but I'm sure if I did, she'd probably be a much better person than what most people make of her. And if I didn't like her music, I wouldn't go on a spat everywhere online talking about how bad she is.

What has Rebecca Black done to warrant so much dislike? It's not like she did some viral video that has disgusting content. It isn't like she participated in some raunchy or rowdy behavior just to get noticed (like when celebrities do sex tapes). She isn't posting spam. Let's look at it- Rebecca gets herself a record deal, records a song, posts a video... and more than 75% of ratings to her videos have DISlikes? Okay... "Friday" is a terrible song to me, but let's not make her out to be like Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. I don't think Rebecca Black's "My Moment" song is bad at all, really. I've heard MUCH worse, much more annoying, much more pathetic songs that are somehow loved by many people. "My Moment" is actually a pretty cool song. People just... somehow make it seem like Paris Hilton has better singing talent than Rebecca Black. And people think Rebecca Black is ugly? She's beautiful!

Still, Why the Hate?

Why do people, then, hate on her? As you may have realized, I haven't answered my own question yet. People probably just get bored and find something to hate on. Hate must be necessary to survive for most people, I guess. A record company gave a crap about her to where she can become noticed. You don't have to like Rebecca Black's music, but at least this is a platform to help her get noticed. Anyone would jump at the opportunity to become famous if that is one's ambition. Also, she did it the right way. Rebecca didn't make a fool out of herself on YouTube just to get noticed. Somehow, it's just not good enough. Rebecca is somehow a no-talent who won't amount to anything in the music world according to most people. People have already made a bunch of parody videos and posted all kinds of hateful messages about her. For some people, Rebecca Black is like a dartboard for haters, and every last hater just wants to hurl darts through the air and onto that dartboard. Why, though?

It's like when I did my blog post on Lady Gaga. A loyal reader mentioned Lady Gaga's great qualities but questions why so many people dislike Lady Gaga for some reason. Almost as if people try to care about things, but ultimately go into hate mode. Shame. There are surely many names in the realm of pop music whom have either distinguished themselves or seem like copies of other pop stars. Still, I fail to see how people can hate such a young singer just doing what she loves. It is okay to love or hate her music. What is NOT okay, though, is getting on her like she is a waste of time. Okay- Rebecca came out of nowhere and may not be warranting of the attention she's getting. That doesn't mean, however, that she has to be every hater's voodoo doll or dartboard. The only rant I've really given is that "Friday" is a poor song.

Otherwise, I can't explain why there's so much hate for Rebecca Black. Here on "John's Blog Space," I don't use my time to attack things in an unapologetic manner. You are not going to see me post my own pictures meant to make fun of others because I'm not like that.

--- What I Would Tell Rebecca Black (if she read this) ---

Just keep doing what you love. I can speak as a YouTube director and as a blogger- people have hated me, and people have REALLY hated me. I never realize when I could be hurting someone so severely for just doing what I love and not doing anything to hurt anyone. People just find any sort of way to dish out hate and for whatever reason or reasons. The reason why I am so defensive of you is because I know how people can be when they find every reason to dislike someone/something rather than find enough reasons to actually like someone/something. You have done absolutely nothing to infuriate or desecrate people. You simply posted some of your music video content, and the general Internet's reaction is that of dislike.

If anything... Rebecca Black, you should be heralded as a heroine for the young generation for speaking your mind and doing what you love. Doing what you've done and going as far as you've gone so far could possibly take your career further. Who am I to stop you from enhancing your music career and going further in life? I extend you my best wishes if you choose to continue and advance your music career. Speaking as a YouTube user, there are a number of people who can be totally disparaging and disrespectful. You can't let them get to you, though. "Haters gonna hate." Just remember whose lives you've touched with your influence.

Outside of music, I wish you the best in life, school, and all other aspects important to you. Just keep up the great work in and away from music. Best wishes to you in all endeavors you take part in.

Would I Want to Meet Rebecca Black (if given the chance)?

Sure. I wonder if she would appreciate my comments and opinions...

The general consensus from comments I've received is that Rebecca Black isn't a good singer and that some don't hate her at all. However, many agree that the hate and insults on her are absolutely unwarranted. For example, I've NEVER liked Avril Lavigne's music, but I don't go around flooding message boards and such expressing hate. Some people are probably bored and just want to find some way to pass the time- so some choose hating on a singer who has done absolutely nothing to hurt anyone, even if making poor-sounding music to peoples' ears.

Love or loathe Rebecca Black, at least honor her for taking part in doing what she loves, even if you don't like her or her music. I guess what is most disgusting is how some people can't appreciate someone who follows his/her dreams, as long as those dreams don't involve anything objectionable or borderline criminal. Rebecca Black has been getting an unwarranted bad rap from people. I didn't know that living a dream and having your time in the spotlight is a BAD thing for most people. I thought most people would enjoy the moment of getting famous and doing what you love. For some people, though, it is anything but enjoyable.

For more on Rebecca Black, visit these links:

Rebecca Black's Official Home Page
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Rebecca Black's YouTube Channel

Thank you for reading!

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