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Screw Up (or Screwup)

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Ever feel like you bring bad luck to everything? Ever feel like you are cancer to a certain group of people? Being a screw up (and being recognized as one) ruins your self-esteem around others. Almost as if you potentially ruin everything you touch and affect, thereby making you feel unimportant. If you know you are a better person, but still get treated like you fail at everything, it is almost as if you are a time bomb- an impending explosion of failure is due to strike at any time. If you are already doing good, chances are, you'll choke and end up losing or looking stupid failing. This blog post will be my attempt at discussing being a screwup.

Basics of Screwing Things Up.

When someone feels like all they do is screw up and fail, their own self-esteem makes them completely vulnerable to failure. Depending on how one takes somehow screwing things up, one can feel like they are always failures or that whatever they do is not good enough. It is a feeling where disappointment reigns supreme no matter how much we try to do things right. This is basically a feeling where you are bound to fail no matter how many times you try to AVOID failing. No one person ever wants to be thought of or regarded as a failure. Some people, though, just become attached to one's screwups than what makes them otherwise great people. This all goes back to why I even discuss disappointment- I've been a disappointment to people for one reason or another. Where most YouTube people would laugh at my problems, I chose to try to empower others with my insight. That's why I love my blogging audience more than most YouTube idiots.

Trying to Remain Positive.

The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT a screwup no matter how many things you break or fail at. The worst feeling in the world is to feel like nobody cares about you, or at least don't see you as anyone capable enough to perform a task successfully. In addition, you can not be bound to your own disappointments. The beautiful thing about us humans is that we can change what we are not good at. If we are overweight, we cut down on pork rinds and beer and have more salads and some sort of light beverage (even water). If we are uneducated at something, we can work to study and learn new things. We do not have to be bound by our own failures. We do not have to feel like all we are good for is screwing things up.

Effects of Feeling Like a Screwup.

Those who feel like they screw up things a lot often feel unable to perform at a positive level. This feeling of being a screwup can lead leads to things like lower self-esteem, lack of ability to exercise, and in the most extreme cases- suicide. Some people feel like they are so much of screwups that they serve no living purpose. So to people who feel extremely worthless and purposeless, they try to badly injure themselves or even commit suicide. Being a screwup reaches its most intense when injury or death is involved. Then again, ANY emotional ailment reaches a boiling point when injury or death is involved. Just try to get some help or guidance if you extremely feel unimportant or useless.

Recognize Your Importance to the World and to Society.

You have to remember that you were put into this universe for many reasons- to make the most of your life and perhaps improve the quality of life for others. Not necessarily people you don't know, but also your friends and family. You have to put aside fear of defeat and try to focus on trying to do things right. It isn't going to be easy all the time, but it isn't impossible to avoid failure. You are not a failure. Remain strong and focused. Maybe other people should give you a better chance at things if you feel you are having a weak link with those you are trying to impress, even if the ones who put down are your own family. Try to keep your self-esteem up. And if you do eventually fail, then just remember- you are a human, and humans make mistakes. Just try to do much better next time around.

In Conclusion...

One more time... you are NOT a screwup. Try to get a grip on life (and reality), and try to live life happier and better. In addition, maybe certain people should be more respectful of your capabilities rather than always punish you or anticipate for you to disappoint.

Thank you for reading! I hope my insight can help you to feel better about yourself.

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