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General Blog Shout-Outs!

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(UPDATED: May 7, 2012)

I have always wanted to do a shout-out blog post saluting other bloggers. Blogging is something I enjoy. I have met many people online through the means of blogging. It also gives me a chance to think about and thank many people whom have contributed to me or have been so supportive. I can't think of everyone, but I do want to pay tribute to a number of individuals and their blogs for their input. I always want to show that I appreciate the work of others in any such way I can. Because I don't usually get an idea of how much others mean to me, I want to put these words out there to show my support.

This blog post is like my blog post where I salute fashion blogs ("Fashion Blog Shoutouts!"), but this is a post about more than just fashion blogs. So I will be sure to post material and update it as much as I can to show continued support for fellow bloggers. On top of this, I PLEASE want all of you to visit any of these blogs so that you can follow them if you are also here on Blogger/Blogspot. The majority of blogs here will be Blogger/Blogspot blogs.

NOTE: This blog post is long and features many links. Since there are so many links, you may or may not know which blogs I may make mention to. So part of the glamour of reading this post is in finding out who I am actually shouting out to among the many blogs I follow.


FEB 27 2012 - made some simple edits, added more blogs

--- Why Did I Post This? ---

When you publish material for the Internet, people will visit. People will start posting your material to their sites. This was especially true when my friends at posted a link to my blog post regarding the Gran Turismo 5 kiosk demo. My blog got MANY hits from around the world in one day. For once in my life as a blogger, my work actually meant something to someone.

I don't get too many comments from people who visit. I don't know what to think when I commonly visit certain blogs and post comments to blog posts. So I immediately assume that they appreciate my visit and hope I visit again. Really, I think I have a problem. I sometimes tend to think that I try to get a reaction from others for my posts. I look back at posts I make and see if someone liked or disliked my comments. Often times, my comment(s) is/are the most recent one with no one left to respond.

So in an attempt to let other bloggers know I care, I've posted this blog post. I will try to update it with newer links if I find any other blogs I want to offer words to. I want to know that for as much as I support other bloggers, that I hope some of those other bloggers have equal or greater respect for my own work. I hope this helps. The most important thing about this blog post is that I want to show my respect for others. Because I don't get as many Followers (at least those whom I can identify immediately) to my blog and because I don't get more people who actively comment on my material as opposed to on other blogs, I'm just putting this post online to show that your support isn't falling on deaf ears. Through my life, I sometimes never know how much people mean to me, or people themselves don't let me know how much my work means to them. How am I supposed to know that my work means something to you if you don't tell me? How am I supposed to know you're a fan of my work if you don't support me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or wherever?

I hope this blog post will help better establish bonds and reputations with other bloggers and blogs. Now, let's get started.

--- General Blog Shout-Outs! - How This Post Works ---

Here's how it works. You will see a header of a certain blog. That header is the name of the blog. You can visit the blog in question if you see it has a hypertext link to it. Below the header is a description. It describes either what the blog is about, or my own commentary for the owner(s) of the blog in question. These comments are personal because with this being a blog saluting others, I want to be as sincere as possible in showing WHY I selected to talk about those specific blogs. This is similar to the "what I would tell ____ (if he/she/they were to read this)" in my "Famous People" blog posts.


Sample Blog.


(personal comments, if offered)

• (extra links, such as secondary blogs, Facebook fan pages, Twitter pages, etc.)

And that's it. Here now are certain blogs I'd like to salute and for reasons why. Oh... please, my fellow readers, please visit their sites if my descriptions interest you. I want these blogs to get just a bit more attention thanks to your visit to my own blog.

--- General Blog Shot-Outs! ---

These blogs are not listed in any specific order. So have a look at these blogs if they may interest you. These are sites from around the world with people from around the world. Some of these blogs may be those you have seen me make notion of in previous posts.

JUST WANT TO SAY: If I mentioned you and/or your blog in this post, I want to thank you for even caring about me. I am glad to read your material and salute you accordingly.

