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Why do I blog about failure? Why do I even bother posting about downfalls we endure? One major reason is because not everything in life is happy and carefree. Often times, my own disappointments make me want to empower others who live with disappointment and failure to have a better overall look on life. Some people feel like they can never succeed in life. They are always second best when they know and act towards being the very best. My hope in such blog posts is that I can help others to feel happier about themselves and learn from some of my own disappointments and failures. I am not afraid to discuss failure, especially when I experience failure myself.

I have a smarter blogging audience than some people who see my YouTube videos and like to post insensitive comments just because it's fun (to them). Therefore, I feel better able to express my feelings here on JBS than I do on JohnMarineTube sometimes. No one wants to fail at anything he/she put their heart and effort into. Fact is, we all are going to mess something up at some point. We are going to fail at some point. The so-called short memory comes into play, where you just forget that something really bad happened and just move on.

Part of my goals on "John's Blog Space" is to give people something to think about when they are down. Despite the fact my blog post on life issues aren't viewed very much, I still post them in hopes that people will look at them and receive some guidance from me. I do not post ANYTHING online if I don't believe it will serve any purpose to my audience. I also do not post anything out of randomness. So as little-viewed as my life issue material can be at times, I care more about helping others feel better with empowering and encouraging words than getting views or making any profits.

That is why I discuss failure and disappointment- to help you feel better from your worst moments. I have had disappointments and bad luck before. All I want to do is help you to feel better and happier rather than always hang your head low. As much as I love blogging about anything that I can make a decent post about, I care more about taking real-life experiences and helping people deal with them. There is already enough hate that goes around in real life and in cyberspace. Isn't it time you experience someone who is contributing positivity and hope to an otherwise negative world? I am not a knight in shining armor, a blessing from Heaven, a hero, or anything like that; I am just an average person who is obligated to help make times happier for others. I am trying to bring positivity to our negatives. I feel we become better people by not only experiencing failure, but in learning from our failures. That is why I do what I do.

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