JUST SO YOU KNOW... If I don't mention you or your blog, it doesn't mean I dislike your blog. I will add more blogs and people to this already huge blog post to show further appreciation of your work. Many of these blogs were included because of those who have interacted with me and replied back on my work and comments.


I never known that my work could inspire others. I feel my work and my presence really means something to people. One of the people to help me realize is a young lady named Joana Erica Danielle (or JED), who is better known by the pseudonym of Ericaritish. Ericaritish is a blog of many different insights as well as posts about her life. These insights include life issues, religion, and sometimes... total randomness. She enjoys blogging and discussing certain things. Part of her inspiration and love of blogging is because she hopes to be an award-winning author. That aspiration to become an author is the reason why I value her support of my work. For as much as she feels I have inspired her, I want her to become that celebrated author. I want her to perhaps inspire other Filipinos (and many others around the world) to become vastly respected in the realm of arts and media and literature. I wish her to reach a level of stardom that she is most happy with. If she wants to be as celebrated as any other famous author (like Stephen King or somebody), then I want her to aspire to these levels because in all honesty, Ericaritish even inspires MYSELF as much as I inspire her. If she wants to be popular in literature as fellow Filipinos Charice Pempengco and Sarah Geronimo are in the music realm; then I want her to reach that level of success. So feel free to check out Ericaritish for yourself.

Like I said earlier, Joana Erica Danielle, you even inspire me. You inspire me to do better and continue to be a positive blogging influence. Thank you for your support of my work. I wish many more people will get to read your blog and enjoy your content. If becoming a celebrated author is what you aspire, I hope you get to accomplish and realize these dreams because I want the best for you. and think you are an excellent person. There is no goal or dream that is impossible or insurmountable as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities. So keep on keeping on!

Ericaritish on Wordpress
"Life Goes On," Ericaritish on LiveJournal

24K Forever!!!!.

One time, I came across a Filipino blogger whom have read my material and was looking for ways to enhance his own blog. This fellow named Warren uses classic songs to talk about things in his life. When he saw my blog, I felt like there was someone who wanted help with his own blog that he looked to people like me. There was no way I'd forget someone who saw my work so importantly that I'm looked up to for my own work. So do my friend a favor and visit his blog. I want him to have the sort of traffic and involvement associated with more visible and more successful blogs. Just do him a favor and give his blog a visit.

Let me thank you for your support. You could have found somebody else for help or guidance in blogging, but you found me and my blog, and I thank you for it. Best wishes to you in your blog getting more traffic.

Principessa Gabriella.

A young plus size fashion blogger named Gabriella was someone I came across one time from a certain blog (to be featured later). Because she enjoyed blogging and reading blogs, I quickly became respectful of her work. "Principessa" is Italian for "princess." While she's Principessa Gabriella in the blogging realm, I tend to think of her more as a queen or a goddess... which describes how beautiful she is in her fashion blog posts. She also posts about other things, like food and sometimes about music. Gabriella even linked back to "John's Blog Space" in a post where she mentioned 20 of her favorite blogs. She even noted four posts of mine which she has enjoyed reading. I owe so much to this young lady that I want you to have a visit if you enjoy her material as well.

Thank you, Gabriella. I'm proud to come across your blog and comment on your material. You are a great person with a greater heart. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Principessa Gabriella's Facebook Fan Page

Musings of a Sega Racing Fan.

One inspiring fellow whom I follow here on Blogspot is a young man named Eric. His blog posts mostly concern racing games (not just Sega racing games as the blog's title implies), but also non-racing games and certain life issues of his. He even talks about sports sometimes as well. I'm glad he found my blog and supports it. He also supports my "John's Gran Turismo Space" blog as well. If you're a racing game fan, why not visit "Musings of a Sega Racing Fan?"

Eric, thanks so much for your continued support. I want to let you know that I always want the best for you because you are a great guy. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life.

My Silk Fairytale.

Here are three things I know about Romania- (1) it is a country in southeastern Europe, (2) its capital is Bucharest, and (3) one of Romania's most beautiful and fashionable women is a young fashion blogger named Alina. My Silk Fairytale is a fairly new blog that was created back in April 2011. Alina dishes about her own fashion style along with inspirations and style stars she makes mention to. Hands down, she's a blazer girl. A lot of her looks involve wearing blazers. Get a feel for her fashion style and become part of her fairytale by visiting her blog! I greatly respect Alina as a regular visitor to my blog as well as for her comments to my blog posts.

Alina, I'm glad to find your blog. I am also glad of you to comment on my material. Best wishes to you in school, in life, and in love.

Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles.

Dee is a plus size fashion blogger from Ireland. She is a very cute young lady who enjoys vintage dresses and oh-so-girly fashion charm. Most of her material involves various Outfit of the Day (OOTD) posts along with some insight on things other than fashion. On a few rare occasions, she posts videos. This was where I got to appreciate not only her cute looks, but also her very sweet speaking voice. I do care about Dee because she values my own work. However, I always become concerned for her because there are certain things she talks about where I feel like I could help her feel better. Some issues involved things like people making fun of her weight and even the fact she has alopecia, which is the "loss of hair from the head or body (Wikipedia)." I am always concerned for this beautiful young Irish lady. I want to thank Dee for her continued support of my work as much as I appreciate her blogging work.

If Dee herself is reading this, I want to thank you for your support. I always want the best for you and always think of you as a friend. Most people who negatively criticize you are only jealous of how wonderful of a person you realy are. Your insight and intrigue help make the blogosphere better, so keep blogging to your heart's content.

Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles' Facebook Fan Page
Pearls, Lace, and Ruffles' YouTube channel

Curvy Girl Chic.

Allison is a plus size fashion blogger. This lovely young Asian (Cantonese/Taiwanese) has a sweet smile and even sweeter looks. Her looks will astound you. Everything around you seems to feel heavenly and peaceful when you see this young beauty smile at the camera. Allison is surely eye candy.

"Curvy Girl Chic" is really a fantastic blog. You have equally fantastic style. It is rare I come across a post that I didn't like or don't like that much. Allison, you are amazingly beautiful. Keep up the great work with your blog and in providing inspiration to others.

Curvy Girl Chic's Facebook Fan Page
CGC randomedia, her alternative blog on Tumblr

Cupcake's Clothes.

Cupcake's Clothes is the blog of a young British girl named Georgina Doull. This plus size fashion blogger has one of the cutest blogs you will ever come across. I learned of it from Principessa Gabriella (explained earlier). So what is Georgina's style? Simple- artistic, expressive, and of course- cute and girly. You will be amazed by her creative fashions and looks. Give her blog a visit. It may just make your day.

Keep up the great work, Georgina! Even speaking as a guy, I do appreciate cuteness from a very cute lady. The air you provide in your blog is a positive one. Continue providing this happiness and fun for others.

Dolly Mixx, Georgina's accessories store
Cupcake's Clothes' Facebook Fan Page

Bigg Badd Wolf.

The Notorious Zag runs Bigg Badd Wolf. This plus size fashion blogger from the Baltimore, Maryland, USA area shares fashion posts and some other items. She provides everything from outfit posts to even poetry. A little of everything from The Notorious Zag is what she provides for all of her readers.

For her to support my work, I thank the Notorious Zag for her support. I greatly salute you for your support of my work. Thanks so much.

Fofoleca (Portuguese language).

I learned that "fofo" is Portuguese for "cute." Vanessa (or Vanny) is certainly a cutie with her fashion blog. The Brazilian's beauty is understandable in any language when you visit this Brazilian beauty's blog. Because her blog is in Portuguese, I have to translate to know what it is about. Not only is Fofoleca about plus size fashion (along with some of her own looks and beauty insight), Vanessa created this blog to also discuss losing weight and being healthy. Even if you don't speak or understand Portuguese, it is at least worth a visit to see this Brazilian beauty and her lovely outfit posts and beauty posts.

Thank you for your support, Vanessa. I am glad you respect and appreciate my work. Best wishes to you in all of your work.

Really Petite.

The petite blogging realm has many different petite fashion bloggers. One that stands out to me is Annie of Really Petite. This lady stands all of 5'0", but she is big on style. Annie also has a YouTube channel where she shares topics in her blog. If you think she looks beautiful, wait until you hear her speak. Her voice is as beautiful as her looks. Petite fashion lovers, give her blog a visit!

Annie, your blog is a great one. You are certainly one of the most beautiful bloggers, let alone petite fashion bloggers, online. Your YouTube material is equally helpful for petites. Continue providing quality content for all to enjoy.

cute and little.

You got to love a girl who is honest, and Kileen is honestly VERY cute. This sweet petite hailing from the Dallas area is a Taiwanese petite with a lovely sense of style. As part of the Color Brigade, her Color Brigade posts showcase this little cutie's colorful sense of style. You are invited to visit "cute and little" to gauge the full extent of Kileen's beauty.

Kileen, I appreciate your work as well as your great looks. So continue providing your exceptional content.

cute and little's Facebook Fan Page
Kileen on YouTube

Little Petite.

(Added: August 17, 2011)
This beautiful young petite named Adriana is a divinely beautiful lady. Most of her blog posts showcase some of her outfits and even offer some fashion advice. There is no shortage of material she has to offer for those who visit the California-born, Arizona-based Latina's blog. Have a look at this petite's immense charm and style by visiting "Little Petite" today!

Adriana, I appreciate your support of my material. It is a tremendous pleasure of you to visit my blog and find my material worth your time. Thank you, and I hope you can continue providing great content for your own blog.

Little Petite's Facebook Fan Page

TJ Petite (Wordpress)
TJ Petite linked to my "Sweet Petite!" blog post. From there, I felt like my work meant something to someone else. So I'm very pleased to show my support for TJ Petite, a fashion site for petites based in Utah.

Please take care and thank you for your continued support.

NOTE: As of the date of this blog post (July 19, 2011), the website in question is getting a makeover. Be warned that you may not get to do much of anything if you visit the link at this time.

You think I'm done here? No way! I am putting in a Jump Break for performance reasons. Make sure you're reading the full blog post if you aren't already. If you are not and want to continue reading this blog post, PLEASE click on "Read More" to continue your reading. Or of course, disregard this section if you are reading the full post.

Love John's Blog Space? If so (and if you haven't yet subscribed or followed), Subscribe and/or Follow!

Glamour Bbey.

I don't know where it ranks, but this blog is one of the finest regarding fashion. Glamour Bbey is noted as being "your daily dose of fashion," and one Cindy Van Dyck is the young Belgian beauty who came up with this blog. The blog is mostly in English with some Dutch included. Cindy is very lovely expressing her looks. It is also updated very often. Almost every day, Cindy adds at least one new post to Glamour Bbey.

Cindy, you have a fabulous blog. Thanks a lot for supporting me and my work. You are a young lady of great style. Continue to provide these wonderful looks and styles for others. Also, best of luck to you in all aspects of life.

Glamour Blog on Tumblr
Wish Your Style (Dutch language)
Glamour Blog's Facebook Fan Page

Glisters and Blisters.

There's something about Indonesia- so many fashionable ladies! One of them is Elle Indonesia's "Blogger of the Year," Michelle Koesnadi of Jakarta, Indonesia. Michelle's style is expressed in her many lovely outfits and equally lovely photo shoots. If you think Indonesia is a very hot place, Michelle's lovely pictures and outfits are just as hot, if not more so. I support her work as much as she values mine.

Michelle, I've always respected you and your presence online. Your pictures are truly amazing. Same goes for your sense of style. Take care and best wishes to you in all of your aspirations and endeavors.

Chekka Cuomova.

Before I came across Glisters and Blisters, I was introduced to an Indonesian named Chekka Cuomova. Chekka is a fashion blogger with a great sense of style. Experience her limitless style by visiting her blog today.

Your style is great, Chekka. I have enjoyed seeing your many outfits and gauging the full array of styles you have to offer in your posts.

keiko lynn.

It is tough to stand out in a city like New York City and all the boroughs of NYC. But if you're one young fashion designer in Brooklyn named Keiko Lynn from Florida, you stand out in your own way. Keiko does just that with her exceptional sense of style. One needs only see her great pictures. Every Monday, Keiko Lynn showcases some of her beauty posts. This way, you get to see some of the many beauty touches along with tutorials. Keiko Lynn is absolutely gorgeous in her posts.

Keiko Lynn, you are a beautiful young lady along with a being a beautiful fashion designer. You captivate with your images more than almost anyone else in the fashion blogging realm. You are the definition of impressive. Continue to impress with your amazing looks and styles in future posts.

Keiko Lynn's Fashion Line, Postlapsaria
Keiko Lynn's Facebook Fan Page
Keiko Lynn on Tumblr


Philadelphia wild child Danielle runs this Blogger/Blogspot blog, and she also infuses both fashion and music. Her fashion influence is nothing about cute. She prefers edge and real rocker chic style. And what about the music? Danielle talks about many of the independents and little-knowns in music. Get some inspiration from this inspired diva by visiting Danielle's blog!

Thank you, Danielle, for your support of my material. I hope my material and my presence are to your liking. You provide quality content in all of your posts. Continue providing such wonderful material for your readers (myself included).


Tanya of renaissance is a young lady who loves fashion. She has a variety of chic outfits on her blog. I respect her for respecting my material. I don't visit her blog often, but I do greatly appreciate her support of my work.

Thank you for your support, Tanya. I wish you the absolute best in all aspects of life.


Tiffany Ann of tuolomee is a wonderful blog of this beautiful young American-Belizean lady. If you read my blog post regarding Mexican and Central American beauties, I made mention to Tiffany since she is an American-born Belizean. Why not visit tuolomee and check out Tiffany's lovely pictures?

Your pictures are wonderful, Tiffany. There is rarely a time where I don't enjoy your lovely looks and lovelier pictures.

tiny sailor.

The beachy and carefree diva with the blog "tiny sailor" is Nicole's (Niki's) blog on style. It's like she brings the beach to you with her posts. She also infuses some vintage (as in mostly 1970s) chic in some of her outfits. There is something to enjoy about her and her posts. Maybe you will find some styles you like when you visit tiny sailor.

Keep up the great work with your blog, Niki. Your insight and styles are certainly enjoyable for many people. So keep on providing your amazing looks and insights to others.

*~ HitomiNeko ~* * * Lovely Things in my life * * *.

Hitomi is the very kawaii (cute) young lady who makes and sells her own jewelry. She has also recently gotten into making more YouTube videos. You can see and hear this cutie speak in her videos. In addition, she blogs about some of her own jewelry and even shares some beauty advice. Hitomi is a very cute girl. Visit her lovely blog to check out her material.

Hitomi, please continue providing your amazing content to others. It is a real pleasure to meet you here on Blogger/Blogspot.

HitomiNeko's Facebook Fan Page
HitomiNeko on YouTube
HitomiNeko on Xanga
HitomiNeko on Etsy
HitomiNeko on yardsellr

Miss Kwong.

Miss Kwong is not only a teacher, but she may well be the most stylish teacher in all of Hong Kong. Let this lady teach you lessons in style the way only she knows how. Some of her most recent posts have incorporated sketches of hers. Take notes! And... uh, visit her blog. Please? :)

If Miss Kwong herself is reading this, thank you for your support of my material. Your blog is great! Great also describes your sketches. They just add a new dimension to enhance your blog for your readers.

Actively Arielle: A Voice With A Commitment.

I want to blog about her in the future. For now, meet Arielle. Arielle Lee Bair is a young blogger as well as a motivational speaker. She has battled an eating disorder before in her life. Through her struggles, she inspires others with her amazing words. She is a regular contributor to the YouTube channel, "WeRFreEDomFighters." Even when battling eating disorders is the primary focus of her work, she also provides motivation and inspiration to others. Arielle is as beautiful in heart and spirit as she is in looks. Her blog has been voted as the Top Eating Disorder Blog of 2010. Again- I want to blog about her in a future blog post here on JBS. I really want to (and maybe do a video as well) because I want to show my support and appreciation for her work.

Arielle, your videos and words are beautiful. I wish there were many more positive influences online like yourself. Your presence alone makes the Internet a happier place. Even more so with the advice you provide to others. Please take care and continue to provide your insight to other people who could use a voice of inspiration.

Arielle Lee Bair's YouTube channel (arielleleebair)
"WeRFreEDomFighters" on YouTube

What is TJG Doing Now?.

Although thatjapanesegirl (or TJG) is a vlogger (video blogger), TJG has her own blog here on the Blogger/Blogspot interface. Her blog isn't updated as often as her YouTube channel, but it's still worth a visit because I greatly respect TJG and all of her fine video work. The very cool girl from the Kansai region of Japan (about west-central Japan on Honshu Island) is one of the finest on YouTube.

You're awesome, TJG! :) Keep being awesome with your videos and other material. Please?

TJG's Facebook Fan Page
thatjapanesegirl on YouTube
Thisjapanesegirl on YouTube
my blog post on thatjapanesegirl

roconamente YUKI blog (Japanese language).

The beautiful Yuki of roconamente has her own blog where she discusses a number of things. I am paying respect to Yuki because she liked my blog post about roconamente. roconamente is a Japanese duo that mostly does cover songs of popular anime songs. It is Yuki's singing along with Masato's behind-the-scenes work. She has a cute blog! :) Unfortunately, this blog is only in Japanese, so you may want to use Google Translate or something upon your visit.

The videos of roconamente are great to watch. (Yuki) You are an amazing singer. I always enjoy your videos as well as your outfits. Your positive energy makes videos fun to watch as you sing your heart out. (Masato) You the man, man! :D

roconamente official home page
roconamente on Myspace - Yuki
roconamente on Myspace - Masato
roconamente on YouTube - Yuki
roconamente on YouTube - Masato
roconamente on
Follow roconamente's Yuki on Twitter!
Follow roconamente's Masato on Twitter!
my blog post, "roconamente"

Aki No Yuutsu.

Akino is a trilingual Thai-Japanese fashion blogger. She speaks English, Japanese, and Thai. The blog posts feature a lot of pictures as well as some video content. And in her videos, she expresses things in English, followed by Japanese, and then in Thai. Trilingual for the win, right? :) Visit this young beauty's blog to get inspired by this fashionable diva.

Akino, you are a multi-dimensional blogger. Great fashion style. Very good videos. Great blog posts. All in all, you are a joy to read posts from. Keep up the great work!

My Capacious Bottega.

The blog of a lady named Mulika (or Milly) is "My Capacious Bottega." It is a fashion blog featuring many great pictures of Milly sporting multiple outfits. Her outfits range from chic to tough. It's worth a visit to have a look at her vast array of styles.

I am very glad to meet you online. You are a great person. Best wishes to you in all aspects of life.

My Capacious Bottega's Facebook Fan Page

My Own Private Xanadu.

Xiomara's "My Own Private Xanadu" is a blog mostly pertaining to various looks of hers. She expresses a vast array of styles as well as some experimental fashion touches. She doesn't prescribe to any rule book about how to look fashionable. Though the blog is mostly about fashion, there are also some other insights that this blog takes on. It hasn't been updated lately, so I can only hope Xiomara herself is fine and that all is well.

Xiomara, you're one of the coolest ladies out there. So witty and charming with your blog posts. Hope you're well. Take care!

The Sartorialist.

For anyone of any blogging platform (including Blogger/Blogspot), The Sartorialist is an example of what almost any blogger wants to aspire to. Thousands of Followers as well as years of experience and loads of blog posts make this one of the most successful blogs on the Internet regardless of its genre. It is surely one of the most successful on Blogger/Blogspot. One needs only take a look at this blog to understand what success is like in blogging.

I may not visit often, but I have great respect for building this empire. Your blog shows what is possible when you create quality content online that people the world over can appreciate. I think ANYONE who even cares about being any kind of blogging success should pay your blog a visit. Keep up the great work!

Lucky Packet.

(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
This little lady is named Laiqah (pronounced "la-ee-kah"), and her blog is Lucky Packet. She is from South Africa and shares her unique fashion style to the world. Laiqah is one of the cutest girls in all of blogging with her cute face, cute smile, and lovely hair.

Laiqah, I appreciate your blogging content. Keep up the great work!

Style 4 Curves --For the Curvy Confident Woman.

(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
Venessia is a fashion blogger from Mississippi. As the name of her blog implies, she is a plus sized lady.

Thank you so much for your continued support, Venessia. I am grateful to have you as such a supporting person of my work.

Style4Curves Facebook Fan Page


(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
The ambition of one young blogger is to showcase her fashion style as well as insight in the fashion world. This beauty named Mackenzie is based in southern Florida and is a college student.

Best wishes to you in all of your work, Mackenzie. I appreciate your fine material all the time.

Deconstruction Fashion Blog - Facebook Fan Page

Make your own fashion show.

(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
This is a blog created by a young Ukranian blogger based in eastern Hungary. Asya (better known as Stacey Ko) is the creator of this blog. Since she's found my blog, I have since respected her work.

I have always appreciated your input and loyalty. Thank you, Stacey Ko.


(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
This Latina is amazingly beautiful. The Kardashian-inspired young Mayte offers lovely style both with chic fashions and with casual fashions. Mayte will charm you in so many ways with her outfits.

Mayte, your blog is as beautiful as you are. Keep providing such amazing fashions and looks as you normally do.

Mayte Doll Facebook Fan Page

miouprincess loves pink!.

(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
Meet Marina, a fashion blogger from Greece. Her posts mostly consist of outfits of hers as well as various posts on fashion shows and certain looks.

Glam and Fab Chameleon.

(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
A blog I've discovered not too long ago is called "Glam and Fab Chameleon." This is a blogger from Serbia but based in Greece. The creator of this blog is named Jelena. She has abundant charm with her outfits. Besides her outfits, she is a goddess in close-up shots. Her radiant hair flows beautifully, and she smiles sweetly. A visit to her blog is worth your time.

Thank you, Jelena. I am very thankful to meet you online. Keep up the great work with your own blog.

Viva Voluptuous!.

(ADDED: February 27, 2012)
Canada's Marisa lovingly showcases her curvy fashion style in her posts. She even shares some outfit posts and inspiration for her fellow curvy ladies.

Thank you for your kindness, Marisa. Greatly appreciated.

Viva Voluptuous! Facebook Fan Page

Remember- more blogs may be featured in future posts!

--- Blog Shout-Outs! - Honorable Mention ---

These are various other blogs I want to make mention to. blog
Mike McGuff has many years experience covering stories as well as Texas media. When I blogged about NewsFix, he linked back to "John's Blog Space." I surely respect his work as a blogger and in various other aspects.

Femboy Magazine
Since learning of this publication on Myspace, this is focused basically on males wearing feminine fashions. If you are thinking this blog regards crossdressing or something completely awkward, you would actually be pleasantly surprised. Something like this obviously not for all audiences. There are those who would feel uncomfortable at the sight of a male wearing feminine clothing. But if you're just looking for something interesting and actually lovely, visit this blog.
I am always careful finding certain people to trust about certain things. Darren Rowse of is a reliable source with information on how to make one's blog better and more profitable, especially those who want to financially profit from their work. It is worth a visit if you are a blogger actually wanting to profit from your work.

Many more blogs may be included in future posts. Remember- just because I didn't include certain blogs doesn't mean I dislike your blog. Most of these were off the top of my head and mostly a few blogs I included or felt needed to be included. More may be featured in future posts, so stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

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